U.S. Army Major General Paul E. Vallely (Ret) and U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney (Ret) present the unvarnished truth about the ‘Obiden’ Administration to The National Security Hour.
General Vallely explained Operation Jericho:
Now, if you remember biblically, back in the prisoners in Jericho, it’s a biblical term, but also in World War Two in 1944, it was an attack on a German prison that basically had jailed many of the underground people in France.
So when I was asked if I would talk to four of the detainees in the DC Detention Center, that I call the DC Gulag, I said “I’d be happy to.”
So seven weeks ago, I talked to four of them and they told me the stories that were so true and valid, but haven’t been released at all to the public, about the incarceration of these January sixers that were going through trials, and they were being sent off to federal penitentiaries. Many of them have already gone to the federal penitentiaries.
But anyhow, they asked me, “would you go to Congress and ask that we be able to, can we be subpoenaed, we want to be heard, and we want the House of Representatives, I guess the Judicial Committee, to hear what we have to say, our stories about the gulag.
Now I sent that to several Members of Congress, Operation Jericho, that’s what we named it. And in seven weeks, nothing back from any Members of our Congress.
In the interim, we’ve had others just sent to jail, like Jeremy Brown, seven years…
…It’s unbelievable what these detainees are going through. Now, what we find out that there’s a slow-walk going on in Washington.
I’ve been told by some very good sources in Washington that McCarthy is slow-walking everything, and they have never gotten back to me on Operation Jericho…
…They tell me even the medical people in the detention center, they don’t care whether [the detainee] lives or dies.
And so these people are going through these court systems which are stacked by the left-wing ideologues from the Department of Justice, as I understand, and the DC swamp area, so they have no chance. They’re guilty going in..
…And all six of these or seven of them I’ve talked to are veterans by the way. Marines, special forces, and Army and so on. And so it’s a real tragedy, but they’re not being heard.
Where is everybody?
I mean they went over. Marjorie Taylor Greene went over I think, Louie Gohmert, and maybe Gates from Florida, but they just went to the entrance.
General McInerny, together with General Vallely, provided expert analysis on the current military tensions in the Taiwan Strait. General McInerney stated:
Well, I think there’s a possibility that they [China] will [attack Taiwan]. I think it’s not as prevalent as most people would because they’re making so much money from the West, the United States particularly, in the trade business. And if they did attack Taiwan, then that would cut off all trade and they would have some serious, serious economic problems if they did that. So I think there’s more bluster right now than reality.
But, they’re getting enough practice, they showed a good display visually of how they would launch missiles into Taiwan and into this Taiwan Strait there, the other day.  I think most people saw it. It was coming from all over China, and ships at sea, etcetera. They have quite an armada of precision missiles. So, it’s something we have to be greatly concerned about.