Flag and General Officers Supporting The Re-Election of President Donald J Trump

 By Capt Joseph R. John, September 17, 2020; Op Ed # 509

 Lt Col Oliver L. North USNA ’68, USMC (Ret) and Cong Allen West, Lt Col/USA(Ret), who is an endorsed and elected Combat Veterans For Congress, were tasked with compiling a list of General and Flag Officers who support the re-election of President Donald J. Trump in November 2020.  We were asked to support that effort.  We approached the General and Flag Officers we regularly communicate with, to determine if they would approve of being included on the subject list.  A total of 235 General and Flag Officers agreed to be included on the list supporting the re-election of President Donald J. Trump.  In the letter of distribution, the Generals and Admirals warn their fellow Americans, that America’s historic way of life is at stake in the November 2020 election.  The list can be viewed by clicking on the below listed link.  


 The General and Flag Officers listed in the link approved of the fact that when President Trump was faced with a military equipped with aging weapons systems and a depleted inventory of ammunition, he immediately restocked the ammunition inventory, purchased new weapons systems, and strengthen the US Armed Forces.  After eight years of the Obama administration, the ammunitions inventory of the US Armed Forces had been drawn down to a very dangerous level, and the military equipment was in a shocking state of disrepair.  One General Officer informed a newly inaugurated President Trump that the ammunition inventory of the US Armed Forces was so depleted, that it needed to be restocked immediately.

 The Obama administration failed to maintain a basic military ammunition inventory required, to defend the Republic from an external attack against Continental USA.  Because of the threat being posed by the rapid military buildup and modernization of Communist China, Marxist Russia, and Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, the US Military required hundreds of millions of dollars of capital investment for new equipment, munitions, and training to bring the US Military to a state of Operational Readiness. 

 Lt Col North, Lt Col West, the 235 General and Flag Officers listed in the link, and the Combat Veterans For Congress believe that if Biden were elected, his Socialist administration  would follow the same irresponsible policies that led to the degraded condition and weakened state of the US Armed Forces that President Trump was faced with when he assumed office.  The danger that would result if Biden degrades and weakens the US Military today, would be much more severe, because of the rapid military buildup underway in Communist China, and Russia, as well as the sabre rattling and threatening actions by Communist China, Marxist Russia, Communist Cuba, Communist Venezuela, The Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Radical Islamic Terrorist in the Middle East.

 A lie being promulgated by the Biden campaign, promoted in thousands of current TV Spots, is that an “unnamed source” said that President Donald J. Trump disparaged WWI US Military war dead, prior to and during graveside visits in France on November 10, 2018.  That bold faced lie has been refuted by 26 individuals who were with President Trump, when President Trump was alleged to have made such disparaging and despicable remark about US Military War dead.  Despite the fact that there is not one witness to the allegation, thousands of Biden lie TV Spots continue.  If the 235 General and Flag Officers listed in the above link and the Combat Veterans For Congress believed the Biden lie, they would not be supporting President Trump’s re-election. 

 President Trump has been very supportive and respectful toward members of the US Armed Forces and Veterans.  The President is especially respectful and considerate of lower ranking members of the US Military.  The President dramatically expanded Defense Budgets to in excess of $700 billion during each of the last three years to support military personnel.  President Trump upgraded and replaced aging weapons systems, in order to protect the lives of military personnel who had been operating dangerously aging equipment.  The President has provided pay raises for active and retired military personnel, in two of the last three years, with a third pay raise on the horizon for all active and retired military personnel in the next Defense Budget.  The attempt by the Biden campaign to say the President disparages the US Military is another lie.

 We encourage recipients of this Op Ed to distribute above listed link to those in your address, who would be interested in the fact, that there are 235 General and Flag Officers who strongly support the re-election of President Donald J. Trump.  We were pleased to support Lt Col North and Lt Col West’s efforts to compile the above list of General and Flag Officers who support President Trump.

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