by George Mcclellan

With friends like Democrats, who need enemies, especially if you are a pro-American Democratic country like Israel, sitting squarely in the center of its ancient homeland in the Middle East defending itself from the hordes of Iranian-backed Islamic Jihadists bent on its extinction? Obama once proclaimed: “America was not a Christian nation…!” We should have gotten rid of him then and there. Enter Senator Chuckie Schumer (D-NY), still, unfortunately, Senate majority leader, to amaze and mystify us all as he revealed himself to be an anti-Israeli crypto-Jew. I mean, he tells us he’s a Jew but stands in front of the American people, indeed the whole world, and tells Israel they must have new leadership soon. Why? To please Chuckie Schumer! Schumer is also a Democrat and, therefore, as dangerous to the American Constitution as is Joe Biden. Remember when he stood in front of the Supreme Court before they decided on Roe vs Wade and threatened them with severe consequences if they dumped that divisive act?

Joe Biden, in his shocking State of the Union speech, revealed his antipathy for Israel by characterizing them as uncaring aggressors ignoring world opinion (his actually) in their continued attacks against the Hamas enemy while killing “innocent” Palestinians in the process. Democrats think ‘It’s humanitarian to let one Hamas fighter escape than kill hundreds of innocent Palestinians.” It is complete drivel and utter nonsense. Israel is ensuring decades of its future existence by wiping out the nest of Hamas scorpions that continually threaten Israel’s peace and tranquility. Who is Chuckie Schumer to stop them?

It was solely the 07 October 2023 Hamas sneak attack on the State of Israel that precipitated Palestine’s destruction. Israel is a legitimate state; Palestine is not! Democrats believe in a two-state solution; there will never be a two-state solution! A full one-fifth of Israel’s population is Arab Muslims who call themselves Israelis because their life there is 100% better than it would be in Hamas-occupied Gaza. Neither is there any dispute, although it’s denied, that Iran precipitated the Hamas attack by training, advising, and arming proxy terrorists over several decades and providing them with rocket and missile technology to launch thousands of strikes on Israel before, during, and since the 07 October attack. Schumer must think we’re all stupid.

From Obama’s time, protecting Iran has been the Democrat’s “cause célébre,” including paying them billions of dollars extracted from US taxpayer’s coffers to continue their offensive against the State of Israel. Publicly, they tell us otherwise. They lie, of course. Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin have said, “if any regional actor is contemplating expanding the conflict, the U.S. message to that actor is “Don’t.” To put the stamp of approval on those statements, Biden sent an additional carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean and extended the deployment of another. He also launched a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) of approximately 2,000 Marines to show his steadfast determination. Yet, despite all their cunning political maneuvers, US deployments so far have failed to deter Iran’s proxies from firing rockets and missiles at ships in the Red Sea or attacking US bases in Jordan and Syria.

Among the many weapons Iran uses against Israel, but more specifically US troops, are suicide drones. Where did Iran get those wonderful toys? Why, from Barack Obama, of course. After Iran captured one of our spy drones equipped with a self-destruct capability, Obama denied permission to destroy the machine at the time of its capture. Copies are now being mass-produced and used against Ukraine by the Russians and Houthis against ships at sea. Speaking of drones, when Hamas descended on the Supernova music festival, they used drones to disable Israeli communication towers and Israel’s remote-controlled machine guns. Oh yeah, stuff right out of James Bond. They flooded Israel’s Iron Dome air defenses with rockets, launched infantry attacks on hang-gliders, and bulldozed down Israel’s perimeter fences.

The aftermath of Hamas’s attack on Israel was catastrophic in the murders of nearly 1400 civilian lives and innocent or non-Palestinian deaths as well due to retaliation. Hamas and Israel are now engaged in a kinetic as well as propaganda war. It is a complicated political calculation rendered even more so by the stupid interference of American politicians like New York Senator Chuckie Schumer, pontification his anti-Israeli drivel in the Senate. Schumer, like Joe Biden, is not a friend of Israel. They are not friends of America either but are, instead, the enemy within, fifth columnists with a platform from which to blather on about observing human rights, all the while demanding Israel cease its self-defense attacks against Hamas while pushing for the continuation of legalized genocide in their pro-abortion policies. Democrats want to be rid of Africans but are doing so within the legitimacy of law. Didn’t Hitler do that? Chuckie Schumer has a short memory of history. One should hope that the citizens of New York should show him the door. Let Mossad deal with him.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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