Since yesterday, there have been a series of reports on Chinese media (including Chinese Epoch Times, Hong Kong Edition) warning there could be a potential currency war. According to insiders, the Chinese Communist Party has been secretively plotting to print $20 trillion counterfeit US dollars and spread them worldwide. The plant recently imported a large number of raw materials from Canada for printing money. It was also reported that the experts of printing ‘supernotes’ from North Korea were spotted at Shanghai Kunshan Money Printing Plant, perhaps as technical consultants.
Printing fake money was the tactic used by the Chinese communists in 1946 to destroy the economy of Nationalists. Back then, with the aid of the USSR, Chinese communists printed a large amount of counterfeit money and injected fake currency into the areas under the rule of nationalists. This currency war caused severe inflation, ruined the economy, also, incited general public’s hatred against the nationalist government. Eventually, nationalists were defeated in 1949.
North Korea is known for its superior technique for printing fake supernotes.
Here are a few Chinese articles:
Here is a link to the Chinese articles, you may use to read more details in English:
“There are only things you cannot imagine, there is nothing the evil cannot do.” This is how some Chinese people comment on communists. The Chinese communist party is the most wicked enemy in human history. The world must recognize its insidious agenda.