Eyes on China, Series 5.0

by MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret)
Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation

November 11, 2020

President Trump Will Triumph Over the Evil CCP

(Through Chinese Eyes)

Evil can never rival the divine. As long as humans can stand by the divine and abide by divine will, they will be blessed and overcome the infernal arrangements by the specter of communism”.

– From the book “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

  1. Various Responses to the General Election

As of November 11, voter frauds have dragged this 2020 American Presidential election to be far from being over. The saga will continue until the outcome is determined, likely at the Supreme Court. However, on Saturday, November 7th, the Biden side already could not wait to stage up a series of hoaxes. First, Biden/Harris jumped to a self-claimed victory, which was immediately acknowledged and wildly spread by the mass media.  Notably, Fox News and New York Post, the two media used to be pro-Trump prior to the election, quickly changed their stances. These sudden changes put some Trump supporters in confusion and despair. “The real gold fears no flame.” At this trial time, the Epoch Times openly stated: “The Epoch Times will not declare a winner of the 2020 presidential election until all results are certified and all legal challenges are resolved.” NewsMax.com is another media that followed the Epoch Times.

Much of the chaos in America today can be traced back to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  This election is of no exception.  Before the election, all the CCP propaganda was fiercely anti-Trump while frantically pro-Biden/Harris. Once Biden/Harris self-proclaimed victory, the CCP propaganda quickly followed up to hysterically tout the “newly-elected”. Meanwhile, the defamation of President Trump also reached a new zenith.  Some Chinese people who lived through the Cultural Revolution were appalled, “How could the CCP ruthlessly condemn President Trump like an anti-revolutionary enemy in the Cultural Revolution?” So far Xi has remained silent in this turmoil. Perhaps Xi knows too well about the voter fraud in this election.  This contrast between Xi and CCP’s propaganda is an indicator that Xi still has no control over CCP’s propaganda system. Instead, Xi’s power-struggle opponents: Jiang Zemin/Zeng Qinghong (Jiang’s strategist) have the propaganda machines in their full grips.  Jiang is perhaps the most corrupt, most ruthless killer in human history. The book ” Unbridled Evil: The Corrupt Reign of Jiang Zemin in China” (available online) discloses the insightful true history of Jiang.

  1. CCP’s Meddling of Elections

The CCP is the master of deceits. Meddling or even controlling elections of various countries has been CCP’s nasty tactic for ages. Back in 1998, the CCP already started meddling the general election of South Korea because the CCP desperately craved for swallowing South Korea. This could be easily achieved by backing up a Korean president under CCP’s control. The CCP knew manipulating the vote counting machines would be the easiest and ultimate scheme to maneuver the election. So, the CCP deliberately manufactured the election counting machines that could be faked, then ordered its internet army to spread the fake news that “it is convenient to count votes using this machine”.  For years, South Korea has been using these voting machines made in China.  Eventually, the CCP managed to elect a Korean president of its favor.

In America, the CCP has a long history of election meddling. A typical example is the mayoral election of San Francisco. Tragically, San Francisco is the chosen city by the CCP. In 1980, actively promoted by Feinstein, then-mayor of San Francisco, the city tied knots with Shanghai- this was the first pair of a sister-city between the CCP and America.  For decades, the CCP has been building San Francisco into its base camp for CCP heads’ future retreat in case the CCP collapses in China.  Rose Pak, the de facto CCP leader in San Francisco started her election meddling career in the late 60s when helping Feinstein run for the mayor.  Later, Pak quickly grew into the most powerful political broker in town. This situation lasted until 2016, the year Pak died.  Pak once claimed that she held 100,000 votes in her hands, and she could make anyone of her favor win the election.  In 2011 and 2015, Rose Pak made Ed Lee the mayor of the city for two consecutive terms.  And Ed Lee relentlessly devoted his time in office to strengthening the ties with the CCP until he died in 2017. As a result of CCP’s deep infiltration, San Francisco becomes “Beijing by the bay”, but only a lot of dirtier with many homeless spreading around this once beautiful, great American city.

In this American general election, the CCP has gone all out to influence the election. Earlier this year, about 20,000 fake ID cards from China were reportedly confiscated at Chicago airport. This may explain why some foreign students from China reportedly received ballots. According to Chinese blog, “Wei Yu Watch the World”, Episode 179, a VP of a print shop in Yiwu City, China disclosed that his print shop received a secret order of 5 million ballots.  In a CNN news report, a worker was taking ballot out of an envelope marked “SF Express”, which stands for “Shun Feng Express”, China’s Fedex. How could ballots be mailed by CCP’s carrier? It is also exposed that Dominion voting machines used in over 30 states, including all the swing states were made in China. Senator Feinstein’s husband is a big shareholder of this company. These magic voting machines could mysteriously convert votes for Trump to Biden much like “The Hammer and Scorecard”.   As time goes by, more evidence may surface to show the operation of the CCP technology behind the scenes in this general election.

  1. This General Election – the Grand Finale of Good vs. Evil

As many already know, this election has gone far beyond a battle between two political parties. President Trump promotes a return to tradition and our Constitution and pledges to stop the spread of communism while Biden/Harris are CCP’s choice, promoting socialism (communism) in America and worldwide. In essence, this 2020 American Presidential election represents the battle between two fundamentally opposing forces: good and evil, the divine and the demons.


For years, Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong, the heads of CCP’s deep state have established close ties with Biden and Harris. Hunter Biden’s hedge fund scandal in China is linked to Ye Jian-ming, a billionaire who works for Jiang/Zeng. Ye was arrested by Xi Jin-ping in 2018. Harris is also linked to Hunter Biden’s scandal.  Harris had her political career take off after becoming the mistress of Willie Brown, then mayor of San Francisco. Willie Brown, Rose Pak, and Feinstein are all close friends of Jiang Zemin.  Jiang reportedly stayed at Feinstein’s house when he visited San Francisco in the 80s when he was still the mayor of Shanghai. In 1989, after Jiang executed the bloody Tiananmen Square massacre, he earned a rocket-style lift to become the CCP head.  In 1999, Jiang, colluding with his CCP gang launched the most horrifying genocide in human history- genocide of Falun Gong.  In 2001, Willie Brown visited China as the mayor of San Francisco and received presidential treatment. Jiang at the time was already the CCP head.  Jiang himself met Brown in Beijing and praised him and Pak for their huge efforts in blocking a resolution by San Francisco Board of Supervisors that condemned the persecution of Falun Gong.  From 2004 to today, Pak and her CCP gang in San Francisco have relentlessly banned Falun Gong practitioners from participating in San Francisco Chinese New Year parade – one of the top 10 parades in America.  Pak is also known for actively blocking a resolution in 2008 that condemned Tiananmen massacre.


On November 7th, in a presidential message on the National Day for the Victims of Communism, President Trump pledged “As proud Americans who cherish the blessings of freedom and democracy, we promise to support the more than one billion people currently captive within communist regimes and denied their unalienable rights to life and liberty. The United States will never be a socialist nation.” This is President Trump’s historical mission: to end the movement to communism and the CCP. President Trump to the CCP today is like President Reagan to the Soviet Union 30 years ago.

Many spiritual people have become enlightened to the fact that President Trump is the God-chosen one and this presidential election provides a critical chance for everyone on earth to choose his or her destiny.  Hence, the enthusiasm of Trump supporters is unprecedented in this year’s election. Every Trump rally was attended by people lining up for miles and waiting for hours.  Even the self-isolated Amish people broke their 300-year silence and rode their horses for pro-Trump parades. In Tucson Arizona, a record-long pro-Trump car rally lined up for 96 miles. At Beverly Hill, Trump supporters held parades every weekend.  The pure devotion of Trump supporters moved many to tears. Together, they are sending a heartfelt declaration to the universe: we are the children of the CREATOR and we follow President Trump – the president chosen by the CREATOR. Please bless this beautiful nation and American people.

  1. President Trump Will Triumph. Some are concerned whether there will be riots by Antifa, BLM and others if President Trump is re-elected. Apparently, the violence of communism already intimated some. In fact, if America falls into the hands of communists, the communism will only bring deceits, terror, violence, misery, death, and destruction to entire humanity. America is the last defense line for the freedom in the free world. Yet, America is a nation under the almighty CREATOR.  The merciful CREATOR has been watching over this beautiful nation.  The evil’s meddling cannot possibly change God’s will.  The righteous people in America are awakened. To defend our dignity, our rights, and the future of our children, we must stand up to support President Trump’s victory in this election.  Exposing the evil’s deceits and frauds, upholding the justice, and rebuilding our country’s morality are some of effective ways to stop the specter of communism from taking over America.   Goodness will Prevail.  President Trump will triumph over evil in the finale.

On the General Election

“In this majestic universe, the Communist Devils are wreaking havoc

A great, powerful nation is plagued by frauds and corruption

All the manipulations of the society only leave people disheartened

When will the country’s integrity and moral sense be restored?”

– by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of the spiritual practice Falun Gong, on The Epoch Times, Nov. 8, 2020

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