Eyes on China, Series 8.0

(2021 Series)


MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret),

Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation
and the China Team

January 27, 2021

Safeguard Our Conscience

Conscience is bestowed by heaven and an innate trait everyone has. One does not need a degree or use any scientific method to develop a conscience. But if one’s conscience falls asleep, then one is lost, something profoundly serious. When disaster strikes, conscience is what saves a person, as long as one’s conscience stays awake.”

We are at a historic moment.  In less than one month into year 2021, the world has already been stunned by nonstop, appalling events. These chaotic affairs perhaps hint that one of the most unusual years is about to unfold.  After the devastating 2020 pandemic caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, what will happen in 2021?    

CCP Gloats over the Fall of American Democracy

What happened on January 6th at Capitol Hill made the CCP ecstatic.  On January 12th, the CCP’s mouthpiece Xinhua Agency published a commentary titled “The Great American ‘Beacon’ Has Fallen” (English version, http://chinascope.org/archives/25688).  It repeatedly alleged “the United States today has become a failed country” and ended with a vicious curse: “Well deserved!”

On January 8th, minghui.org published an article titled “When Peaceful Protest Turned into ‘Riot’ in the Shadow of Communism“. It compared a series of similar swindles forged by the CCP in the last few decades with the January 6th event at Capitol Hill. For decades, the CCP has been a master of staging hoaxes to deceive the public and smear the innocent.

The article stated that in June 1989, several CCP soldiers who disguised themselves as student protestors brutally killed a soldier near Tiananmen Square. This incident became the excuse for the CCP to bring tanks to “stop the riots”.  As a result, over 10,000 armless students were slaughtered.  On April 25, 1999, the CCP police intentionally directed the peaceful Falun Gong protesters to line up around the CCP central office compound in Beijing. This later became the evidence that Falun Gong attempted to “surround and throw off the government”, and led to the CCP’s genocide of Falun Gong that has lasted 21 years.

On the Chinese New Year Eve of 2001, 5 CCP-hired people disguised as Falun Gong practitioners and staged a self-immolation hoax on Tiananmen Square. As a result, a young woman and her 12-year-old daughter died. The hoax was intensively broadcasted on the CCP media to paint Falun Gong as an evil cult.  But Falun Gong, an ancient spiritual meditation, teaches “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” and forbids killing and suicides. As a result of the propaganda, the Chinese public switched from being sympatric to hostile toward Falun Gong.  Some minds are still poisoned to this date.

In 2019, the CCP thugs blended into peaceful Hong Kong protestors to provoke violence.  This gave the CCP excuse to brutally suppress the Hong Kong protest… In all these incidents, the state-controlled media repeatedly broadcasted fake propaganda to manipulate public opinion. Every business, school, or individual was forced to side with the CCP. Sadly, a similar scene showed at Capitol Hill on Jan. 6th. When Antifa-disguised Trump supporters went violent, it gave some a chance to go after the innocent, peaceful protestors. But as the article pointed out at the end: “No one can fool the heaven after all. Facing the impending calamities, one is only safe if one upholds righteous faith, conscience and justice“.



CCP Turns Tough on U.S.

On January 11th, Xi confidently boasted that “Timing and momentum are on our side. This is where our strength and confidence lie”, and “we must enhance our survivability in the midst of all kinds of foreseeable and unforeseeable storms and turbulent waves”.

Xi’s act is drastically different than his in 2020. At the UN General Assembly on Sept. 22, 2020, Xi spoke in a relatively low-key manner under the direct heat from President Trump, stating that he was “aggrieved” and suggested that “justice” be done. “You can’t just listen to whoever has the biggest fist”.

Now, as Biden is busy signing piles of papers to reverse Trump policies, Xi grows much more confident. Xi no longer thinks the U.S. has a big fist. In fact, his speech is no longer a suggestion, but more of a demand.  On Jan. 25, Xinhua News Agency reported on Xi’s speech at Davos Dialogue that it was just a matter of time to build a “community of common destiny for all mankind”.  Xi’s speech was considered an aggressive public shout-out to Biden.

On January 21, at a press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, spokeswoman Hua Chunying said: “Biden repeatedly emphasized the word ‘unity’ in his inauguration speech, which is precisely what is needed in the current U.S.-China relations.  Pompeo has burnt too many bridges that need to be fixed…I hope the new US administration upholds non-conflict and non-confrontation”.

From January 23 to 26, when this article was written, the CCP suddenly dispatched bombers and fighter jets into Taiwan airspace provoking threats to the Taiwanese people. US And Pacific Rim allies (Japan  and South Korea) were on alert to counter any overt threats by  China.

The CCP’s Crime of Genocides

On January 19, Secretary of State Pompeo declared that the CCP has been committing genocide against Muslim Uighurs and other minorities.  The next day, the CCP quickly dismissed the allegations as “outrageous lies”.  But who is really lying?

On January 17, minghui.org published a report titled “The Process of Forced Organ Harvesting Revealed by a Witness“, in which for the first time, a courageous witness, Lu Shusheng, revealed his real identity when reporting the case.

“When Lu returned to Shanghai to visit relatives in 2002, his sister-in-law Zhou and her husband asked Lu to help refer U.S. patients to Shanghai for organ transplant surgeries. Zhou was President of Wanping Hospital, an experienced surgeon, testified Lu. But after participating in organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners several times, she stopped–the horrifying scenes often brought her nightmares.


During the procedures in which Zhou extracted organs, the victims screamed from the pain. Lu once asked why Zhou did not give them anesthesia. ‘There are places that you do not want to apply anesthetics,’ she explained, ‘especially those vulnerable organs.’

Lu’s testimonies also confirmed that the victims, who were tied up when being pushed to operating rooms, were Falun Gong practitioners as they called out, ‘Falun Dafa is good!’ This indicated at least two things: first, they were detained Falun Gong practitioners, not death-row prisoners as the CCP had claimed to be sources of organs until 2015. Second, they were healthy people with clear minds, not brain-dead donors.”

In another minghui.org report, a retired doctor from a well-known hospital in Shanghai recently met a Falun Dafa practitioner in Chinatown.  The doctor told her “The CCP kills hundreds of thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners every year.”

According to book “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, the CCP has slaughtered over
80 million Chinese people, more than the total number of people died from the two world wars.  In addition, over 400 million babies were killed because of CCP’s one-child policy.

If Nazi were in power today, would anyone, any company, or any country befriend with it? Then why today, so many people, companies and countries turn completely blind to the CCP’s anti-humanity genocides, and still maintain their cozy relationships with the atrocious regime? Some claim they ‘kindly’ forgive the CCP.  But would the souls of those 80 million of innocent lives forgive the evil? Could the divine forgive such enormous crimes? When heaven punishes the evil CCP in the near future, who would be willing to side with it and share the mountain of sin?

Could CCP Outlast the 2nd Wave of Pandemic?

Many traditions around the world tell the same insight: the pandemic is a punishment from heaven. “When humans don’t fix it, heaven will”, says a Chinese proverb.

On January 23, 2020, Wuhan was locked down.  One year later, as the 2nd wave of pandemic struck, nearly 100 cities throughout China are locked down just like Wuhan.  This time, the more lethal wave hits parts of Beijing and Shanghai – the two largest cities in China. Shanghai has quietly begun building field hospitals since Jan. 25th.  In many cities, people are ordered to line up for hours to be tested.  There are reported cases of people collapsing on streets and subways throughout China.  Food prices start skyrocketing again.  The imported frozen food is removed off the shelves as they could “contain virus”. Many people wake up the morning only to find their doors or gates completely locked or welded from outside.

In the article “Scientific Prediction and Prophecy Both Warn of An Imminent and More Severe Pandemic“, the author predicts that the second wave of pandemic in 2021 will be much more severe and lethal.  Using many data, the author points out that the pandemic is targeting communists and those regions, nations, and people who are pro-communism, or close to the CCP.

Virus follows the CCP infiltration…As the first and only G7 country that collaborated with the CCP on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Italy was hit hard by the virus. Iran was a crucial hub for the CCP’s expansion and a strategic partner, whose infection rates and deaths have remained high. 

The United States has been a major player in helping the CCP to become a global power, inadvertently facilitating the spread of its communist ideology. The two states that have been infiltrated by the CCP the most, New York and California, were also struck the hardest by the virus. Germany, France, and Spain have all collaborated with the CCP in various ways and suffered badly in the pandemic. In contrast, Taiwan had much lower numbers of cases all along and did not need to enforce a stay-at-home policy. This could be due to the tough position that Taiwan takes against the CCP, both politically and ideologically. 

Inside China…based on the coronavirus fatalities from a large enterprise in February 2020, 88% of those who died were CCP members… In another list circulated in March 2020, among the 315 coronavirus victims on the list, more than 200 were CCP members. Overall, CCP members make up only 6% or 7% of the entire Chinese population. These data suggest that the disease primarily targets CCP members.” 

After persecuting Christians for 300 years, the mighty Roman Empire collapsed after 4 epidemics. Now, the CCP has persecuted all religions for 70 years, suppressed 1.4 billion Chinese people, put the entire world into pandemic, could this evil outlast the 2nd wave of pandemic in 2021?

A Guide to Safety in the Pandemic

A ground-breaking book titled “How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World” reveals a guide to safety in the calamities:

The merciful Creator has always been watching over mankind.  Disasters occur when man turns against the divine…If we stay unmoved by the devil’s facades, maintain true compassion, follow divine standards for being human, revive traditional values, and return to traditional culture, the divine will deliver mankind from evil.

It is a must read as it systematically discloses how the communism has infiltrated and controlled the western world. Also, consider joining the global grass-roots campaign to end the evil CCP by signing the petition at EndCCP.com.

Understanding the historical background of this pandemic, we shall reject communism and socialism (the preliminary stage of communism) and safeguard our conscience to safely navigate through this new wave of calamity.  Please share this vital message wide and far.

Released by: Stand Up America US Foundation

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