Eyes on China, Series 3.0 


by MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret)
Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation 

September 8, 2020 

CCP’s Anti-America Propaganda War
on American Soil


  1. Internet TV


A huge TV in a Chinese restaurant is playing Chinese programs.  Shown on TV is a Chinese military officer in Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military uniform loudly speaking on how to attack America and safeguard communist China.  He proudly declares that the CCP is equipped with far more advanced military weapons than America.  This happens in a Chinese restaurant in New York city.  In fact, most Chinese restaurants in the United States constantly play CCP’s TV programs including anti-America news as is the case in many Chinese American households. Currently, the U.S. government has no regulations over CCP’s anti-America propaganda in this domain.  However, Internet TV has become, perhaps, one of the fastest growing and one of the most penetrative means of CCP propaganda in America.


Thanks to the latest technology of internet TV receivers (set-top box) that come in a box (the size of a cigarette box). This device is so affordable (cost as low as $180), that many Chinese around the world can now conveniently watch over 100 of the original CCP TV channels via WIFI.  The large selection includes the CCP’s central, provincial channels as well as channels in Hong Kong and Taiwan that are controlled by the CCP such as Phoenix TV (headquartered in Hong Kong) and Cti TV (headquartered in Taiwan).  The icing on the top is the zero-monthly fee.  No wonder some hailed: “So convenient to watch original Chinese TV nowadays, it is just like living in China!” Amid this cold war between U.S. and China, these brainwashed Chinese nationals living on America soil may account for the biggest threat to America’s National Security.  


Officially called OTT/IPTV (Over the Top/Internet Protocol TV), Internet TV is the next-generation TV. It uses Internet to streamline data, bypassing traditional cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms.  Hence, it is more ubiquitous and direct, plus it costs zero to consumers. In addition, there are Apps for iPad / iPhone to allow viewers to watch programs on tablets/phones.


In 2007, the CCP launched Internet TVs. Today, the CCP operates several major Internet TVs in America, including ITalkBB TV and  KyLin TV (both provide Internet phone services also),  Great Wall  TV, Charming China IPTV, and SinoVision (serving New York, Boston and other big cities on the east coast).  The rising Internet TVs do not seem to phase out the traditional TV stations already operated by the CCP in U.S.  For an instance, CCP’s CGTN America, and satellite TV— Sky Link TV USA are still in full swing.  Over the years, the CCP has penetrated deeply into the American communication infrastructure, collaborated extensively with DirectTV and Dish NetWork — the two major satellite operators in U.S.


  1. YouTube


People in China have zero access to YouTube, let alone producing programs to play on YouTube. However, today’s YouTube is filled with many programs made by “individuals” from China, all being part of CCP’s propaganda. Many of these programs are so openly, pungently anti-America that they lead one to wonder that perhaps YouTube has already become a division of CCP propaganda department?


For example, a program called “Sharp Edge Observe” (利刃觀察)  is narrated by a young female whose chilling opening words for each episode go “solemnly” like this: “My name is Sharp Edge”. “I am an ordinary and humble person committed to letting the world hear the voice from China again”.  From her programs, it is obvious that her true mission is to maliciously sabotage America while hysterically extorting Communist China.   On September 5, 2020, the titles of the program shown in large font read, “on the morning of September 5th, America cannot hide any more with over 500,000 soldiers were laid down. “All the missiles on aircraft carriers went bad”; another episode warned “the bloodiest day in American history is yet to come soon”.    This is only one of numerous examples.


Many of these YouTube programs frantically boast how advanced Chinese military weapons and technologies are; some fiercely slandering American police force and some insidiously instigating racism to fuel the radical riots in America.  Obviously, the CCP has taken great advantage of “Freedom of Speech” to sabotage America on American soil.  How much longer will YouTube put up with these anti-American attacks? How much longer will the American people put up with a war taking place in their country?


  1. The TV Version of Confucius Institute (CI)


Confucius Institute (CI) is another major conduit for the CCP to spread its poisonous ideology in the name of “teaching Chinese” – a wolf in sheep’s clothing.   Li Changchun, a former member of CCP’s Standing Committee of the Political Bureau, said in 2009 that “Confucius Institutes are an important part of the CCP’s overseas propaganda mechanism”.  In 2011, Li further proclaimed, “the brand of Confucius Institute has a natural appeal” and when using the excuse of teaching Chinese, everything seems so reasonable and logical.


In 2010, Liu Yunshan, former CCP’s Minister of Propaganda announced  “international propaganda wars should be actively launched against issues such as Tibet, Xinjiang (Uygher), Taiwan, human rights and Falun Gong”, and “we must diligently and successfully establish and operate overseas’ cultural centers and Confucius Institutes“.


The 5000-year-old traditional Chinese culture attracts many around the globe to explore.  Naturally, many desire to learn Chinese to better understand this mythical and legendary culture. However, the CCP has exploited this desire to launch its massive propaganda war against America.  Once the wolf wears sheep’s clothing, it is hard to see the truth.  The naive American public, as well as people in other countries, have a hard time discerning what is true traditional Chinese culture. As a result, they become victimized by the CCP’s agenda.  They are clueless that CI is CCP’s effective soft weapon to indoctrinate communist ideology.


In this CCP propaganda war, America is the No.1 target.  Besides operating over one hundred of Confucius Institutes physically on American college campuses, the CCP also takes great pride in building a complementary 4-Dimensional Confucius Institute on print, radio, TV and Internet in America.


The TV version of the Confucius Institute was built in December 2008 through the joint efforts of CCP’s National Broadcasting Bureau and the headquarter for Confucius Institute. According to CCP’s Baidu.com America’s SCOLA satellite educational TV network and other broadcasting channels and  the TV version of Confucius Institute has entered 400+ colleges and universities, 7000+ high schools/middle schools, and 50+ cable networks in various American cities.


The TV version of CI has penetrated deeply and extensively targeting all age groups, including little toddlers. The CCP touted itself in building an alluring portfolio of  “educational programs” for the TV version of CI, including “Chinese Classrooms”, “Little Babies Studying Chinese”, “Chinese Stories”, “News Talk Everyday”, “Teacher Panda Teaching Chinese”, “Walk Through China”, “Riding on the Wings of Songs”, “Chinese Snack Street”.  The CCP proclaims that it has successfully formed a trinity of Chinese teaching mechanism in TV, radio, and Internet complementary to Confucius Institutes on campuses.


  1. Ubiquitous Propaganda War


On October 10, 2019, the CCP gathered some of its top propaganda agents around the world in Beijing and held the 10th Annual Global Chinese Media Forum. The incomplete guest list included 427 CCP’s media executives from 61 countries.





The top 20 countries with the most delegates are:

Countries # of Guests %
1 United States of America 64 15.0
2 Canada 53 12.4
3 Australia 37 8.7
4 Hong Kong 23 5.4
5 Japan 15 3.5
6 Philippines 13 3.0
7 United Kingdom 13 3.0
8 Indonesia 12 2.8
9 Germany 10 2.3
10 Russia 9 2.1
11 Taiwan 9 2.1
12 Thailand 9 2.1
13 France 8 1.9
14 Macao 8 1.9
15 Hungary 7 1.6
16 Malaysia 7 1.6
17 New Zealand 7 1.6
18 Cambodia 6 1.4
19 Korea 6 1.4
20 South Africa 6 1.4


Each of 64 delegates from America represents one or multiple CCP media operating on America soil. Please note these delegates only represent a portion of the CCP media in America.



Partial List of CCP Media Operating in America

  Name Position Title/ Media Company
1 I-Der Jeng Editor-in-Chief , Qiao Bao (The China Press)
2 Arthur Liu President/CEO, Multicultural Radio Broadcast Inc. (MRBI)
3 James Su Chairman, President, CEO, EDI Media Inc., iCiTi TV, CAFF&CATF
4 Steve Chiang Publisher, China Daily News
5 Xu Chongmin News Department Director, Washington Chinese Daily News
6 Li Jingxian Editor-in-Chief , Asian Gazette
7 Zhou Hang General Manager, AC Media DC
8 Ni Tao CEO, New World Times
9 Jin Haojing Publisher, The Washington Chinese Post
10 Yang Lianhua CEO, AACNTV
11 Chen Jianrong CEO, The Voice of Chinese.com
12 Josephine Chain Director, Chinese Radio Network (AM1240, FM101.1 SCA)
13 Jiang Weimin Chairman, The New York Business Media Group
14 Li Mo Chief Editor, American Overseas Television Network
15 David S.C. Liu President, East West Forum
16 Pu Ying (Anne Pu) Founder, Erie Chinese Journal
17 Lu Hong Chief Editor of “Sequoia Forest”
18 Gao Jiaxian Editor-in-Chief of “Qiao Sheng Daily”
19 Wu Zhiou President of Xinlong Media Group
20 Chen Xiaohong Director of Washington Chinese TV Station
21 Su Xiaoyuan Chairman of Seattle Chinese Radio
22 Lin Xueyan Vice President of City TV
23 Li Yinan Director of the Interview Department of Urban Radio
24 Zhen Kaiying President of the Alberta Times
25 Chen Qing Director of Cantonese Channel, World TV, USA
26 Liu Zhuo President of “U.S. News Express”
27 Yang Jing President of AP
28 Zhong Jungang President of Lance Media Group
29 Why Director of Hawaii Chinese TV Station
30 Li Ji President of Hantian TV
31 Zhang Laimin Editor-in-Chief of the US-China Times
32 Mou Fei Publisher of The San Diego News
33 Sun Weichi CEO of China Associated Press of America
34 Li Tong Chairman of Charm China Chinese TV
35 Shaojun Chief Editor of The Phoenix Times
36 Huang Yanmei Vice President of American Overseas Chinese Network
37 Hu Dajiang President of China Net
38 David Zhang President of “Chicago Chinese Tribune”
39 Zheng Mei President of “China Times”
40 Tu Xinshi President of “World Artist” magazine
41 Feng Mimi Chairman of “China-US Post”
42 Rong Yinning Head of U.S. Easy World Media
43 Cheng Ruzhao President of Huaxing News
44 Chen Liying Editor-in-Chief of “Indian Chinese News”
45 Xu Jingen President of China Forum Magazine
46 Guo Xiaorong President of the Chicago Times
47 Deng Qing Editor-in-Chief of “Mingzhou Chinese World”
48 Wang Lisha President of Dragon Eagle Television
49 Zhu Quansheng Editor-in-Chief of South American News
50 Mai Zhuojie President of the Dallas News
51 He Keyu Chief Executive Officer of Beikeqin Chinese Website
52 Yu Jianyi President of China Times
53 Lu Gang Editor-in-Chief of China Times
54 Jiang Wei President of “U.S. China Report”
55 Xie Zhong President of the US-China Courier
56 Hu Meijian Program Director of Texas Chinese Channel
57 Wang Fusheng Editor-in-Chief of American World Celebrity Network
58 Gao Yunqing President of “World Chinese” magazine
59 Chen Tiemei Chairman of Flying Dragon International Culture Media
60 Li Chao Chief Executive Officer of North American Chinese New Media
61 Lu Fei Editor-in-Chief of Huawen Net
62 Yu Tianzhu Vice President of “Washington World Weekly”
63 Peng Weixiang President of China News Service U.S. Branch
64 Meng Youqun General Manager of Sino-Singapore Cultural Corporation


In addition, all these CCP media sources operating in America, whether radio, print, TV or internet enjoy an unlimited internet presence to spread the communist’s poisons to all the free countries with uncensored internet access. In contrast, no American media/no other foreign media can have any internet presence in China.  The CCP’s internet firewall has blocked all of them.


  1. The CCP’s Ultimate Goal


Since CCP was founded in 1921 and within a century, the CCP has brutally slaughtered 80-100 million Chinese people.  This number exceeds the combined death tolls from World War I and World War II.  However, killing people is not the goal of the CCP.  Such brutality is only to create terror campaign for the CCP to alter people’s minds. The goal of the CCP is to alter and reform one’s mind. In other words, instill people with poisonous communism ideology which is anti-truth, anti-tradition, anti all religions, anti-humanity, and anti-universe.  Once a person is transformed into one that meets the standard of the evil specter, a person will possess no respect for the divine, for traditions, for common senses, and for any moral restraint.  Such a human being will no longer be worthy to heaven. Instead, he would go to hell to meet Marx and Mao.  In CCP’s vocabulary, “revolution” is a glorious word to describe such a process, but it literally means eliminating one’s true life.


CCP’s propaganda has become a much more deceiving force in recent years. In China, the soul of the nation — the precious traditional Chinese culture, was already tragically eradicated by the CCP after a series of revolutionary campaigns.  What is replacing the traditional Chinese culture is the poisonous CCP culture.  In recent years, the CCP fervently engages in promoting counterfeit traditional Chinese culture.  As a result, the CCP produces many TV programs/movies themed with Chinese historical stories.  But these stories are severely distorted.  They are nothing but a new way to promote the CCP culture with a cover of traditional costumes / settings.


  1. Meddling with American Election


As the 2020 American presidential campaign nears, all these CCP’s anti-America propaganda machines will do their best with efforts to meddle with the American election. This CCP propaganda, whether in TV, print, radio or Internet, have all intensely promoted Biden while ruthlessly slandering President Trump.  Some of these CCP propaganda touted Biden’s every move and every speech as if Biden is another Mao.


Why do these CCP’s anti-America propaganda machines spare no efforts backing Biden as if Biden is running on behalf of the CCP?  Maybe because Biden openly quoted Mao twice? Or maybe because Biden/Harris openly removed the word
“God” in the pledge of Allegiance at DNC? This act is no different than self-identifying themselves as CCP’s comrades because the foundation of the communist ideology is to be anti-GOD and anti-tradition.


However, it is an eternal law that any war against GOD is destined to lose. 



  1. Counteracting CCP’s Propaganda War


The most detrimental harm to a human is to poison one’s mind. The CCP understands this well.  In China, the CCP has an iron fist on propaganda that is operated as a military force.  All the CCP media are strictly controlled by the state.  No single foreign media, whether radio, print, TV or Internet is allowed. There is massive surveillance and censorship in every corner.  But on American soil, the CCP has been able to freely launch its extensive anti-America propaganda war for decades, penetrating deeply and extensively to poison American public to subvert America.


To protect America from the evil attack and to save American people from being poisoned by the CCP, American government should take decisive and swift actions to eliminate CCP’s propaganda on American soil.


Released by: Stand Up America US Foundation

Website: www.standupamericaus.org

Contact: standupamericausa1@gmail.com