Eyes on China, Series 7.0 


MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret),

Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation
and the China Team

December 12, 2020

 President Trump, Please Exercise
Your Prerogative Power to Defeat Communism

 The Darkest Moment before Dawn

244 years ago, America was built following the will of the CREATOR.  As a nation under the CREATOR, America empowers American people with precious freedom unavailable anywhere else on earth.  Standing tall as the beacon of freedom, America has been blessed with superpower and prosperity.  Tragically, year 2020 seems to be the darkest year in American history.  This turbulent year has witnessed the fierce life-or-death battle between two opposite value systems in the universe: America freedom and communism led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Since the general election, the attack from communism has reached a climax.  Here is a chronicle of some major events in 2020:

  1. November (or even earlier) 2019, Beijing came to know the COVID-19 cases in Wuhan.  However, whistleblowers were penalized.
  2. By January 23, 2020, the CCP has deliberately spread the virus worldwide by allowing 5 million Wuhan residents to travel freely worldwide.
  3. Throughout January 2020, the CCP colluded with WHO repetitively to cover up the pandemic truth, mislead the world, and opposed any restrictions against China.
  4. At the end of January, the devastating pandemic broke out worldwide.
  5. Between late January and February, the CCP consulates/embassies worldwide mobilized overseas Chinese to buy out personal protection gears and send them home. This caused a devastating global mask shortage later, while enabling the CCP to rake in big money.
  6. Since March 12, the CCP has casted vicious propaganda of “American virus”.
  7. In March, America started its lock-down nationwide. This never-ending lockdown has caused grave damage to our nation, our people, and our economy.  Ironically, the epicenter of the pandemic – Wuhan (where the actual death toll remains a mystery)-, came out of lockdown in less than 3 months.
  8. Since May, the CCP has instigated American communists associated with BLM and Antifa to stage a series of violent riots across America.
  9. Since May, the CCP intensified its collusion with American mass media to churn out an unprecedented negative propaganda campaign against President Trump.
  10. In July, or even earlier, the CCP instructed its print-shops to print millions of fake ballots and shipped them to America directly or indirectly.
  11. On Oct. 8, 2020, the CCP-controlled UBS Securities injected $400 million funding into Dominion Voting System. More evidence has surfaced to connect CCP’s manipulation of Dominion Voting System in the general election, such as the hardware of the Dominion was manufactured in China; the key engineer has a Chinese military background etc.
  12. After the general election on Nov. 3, 2020, the CCP, American mass media and social media launched a new propaganda campaign to fake Biden as the president-elect, conceal the rampant voter frauds, and further restrict freedom of speech through censorship.  On December 9, YouTube announced it would delete all videos exposing voter frauds.

However, America is a country being watched by the almighty CREATOR, defended by American people with patriotism and faith, now led by President Trump — the one chosen by the CREATOR.  Any insurrection to steal this CREATOR’s nation is only fated to fail.

CCP – the Real Boss of American Deep State

On November 28, 2020, Di Dongsheng, the associate dean of School of International Studies, Renmin University of the CCP, also a consultant for the CCP top circle, gave a speech at a symposium in Shanghai. Di announced that in the last 24 years, the CCP has used money to easily manipulate Biden and the American Deep State, especially the Wall Street. But the CCP cannot control President Trump.  Di smugly lectured about Biden’s “win”:

“Why couldn’t we handle him (Trump)? Why is it that between 1992 and 2016 we always resolved issues with the U.S.? Did you guys realize? All the crisis, the Yinhe Incident, bombing of the embassy, or the Hainan Island Incident, everything was taken care of swiftly in no more than 2 months.

Because we had people up there. In America’s core circle of power, we have some “old friends”. There is nothing money cannot buy. If one bundle of cash cannot, I will throw in another. Of course, that is only my style of “working” … During the last 3 to 4 decades, we took advantage of America’s core circle. As I said, Wall Street has had a very profound influence over America’s domestic and foreign affairs since the 1970’s. I used to heavily rely on them.

But Wall Street could not control Trump
… I will not go into details. During the US-China trade war, they (Wall Street) tried to help – my friends in the U.S. told me that. They tried to help, but they could not.

Now with Biden winning the election [laughter], the traditional elites, the political elites, the establishment, they have a remarkably close relationship with Wall Street, so you see that, right? You all heard that: Trump has been saying that Biden’s son has some sort of global foundations. Have you noticed that? Who helped him build the foundations? Got it? There are a lot of deals in all these…”

In another 32-minute interview (https://youtu.be/DPwY9SreFao) in July 2019 with Guan Media—a CCP’s mouthpiece, Di openly stated that the CCP understands exactly how America is being operated, also knows precisely how to collapse the American economy:

“In fact, there is nobody going by the name of America. No one is called America. What really exist in America are different benefit groups… The core of America is the deep state. I had dealt with them.  The characters of this group are they have skills, have ambitions, have capabilities, have capitals, and have experience…The Deep State is unmovable, whereas the American presidents come and go via elections, just like flowing water… It is the small circle of Deep State that has controlled America and international affairs for over 70 years.”    

The deep state is identified as the American-style communists in an article “A War Against Communism Led by Trump” on minghui.org.  The article states, “the members of Deep States include political heavy weights, Wall Street tycoons, high-tech oligarchs, and the government intelligence agencies. They also include mainstream media elites, education experts and scholars, Hollywood stars, and so on. They represent communism in the free world, since they are either bribed or coerced by the CCP, or benefit from promoting socialist ideology. With huge assets and corrupt political connections, they manipulate American society.  Behind them is the real boss and the black hand – the CCP.

Chinese Communist Party – A Transnational Criminal Group

On December 10, 2020 – World Human Rights Day – human rights advocates from Falun Gong, Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians, and Hong Kong groups collectively held a rally at Washington DC.  They furiously condemned CCP’s vicious crimes and urged the American government to designate the CCP as a transnational criminal group as soon as possible.

Dr. Sean Lin stated in his speech that it is a shame that the CCP has a place in the UN Human Rights Council. In the last century, nearly 100 million people died because of the CCP’s persecution. In China, the health information of every prisoner of conscience is recorded on file. The large organ database collects the health data of Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience. When someone needs an organ transplant, the data are quickly scanned, matched, and the prisoner is killed as needed. Therefore, there are many airports near Xinjiang, which are designed for live organ harvesting and organ transplantation.

Dr. Lin pointed out that the UN is concealing the crime of live organ harvesting. There is an organ transplant team in the United Nations that includes a Chinese doctor Huang Jiefu, who himself is a criminal of conducting live organ harvesting. Huang performed hundreds of organ transplant operations himself.  The CCP conceal these crimes just as they do to the origin of the CCP virus.  Dr. Lin further stated that the silence of major US tech companies, social media, and the mainstream media in the face of the massive election fraud in the current election is the same as how the CCP’s propaganda operates.  The CCP has infiltrated the U.S. electoral system and stolen the election.  He emphasized that not only are the Chinese people, but also the whole world are victims of the CCP. The world should be united to designate the CCP as a transnational criminal group.  Activists from other groups also expressed similar views.

President Trump, Please Exercise Your Prerogative Power

On December 11, regardless of mounting evidence for voting frauds, the Supreme Court rejected Texas’ election challenge.  This indicates that Supreme Court, as part of the deep state, has also been compromised.  On December 5, the Chinese Epoch Times published a long editorial, “The Constitution Grants President the Prerogative Power to Right Wrongs and Restore Orders Out of Chaos“. The article was re-published the moment Supreme Court turned down Texas’ lawsuit.  Below are some excerpts of this editorial:


“The massive voter fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election is not merely an act to prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected, but rather a massive attack against the electoral system – the core of American democratic system.

The core of the massive voter fraud in this election is allegedly the various voting machines, and the various vote tabulation software, data analysis and calculation mechanism installed. It is an undisclosed secret system where we cannot see the internal operation, do not know where the data were sent for processing, cannot even conduct effective review or audit. This is a classic autocratic system created by digital technology.

Simply put, if Americans cannot conduct a thorough investigation of the various voting machine systems in this voter fraud, it would be tantamount to announcing the official death of the American democratic system. Because it would only take a few so-called tech elites who have mastered the system to hide in the dark, lift their fingers, and easily manipulate the results of all future elections. This is a perfect world of digital autocracy, and the ‘Big Brother’ could step onto the political stage from here on. People who are deprived of their democratic rights will inevitably fall to slaves submissive to the digital authoritarian power.  This is the ideal world of the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez, and of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)…

This attack will make the American people, even people around the world doubt, and lose faith in the American electoral system, and furthermore, the entire founding principles and democratic system that have shaped America’s prosperity and supremacy for over two-hundred-years.  This is a well-orchestrated attack, and it has evidently resulted in enormous devastation…

Under normal circumstances, in a democratic country, the administrative and judicial institutions follow the principles of staying politically neutral.  During the general election, various government departments would avoid being involved in disputes.  This is to prevent those in power from taking advantage of government in the general election, thereby affecting the election results.

However, the situation is completely different this time. Such massive election frauds have already caused grave destruction to the American foundation. These are not isolated, accidental incidents, but rather a systematic deployment after many years of intricate planning.  Various dark forces behind the scenes are about to emerge.  Their target is not the presidency only, but essentially, the democratic state under the U.S. Constitution.

This is no longer about electoral politics, but rather a naked massive crime…

Available evidence shows that the CCP and Iran are hiding behind Dominion. If the court finds that U.S. election data were indeed sent abroad, then it is TREASON

If this voter fraud succeeded, not only would the United States fall, but the entire world would also plunge into darkness.  Today’s Hong Kong is a good example… Hence, the world cannot go on without the United States. The counteract to the voter fraud is utterly pivotal…

President Trump is regarded as the chosen one by the CREATOR. He is empowered with many resources, including the army, police, special forces, and government. Based on the actual votes in this election, he has already won the support from most American people. President Trump has absolute superior advantages and resources to set things right.  Whereas a few extremists of the Democratic Party, fake-news media and social media have not gained moral recognition from the public, they will collapse at the first blow.

Nowadays, not only do most people in the United States support President Trump’s fight to defend the foundation of the United States, people in other countries also hope that America, as the beacon of democracy, will continue to shine in the world. They expect the United States will continue to prosper and maintain world order.

The society hopes that the local and federal judicial institutions in the United States will take immediate and effective actions to thoroughly investigate this large-scale attack on the core of the American democratic system…

President Trump has the right to exercise the Presidential Prerogative Power granted by the U.S. Constitution, and take effective and urgent actions decisively to stop such massive attacks. It is the responsibility of the President of the United States to defend the U.S. Constitution and the principles of democracy and nationhood.  It is also the responsibility of every government official and every U.S. citize, to protect and guard this precious Republic from all enemies foreign or domestic.” We are under attack from both in 2020. Stand Up America………Stand up for your Country.

Released by: Stand Up America US Foundation

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