Eyes on China, Series 6.0

by MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret), Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation
November 25, 2020

Never, ever Give Up

 To All the Kind People on Earth

Truth will ultimately prevail where pain is taken to bring it to light.
– President Washington

American people are known for the passion for independence and freedom.  However, once it comes to matters related to President Trump, some seem to lose the aptitude in independent thinking.  The pervasive prejudice or even hate for President Trump is a fruit of deliberate media manipulation.  In August 2020, negative press coverage of President Trump reached 95%, an all-time high in history.  As the turbulent 2020 presidential election goes on, this record is further broken.  Today’s American mass media no longer adhere to the traditional journalism standards which demand objectivity by presenting facts.  One Russian journalist once made a comparison: “Back in the Soviet Union time, the communist propaganda machines were powerful, but Russian people didn’t believe them.  In today’s America, the mass media are also powerful, the difference is that many Americans believe them.”

“Our Republic and Its Press Will Rise or Fall Together”

Communist leader Lenin summarized the core of communist propaganda as “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) elevated it into a rule of thumb: “Nothing can be accomplished without lying”.  Today, the American mass media have already covertly declined into communist-style propaganda machines. How? “The failure of the free world to recognize the cultish character of communism leads it to take lightly the export of communist ideology. This includes the Chinese regime’s Grand External Propaganda Program,” stated in the book “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World”. This book includes an entire chapter on “The (Western) Media — The (Communism) Specter’s Mouthpiece”.

Here, let us only focus on the deep infiltration from the CCP, which has drastically accelerated the dying of American press freedom. For decades, the CCP has successfully converted American media into its effective extended propaganda arms on American soil.   The goal is to spread the communist ideology by shaping the American public opinion. Today, nearly all the owners of American mass media invest in China. Many American journalists are liberals or progressives who are pro-socialism, while socialism is the primary stage for communism. The CCP has operated training camps in China for American journalists.  In these camps, American journalists are brainwashed while being treated as VIPs.  Along with the training, the journalists are arranged to hop on luxurious tours of China.  The think tanks, who serve as critical analysts/commentators for American media are also bribed. They are invited to China as distinguished scholars to give speeches, attend conferences, and co-work on new projects.  Who could resist such a temptation? After being intoxicated, these journalists/think tanks would not write negatively about the CCP.  In America, in the name of “building friendship”, the CCP sent consulates to American media to erode the executives.  For instance, in 2013, CCP Consul General Zhao of Chicago met with the editor of Denver Post. Media are supposed to be neutral and independent so why would any American media executive be tied with a CCP consul?

In recent years, pouring money into American media becomes another key channel for CCP to bribe the media.  It is estimated that the CCP spends at least $10 billion per year on overseas propaganda. For example, since November 2016, China Daily, a CCP propaganda outlet, has paid $19 million for advertising and printing expenses in the U.S., including more than $4.6 million to The Washington Post and nearly $6 million to The Wall Street Journal.   In this election alone, between May 1 and November 30, China Daily injected at least $4.4 million fund into American mass media, including Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Foreign Policies, Houston Chronicle, and Boston Globe. This largely explains why today’s American media are in the same tone as the CCP’s.  It also explains why some Americans cannot make a sensible discernment in this election.

In China, many awakened Chinese have already realized that except for time and weather forecast, everything else the mass media report should be discredited.   But in America, the fact that American mass media have long been compromised by the CCP remains a secret.  This compromise is evidenced in the 21-year-long silence of the media over CCP’s bloody persecution of 100 million Falun Gong practitioners.  In 2000, this brutal persecution reached a new high by CCP’s mass organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. Since then, China has quickly become the global center for transplants, making the wait time for any organ, kidney, liver, heart, etc. just a matter of weeks. To ensure success rate, hospitals can even promise multiple transplants, which implies an enormous pool of “organ donors”.  In some recorded phone calls, doctors and nurses openly admitted the healthy Falun Gong practitioners are the source of these organs.  Some even offered their prospect patients the chance to take a look at the donor before the surgery in order to be assured the donor is healthy…In face of such unprecedented atrocities, the American mass media have all been shockingly silent for 20+ years.  In 2016, when asked why the media would not report on this subject, an American journalist brushed it off easily, “Oh, that is no longer news, plus the Epoch Times already covered it.”

This 2020 election gives American mass media a chance to be exposed. On November 14, 2020, about half a million American people held a grand “Stop the Steal” protest in Washington DC, demanding investigations into the rampant voter frauds in this presidential election.  Stunningly, all the mass media jointly turned blind and deaf to the event. So far there has not been any report on voter frauds investigation by any of the mass media.  Instead, all the mass media focus on nothing but promoting the illegitimate “new cabinet”.  It is common knowledge that once the election integrity is compromised, the fundamental democracy and freedom of the republic will be deprived.  It does not take a genius to recognize if justice is not restored in this election, America will collapse into a socialist/communist country.  At such a critical crossroad of victory or death, how could anyone, any media silently watch the free fall of this great country?  Many have warned that America is going through a communist-style Great Cultural Revolution, in which the mass media have already abandoned the journalist standards, and turned into propaganda machines in favor of one political party -Democratic Party, a party already infiltrated by the specter of communism, and the heads have close ties with the CCP.  The freedom of press is at stake.  “Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together”, said Publisher Pulitzer, who is known for the Pulitzer Prize.

President Trump – The Hope for the Entire World

At the center of this fierce battle between good and evil, President Trump stands tall to lead a positive force. Today’s America bears a remarkable resemblance to 1775; so does President Trump to President Washington.  Two hundred years ago, when the most powerful British Empire was about to deprive the American people of their freedom, George Washington led the independence of America.  Today, President Trump is also leading an independence war – a war against globalism and communism, only in an unconventional mode.  Internally, President Trump pledges to drain the swamp – the enemies of American people.  Externally, President Trump pledges to free billions of people from the communist tyranny.  Both Presidents also selflessly served America for free. When George Washington was the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, he requested $0 salary during the 8-year strenuous war time.  Similarly, in 2016, Trump pledged that he would not accept his $400,000 presidential salary.  Instead, President Trump has been donating his salary to various agencies to highlight initiatives he supports.

Both Presidents are also known for their exceptional devotion to GOD.  At the time of crisis, both turn to GOD for guidance and blessings. George Washington’s prayer at Valley Forge is one of the most well-known prayers in history.  Alone, he kneeled in the cold winter snow and prayed for a long time for GOD’s blessings over the young America.  His prayer inspired the indifferent local to support him.  In the 1789 Thanksgiving proclamation, President Washington wrote: “it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty GOD, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor”.

As for President Trump, a recent study shows that he is one of the few American politicians who talks about GOD in his public speeches. His hallmark declaration is “In America, we don’t worship the government, we worship GOD.”  On June 1, 2020, amid chaotic riots outside of the White House, President Trump gallantly walked out of the White House to St. John church, which was set on fire in the riot the night before.  He held the Bible in his hands and solemnly pledged to make America even greater.  Since taking office, President Trump has been a champion for religious freedom in the United States and around the world, restoring the ideals that have undergirded America’s freedom and prosperity since its founding.

Both Presidents endured countless vicious attacks from enemies within. During the Independence War, Washington constantly faced allegations of incompetence and dictatorial ambitions, led by officers and members of Congress.  Stunningly, 240 years later, President Trump has faced the same by the beltway swamp. There are more allegations fabricated in a modern time plus endless impeachment threat by the Socialist Democrats.

Amazingly, the two Presidents are about the same height, holding similar passion for theaters and social events. Both were remarkably successful in business before they dedicated themselves to their motherland; both had no political experience before they became the President.

The most remarkable virtue of the two is perhaps their uncompromised perseverance in face of unimaginable mounting adversities. Never, ever give up.  They never did! After the “Declaration of Independence” was issued in July 1776, Washington’s troop suffered a series of defeats. The troops made up of self-trained militia were in serious shortage of basic clothing, food, weapons, medicines, and funding.  By November, many had thought that the Independence War was over. On November 30th, 1776, the British announced to all Americans that if they swore allegiance to the King of England, they would be forgiven. Seeing no hope for the new America, many surrendered.

In that cold winter, the independence of America seemed out of reach and the morale of the troop plunged. The American founding fathers faced the potential sentence of being hanged as traitors.  Back then, the famous writer Thomas Paine wrote a famous line: “These are the times that try men’s souls.” However, George Washington resolutely chose to fight back. On the night of Christmas Day, December 25, 1776, Washington led his army across the icy Delaware River and marched on a snowy night, winning the famous battle of Trenton. On January 3, Washington once again won the battle of Princeton. These two pivotal victories boosted the waning morale and greatly inspired the American people. The American independence, which was on the brink of collapse, was salvaged. Without Washington’s incredible perseverance, there would have been no America in this world.

Today, President Trump is facing an even graver adversity: the CCP is barking at the door, ready to take over America at any moment; the swamp of D.C., colluding with the mass media, social media, high-tech giants and celebrities faked a President-Elect and rushed to shove him into the White House through a deeply corrupt election and unprecedented fake propaganda.  Not only is this a time for the American people to choose their future between freedom or communism, but this is also a time for everyone in the world to make a choice between good and evil.  “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

Just like President Washington 244 years ago, President Trump resolutely chose to fight back to defend America.  In the deep forest of Valley Forge, amid freezing blizzards of that seemingly-hopeless winter,  President Washington must have received vast energy from the almighty GOD in his prayer; he must have received the clear call from the merciful Creator that it was HIS will to build this free nation on earth.  Today, President Trump is not alone. Countless people around the world have joined President Trump’s prayer, from China to India, from Taiwan to Japan, from Russia to Turkey, from Australia to Canada, from Britain to France. People from every corner of the world have become unprecedentedly united in this fierce finale of good vs. evil.   Some self-organized teams have even formed 24/7 relay prayers.  Together, the good force worldwide has joined to pray for the victory of President Trump, for the victory of freedom and goodness, and for the future of mankind.  There is no chance the evil could steal this nation built under the Creator’s will.  Many are anxious to know: when this election will be over? Only when the integrity is restored, justice is upheld, truth and goodness prevail, this grand election will be over.  Dear almighty Creator, please bless President Trump, bless America, bless all the kind people on earth.

As long as you have pride in your beliefs, courage in your convictions and faith in your God, then you will not fail. And if America remains true to its values, loyal to its citizens and devoted to its Creator, then our best days are yet to come. I can promise you that.”

– President Trump, in his speech titled “Never, ever Give up” at Liberty University

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