The Real Extremists and Domestic Terrorists

  • The Domestic Cognitive War –


The Collateral Damage of Freedom, Humanity and Democracy


Guest Editorial


March 7, 2021

Our nation is in a real war that has been waged for a millennium prior to the founding of the United States of America, and it is a war that will continue for the next millennia and more.

It is a Cognitive War.  In simple terms, the Cognitive War is a war between those who seek to advance tyranny, control, and subjugation versus those who seek to advance freedom, humanity, and democracy.  It is a war of ideas, ideology, and narratives – enabled by varied means, methods, and measures – to include at times violence, kinetics, and asymmetric warfare.  It is a war in which deception, deceit, and dystopian views are crafted in a manner to be passed off as the truth and fact.  And it is a war that is occurring globally and domestically.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the ongoing Domestic Cognitive War and how it is being waged.  The objective is to highlight who the real extremists and domestic terrorists are and to reshape the narrative to advantage those who seek freedom, humanity, and democracy.

The Strategy & Narratives of the Radical Left

 The efforts of the nefarious, are akin to the despots and want to be dictators, who undertake this war with strategic intent, and the execution of strategies designed to proactively influence, drive reaction and disrupt our civic norms.  Those who advance tyranny and subjugation do so in order to usurp power, absolute power.  They take bold and subtle actions meant to undermine authority, undermine governance, and paint those who seek to sustain freedom, humanity, and democracy as evil, radicals, extremists, and even domestic terrorists.  They have been engaged in this strategic alliance of the radical left for decades. Slowly but surely compromising our universities, schools, government forums and bodies, and the once-free press.  They have also leveraged new social media and the inherent radical left biases to silence, censor, intimidate, attack, and destroy lives, businesses, and individuals they deemed as a threat to their brand of tyranny. And as they assumed fuller control of the government, through both fraudulent and legal means, they ignore the law to advance their narratives, their radicalism, as they embed like-minded miscreants into the bureaucracy in layers. Then they apply the tools of power to sustain and advance their grip on power, to control, to undo democracy, and intimidate others as they demand compliance to the state. Those who do not comply are painted in narratives, in the left media, and in their propaganda papers – our once free press – as extremists and domestic terrorists.

Let’s pick just a few points in the last years – to highlight these actions and activities.  We saw the abuse, fraud, and illicit activities of the 2020 election that resulted in over half of America viewing Biden as illegitimate.  They telegraphed what they were doing with the ballot harvesting, mail-in voting, etc. But in the end, they outmaneuvered conservatives, and by the day after the election controlled the narrative via their many means of communication.  Then they censored half of America as they painted conservatives all as extremists and domestic terrorists.

Because they control the narrative, they also forgo the truth on the ground.  But the truth is collateral damage in their thirst for power.

While these same radical lefts impose severe restrictions on you and your family, support the teacher’s unions to preclude opening schools despite ALL the SCIENCE stating it is perfectly safe.  It is where we watch the massive chaos and emergency at our borders, where the administration is allowing tens of thousands of illegals into the country while we have a Covid pandemic.  It is where the radical left now stuffs tens of thousands of illegals into crowded internment camps. Calling for an illegal surge at the border that drives child sex and human trafficking and where we see thirteen children and adults slaughtered as SUVs stuffed with twenty-five people is caught in an accident.  All useful to the radical left’s intentions, as the suffering and deaths are just collateral damage.

All of this, while we ignored the $2billion in damage caused by the soldiers the radical left supported in their looting, arson, anarchy, chaos, and assassination and defunding of police – while driving a false narrative of systemic racism and abuse by police.  The legal, authority used to help keep us all safe using another false narrative the Black Lives Matter and the fascists called Antifa abused, assaulted, and destroyed. The collateral damage was ok to the radical left, as it fits its narratives.  The increased murders of blacks and other Americans were ignored because the deaths of many are just collateral damage in this ongoing Domestic Cognitive War.

Only when those who are pulling the levers of power, who advanced the field of hate, abuse, anarchy, looting, arson, and assassinations found their offices ransacked in the US Capitol from a few hundred radicals – that they could not control – we found a massively excessive response.

Today the barbed wire remains around the Capitol, several thousand-armed troops parade its grounds.  Why? No real threat. It fits the narrative of the radical left in perpetuating the lies, disinformation, and propaganda that “some” group “may” be planning to assault the capitol again.  It is as the radical left looneys like to say – not letting a crisis go to waste.

Let’s not forget past actions and how the radical left has advanced their power, and their narratives, to usurp power.  Remember when Senator Harry Reid wished to put left-leaning judges on the bench?  He purposefully ended the filibuster on judicial nominees despite warnings from many in the senate.  Just a few weeks ago we heard Senator Schumer talk about “changing America forever.” Albeit they’ve not yet removed filibuster or 60 votes cloture rule, but they likely will shortly.  As many radical left have already called for these actions.

After the success they saw in controlling the narrative during the 2020 election, they now move to instantiate the fraud, illegal voting, and ballot harvesting in a bill the House just passed HR-1. And who is it that is trying to do away with the Senate filibuster so as to advance DC statehood to stack the political deck in favor of the radical left?  It is Sen. Klobucher, Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, and many others who seek this short-term power to advance absolute power.  They very wisely manipulate the discussions and attraction away from their real intent.  In parallel, they continue to advance their false narratives, propaganda, and disinformation that paints those who seek freedom, humanity, and democracy – conservatives – as extremists and domestic terrorists. They are viewed as necessary collateral damage.  Mind you, Congresswoman Jackson-Lee called for the imprisonment of the 40-50,000 Trump supporters who turned out on 6 Jan 2021.

The Radical Left Views – Freedom, Humanity and Democracy – as Extreme

So, what exactly makes the radical left paint those who seek to protect freedom, humanity, and democracy as extremists and domestic terrorists?  Well in simple terms, it is our belief in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our laws, our values, and the belief that America remains the shining light on the hill – the bastion of freedom for all the world.  Let’s look at a few examples of why conservatives are viewed as extremists by the radical left.  The preamble to our Constitution speaks to ensuring justice for all and securing liberty for future generations.  It states:

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

But the radical left despises justice for all, they wish to impose their form of justice on you and me, while they live under another form of justice.  We’ve seen this numerous times during the China Flu (covid) pandemic.  To advance their tyranny, they seek to lower the voting age to sixteen, to leverage the naïve of the young and the ease at which false narratives can manipulate the young.  The radical left condemned and vilified Trump for deploying a few hundred national guards to protect the White House while the anarchists and fascists BLM and Antifa burned the church next door.  But they had no qualms in deploying tens of thousands of troops to ensure the success of their manipulation of the 2020 elections, as they used the military in a manner that resembled a banana republic installing a dictator – vice inaugurating a president.

Those who seek freedom, humanity, and democracy saw 140 cities across the US burning yet no action. They believe in the Constitution and its constraint on the military to restore order in chaos and anarchy.  But no order was restored in progressive liberal cities prior to the election.  As their plan, which was broadcast via the likes of the Washington Post, was to cause massive civil unrest, anarchy, and chaos if Trump won the election. The businesses across America were boarded up – awaiting this to occur.  But the radical left ignored the Constitution, their constituents call for peace, for protection.  In other words, the radical left cared not about those tens of thousands impacted, they were necessary collateral damage.  Only when the radical left perceived that “their” foundation was disturbed, did they act.  Then they called in an army.

Power to the people.  That is where the Constitution places the majority of power in the United States of America. The tenth amendment states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  The radical left despises that, as they see the masses as ignorant compared to them, the self-anointed elite.  We saw this play out in numerous statements from Hillary to Obama and Biden.  We also saw this play out with the left’s leaders who were caught numerous times ignoring the laws or directives that shut down America during the China Flu pandemic as the radical left said, “do as I say, not as I do.”

Those who seek freedom, humanity, and democracy believe in the right of citizens to vote. But the left has been abridging the rights of citizens for decades.  How.  The radical left has been abridging our rights, that is to reduce or diminish that right, by ignoring our laws and admitting tens of millions of illegal immigrants.

Over the last four decades since Ronald Reagan cut a deal for amnesty in return for a promise of secure borders, we’ve seen tens of millions of illegals – dependents on the US government – let into our country, and then grow their families. In doing so, the illegals added tens of millions of new citizens solely dependent on the radical left’s government handouts to the voting rolls.

So, while feigning concern over the illegals and their flight to “safety,” the left purposefully ignored our immigration and border laws and advanced the false narratives of the inhumane, racist and vial nature of those who opposed this mass invasion.  Unfortunately, it’s worked extremely well.

Few Americans realize their vote has been significantly abridged by what is now tens of millions of new citizens.  Just remember, 20-30 million illegals, is equivalent to adding 20 to 30 cities of twenty-thousand people, to every single state in our union. Then assume one or two children, more likely four to five, over the last three to four decades. And one wonders why red states are turning blue.

The fifteenth amendment to our Constitution states “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”  But our rights as citizens have been abridged, and in significant ways, which many have not paid attention.  But to the radical left, who despises those who wish to uphold our laws or highlight such impacts, conservatives – that abridgment is collateral damage.  And anyone who protests is painted as a racist, inhumane, bigot or worse.  So, the radical left adds more and more government dependents to the voter rolls to sustain their grip on power. Free phones. Free healthcare. Free schooling.  Free college.  Free for them…not for you.  But again, that’s ok. In the left’s mind, its only necessary collateral damage.

Enabling Real Extremists and Domestic Terrorism – But Projecting the Blame

So, after a year of applauding the violence, the attacks, the slaughter on YOUR streets, YOUR businesses, and YOU – again acceptable collateral damage to the radical left – Pelosi and her henchmen were surprised that a small group of extremists took action?  All conservatives denounced the capitol violence and sought to hold all accountable. Yet not the radical left.

We saw BLM, Antifa, and mobs get away with murder, mayhem, and more. Few if any went to prison.  If so, they were released or bailed out by Harris and others.  But again, the anarchy, looting, assaults, and arson were useful to the radical left’s narrative in its plan to prepare for total disruption, civil unrest, and mass anarchy should President Trump be reelected.

When we saw 140 cities burned, several thousand US citizens murdered, $2 billion in damage and rising – what would you call that? It is extreme, radical, and domestic terrorism.  FBI Director Christopher Wray noted in his testimony on Capitol Hill that the attack on 6 Jan ’21 was indeed “domestic terrorism.”  So how can that small, but startling attack be labeled such, and those prosecuted as domestic terrorists – yet the thousands of Antifa, BLM, and their supporters and enablers who financed, vocalized support, aided, and abetted their efforts not be labeled domestic terrorists?  Orwellian and dystopian.  The false narratives drive our attention to the bogeyman that “may” come, while we are told to ignore the extremism and domestic terrorism we see before our eyes.  As we are told “if” we believe what our lying eyes tell us – then we too are radicals, racists, extremists.  If we believe in our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, freedom, humanity, and democracy – we are radical extremists and domestic terrorists.

Given the definition by the FBI Director Wray defining the events on 6 Jan ’21 as a domestic terrorist event[1], then one must ask – what the hell does he call the Antifa, BLM and other riots, assassinations, looting, murders, arson, and anarchy – that the Democrats all supported during this last year?

The only reasonable conclusion is that ALL of those who participated in last year’s massive domestic terrorism, AND their supporters, enablers, and proponents, should be arrested, tried, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  This includes multiple members of Congress, many of whom should also now be expelled and impeached.  As any democrat who supported the violence, anarchy, looting etc. of Antifa, BLM, and others – including their assassinations of police, physical assaults on innocents, and destruction of $2 billion in property – need to be labeled as domestic terrorists/supporters and arrested, tried, impeached, convicted, and fined.

But that won’t happen – as the radical left controls the relevant levers of power. And they control the narrative, as most conservatives remain silent. That damage, your lost business, your loved one’s murder – collateral damage.

Remember that black lives matter?  Have you heard any more about the unnecessary murder of tens of thousands of blacks in poor progressive inner cities?  Nope. The election’s over. Back to silence, silence on the fact that the massive infections of Covid are due to overcrowding in such poor neighborhoods, poor schools, and massive increases in crimes, murders, etc. occurring in the radical left, progressive cities.  But that is not a problem for the true extremists and domestic terrorists – that is only some collateral damage as it does not affect or impact their homes, their children, or their lives.  The election is over – so they will wait another four years before they bring back out their “worries,” concerns, etc. of the murders of black children, grandmothers, and others playing in the streets or sitting on their porches.  But just in case, they will put forth other narratives like “reparations” to distract, and “act” like the radical left truly cares about their pawns – err constituents.

But when 40-50,000 people peacefully rallied on 6 Jan, because a few hundred staged (as now reported by federal law enforcement) a PRE PLANNED attack on the capitol, they were all labeled as extremists and domestic terrorists. Then the left labeled any republican or Trump supporter the same and stated they should undergo deprogramming?  Really.  So many obvious parallels to Stalin’s, Hitler’s, Mao’s, and Xi’s re-education camps – it is truly scary.

Labeling, Censoring, and Subjugation – the Radical Lefts’ Domestic Cognitive War

So, half of America is now labeled as extreme or domestic terrorists – while we wait to hear if any of those who caused the massive unrest and destruction across America held to account.  And we won’t, for in this ongoing Domestic Cognitive War – that was collateral damage and beneficial to the radical lefts’ narratives.

Concurrently, the left advances other false narratives – such as there being a large group of extremists in our military – so that it now creates the perception (perhaps reality) that the new SECDEF is beginning a broader and wider purge of those in the military who are truly apolitical.  Meaning anyone who doesn’t show absolute loyalty to the left. They drive this narrative to remodel our military not as an apolitical arm to protect us from all enemies – remember foreign and DOMESTIC – but to ensure that they are molded into a praetorian guard to subdue and subjugate those domestic elements who wish to sustain freedom, humanity, and democracy.

But alas, most Americans who seek to advance freedom, humanity, and democracy are too intimidated to point out the blatant and Orwellian hypocrisy of the left for fear that they will also be labeled as extremist or domestic terrorists. This is exactly what Pelosi and multiple members of the radical left (in Congress and leftist media) desire.  Are you starting to understand the war of narratives, this Domestic Cognitive War, and how those who seek to advance freedom, humanity, and democracy are slowly being subjugated, controlled, intimidated, and silenced?

If not, you are living in a bubble of utopian bliss.  This “experiment” called democracy is not a given, it is a gift. A gift paid for with the lives of millions across the globe before us, that many of us now take for granted in our complacency. And which is under continuous assault by the radical left and the real extremists, the real domestic terrorists.

Stand-up, Speak-out, and Act – or We Lose the Domestic Cognitive War

So, we can stand idly by and let the radical left’s media propagandists and leaders reshape the narrative to subjugate, divide, destroy and control us, remove our freedoms, and paint us as extremists in order to launch legal assaults, arrests, and other means of intimidation to silence us one by one. Or we can educate, create awareness, and voice our opposition to the radical left’s REAL extremism and domestic terrorism – in order to support and ensure our freedom, humanity, and democracy in this ongoing Domestic Cognitive War.

When the radical left opens our borders and releases hundreds of China Flu infected into our cities and streets, but close your businesses, schools, bars, gyms, and churches – that’s collateral damage. When the social media and left-wing businesses ban books like Dr. Seuss as racist, yet at the same time continue to sell Mein Kompf – Hitler’s treatise on hate – that’s collateral damage.  When your views are censored to advance the lies, propaganda, and disinformation of that the radical left social media giants and members of congress – that’s collateral damage.

It is time to realize the Domestic Cognitive War is real and is being aided and abetted by our very own.  We do have domestic enemies. Those who seek to usurp power and destroy our Constitution, our rights, our freedoms, humanity, and democracy – they are truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing – they are and should be viewed as enemies of the state.  As they view your life, your families, your prosperity, and freedoms as expendable – collateral damage in their quest to gain absolute power.

These lying hypocrites took an oath to “uphold and defend” our Constitution.  Instead, they are purposefully acting to undermine, demean and destroy our Constitution, civil liberties, bill of rights, freedoms, and independence. But that’s all viewed as collateral damage in their quest for power – absolute power.  And if you’re a fan of history as I, you’ll now understand why several hundred million people were slaughtered, tortured, imprisoned, and while today a few billion people live under tyranny. Because to gain power, absolute power, in this ongoing Global and Domestic Cognitive War – a war of ideas and ideology – those lives were all necessary collateral damage.

Are these domestic enemies all democrats – absolutely not.  But the radical left among them, their leaders are.  As they do not advance our laws, our Constitution, our values, our freedoms, humanity, nor democracy – they advance only that which serves their purpose and quest for absolute power.  It is a battle that has begun a millennium before our founding as a nation, and it is a battle that will continue for a millennium or more.  It is Cognitive War – that pits those who seek to advance tyranny and subjugation against those who seek to advance freedom, humanity, and democracy.  Evil in this world does exist. To ignore history is to ignore that very reality.  Living in a utopian bubble that believes mankind can’t be so evil, leaves the door open for the evil to act.

So, God helps us so-called “extremists and domestic terrorists” who seek to advance freedom, humanity, and democracy by upholding and defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights – as we learn that we sure as hell better “cling to our guns and religion” as we see our so-called political leaders seek to destroy our nation by aiding, abetting, funding, and supporting – real extremists and real domestic terrorists.

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