Special Report by the SUAUS Foundation

Information provided by the SUAUS Canadian Team

April 28, 2022

To Whom it may concern.

Guy Brummel is a Canadian software developer. He and his nephew created the cell phone software that allows phones to connect to the internet. He used his hacking skills to obtain a list of high-level pedophiles and human traffickers. As a result, his daughter was kidnapped, and a retired Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer was hired to hunt him down because the information Brummel acquired about the nefarious high-level mafia syndicate is connected to government officials globally, and when the complete story which Brummel if a documentary Brummel had done about his nephew’s gang-style murder in an upper-class neighborhood of Toronto, were to be made public it would or could create a global public outcry for justice in Brummel’s current state of affairs.

The documentary has been seen by a select circle of international citizens who have researched/crossed reference the documentary, the facts presented, and anyone involved in the documentary. The international citizens’ further research has led to the interconnectivity of a global syndicate with ties to the situation that we are witnessing, from election rigging through to Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

The consensus from the circle of international citizens who watched the documentary feel that Guy Brummel is a political prisoner for the information he and his nephew discovered through the use of the software they developed which led them to information that some of the persons involved whether willing or that they were compromised have been running a Kazarian mafia ring with similarities of blackmailing Jeffrey Epstein style, in fact there could be connections to the Epstein circle and the power-hungry elitist.

The information Brummel was publicly sharing without mentioning the names of the alleged culprits was done so in a methodical way to protect himself and led to Brummels tenacious efforts to vindicate his nephew’s gang-style murder and to expose the Kazarian style mafia involved.

The potential that this syndicate had a gang-style hit job done to his nephew is highly probable if the documentary were to be released any person who viewed it would draw the same conclusions.

Sadly though Brummels efforts to seek justice for his nephew’s murder and expose the underbelly of society by trying to compel law enforcement to investigate, may have further proven that there is merit to his information some of those involved are also the law enforcement, the justice system and influenced by the governments, as well as well-heeled individuals, are all part of the cover-up.

Simply put “WHAT IF”

The facts to all the viewers of just the documentary alone is gave secured and encrypted files to other persons around the globe, the documentary is Brummels relentless attempt to seek justice for his nephew’s gang-style murder and the very well-known individuals involved, in fact, the documentary without any mentions of the comprising evidence Brummel and his nephew discovered is not even mentioned in the documentary, nor is anyone aware of the documentary so it could safe to say that Brummel’s political imprisonment situation has many scared, so there must be merit in that alone.

After a lengthy hunt by a for-hire retired Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer, Guy was located and incarcerated in February of last year. The charge was criminal harassment – of the man who was hunting him! This charge normally results in a fine; not imprisonment – and certainly not the 15 months Guy has been in jail. For two of those months, Guy was in a psychiatric hospital – where he was deemed to be sane, with no mental illness.

Guy has written to American authorities begging for asylum.

Here is his situation to date and the reasons why he and his daughter should be extradited to the USA:

1. Guy has access to high-level information regarding globally organized pedophilia and human trafficking.
2. Guy has the names of senior Canadian and American officials – including sitting judges, involved in this.
3. Guy is not allowed to access his own documents for his defense.
4. Guy is not allowed to attend court – even electronically for his trial.
5. On one occasion his food was poisoned.
6. Guy told us yesterday morning – while weeping, that he has been put in a bedless cell without even a blanket.
7. Guy has told us that the cell is very cold and damp and that there is black mold on every surface.
8. Guy believes that they are trying to kill him with bacterial pneumonia – which they will then attribute to Covid.
9. Points 6 through 8 have been rectified by patriotic citizens who are aware of the contents of the information from point one.
10. Guy is pleading for help and needs to be extricated from the Lindsay prison and placed in the American witness protection program. This can be done easily by invoking Section 27.5 of the USMCA treaty, which empowers and demands that American authorities act expeditiously on this matter.
11. Guy is now incarcerated in Lindsay, Ontario under horrible conditions to silence him and have him die in a cold, not heated, infested cell. Why? To silence him forever.

This needs to be disclosed to US Authorities and get him extradited.



I would include the facts that the senior Canadian and American officials are not only tied to the global ring of traffickers but they are connected to all things nefarious which also includes international affairs up to and including election rigging and the current state of affairs globally

The attorney for Guy is Colin Browne… Phone contact: 416 878 1700/