By Scott W. Winchell – SUA and its partner, Lebanese Foundation for Peace (LFP), has received this exclusive video from freedom fighters on the ground in Syria. The video is followed by a translation by staff members. This is just the first; more are on the way.

In the video, the freedom fighters read a statement they created in support of their brethren in Lebanon and America, accusing Hezbollah and church leaders of conspiring. These men are Syrian Sunnis, and the ties between Lebanon and Syria, and their ex-patriots living here is very tight. Their message is one of unity between Sunnis and Christians, against the Shi’ites; Hezbollah.

Screen shot of Syrian freedom fighter reading the message to Lebanon and America - to the Christians.

When something happens here, they hear of it immediately in the Middle East, and vice-versa in this community. SUA and LFP have these ties, and our sources provide us valuable insight daily. As warranted, we then report our findings and analysis to you, or when needed, we send it to the proper channels of government.

Our sources have related much and we have been reporting about it in a series available here.

There has been quite an uproar in Southern California over these alleged improprieties and corruption by local Maronite Catholic Church elders and supporters in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and supporters of Gen. Michel Aoun in Lebanon who has aligned himself with Hezbollah.

What does this mean for America? It means that Hezbollah’s tendrils are rooted deeply in America, and the web is infiltrating everywhere.

There is a very large population of the Lebanese community living in America now; many having fled their war-torn nation for their own safety. As ex-patriots of the Lebanese diaspora, they have the right to vote in Lebanese elections, and are a very large voting block.

A very large block also lives in Mexico, and has been thoroughly infiltrated by Hezbollah, a well documented fact of late.

Nasrallah and Aoun

This is troublesome for Hezbollah, because it wishes to finish its goal of transforming Lebanon into a complete Islamist state, and thus, solidifying Iran’s goals in the region.

Since Lebanon was formerly a devote Catholic nation, most of the diaspora in the US is Christian. However, greed and corruption know no bounds, and when Lebanese Shi’ites in America wave dollar bills, even some of the clergy are tempted, and allegedly, they have taken the bait. Recently, a church in Anaheim was sold to supporters of Hezbollah. These sales and actions bear the signature of many in the following excerpt:

From LFP:

For Chorbishop Faouzi Elia, and Monsignor Abdallah Zeidan, monetary influence has replaced Catholic values and teaching. The Church has become a business, for sale to the highest bidder.

It does not matter what color the money is, or what religion it comes from, the influence of money now controls the Lebanese Church.

Michel Aoun and Hezbollah Flag

Hezbollah has penetrated our church, through the partisans of General Michel Aoun, a Lebanese traitor that put himself on Hezbollah’s payroll in order for him to become one day, in his twisted belief, the new Hezbollah backed President of Lebanon.

The St. John Maronite Church, inaugurated by Lebanon former Cardinal, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, has been sold by Father Zeidan of Los Angeles and has been converted into a Shiite mosque, the “Martyrs of Kerbala”.

It appears that this was not their only goal, and it has now pervaded a parish in San Diego, St. Ephrem Maronite Catholic Church, where the parish Priest, Ftr. Mouannes, referred to in the video, was “mysteriously” revoked.

What is going on here? Stay tuned, more is on the way.


Releases names of those in America conspiring with Hezbollah puppet General Michel Aoun of Lebanon.

Sunnis in Syria irate over the way Shi’ite Hezbollah is trying to control the Maronite Catholic Church, in America, and worse, all to take final and complete control over Lebanon.

The Hezbollah supporters and civilian infrastructure are known. (Arab to English Translation below video)

Statement from the Revolution to support the Syrian Christians of Syria and Lebanon

These are Syrian Sunni Freedom Fighters IN Syria!


In the name of the merciful.

This statement comes from the free people of Syria to the honorable Christian community of Lebanon. The Syrian revolution supports the Christian community that supports the free Syrian revolution, and warns all traitors that are conspiring with Satan’s Party [Hezbollah] that the punishment will be near and will come very hard!

Syria will become free!

The revolution received reports stating that Satan’s Party [Hezbollah] is planning to overtake the Lebanese Christian Church with the help of the traitor Michael Aoun in order to create a mechanism that would ultimately control the Christian Church to manipulate the direction of its vote to benefit the Iranian regional political agenda.

News reached the revolution that here are churches that were being sold to the Shi’ites in America. Good priests like Father Mouannes are being replaced mysteriously because they are good nationalistic men, and they are true to their church!

The Syrian revolution warns all involved in this conspiracy within the Christian Lebanese Church, and we name Chorbishop Fawzi Elia, Bishop Robert Chahine, and the priest Abdullah Zaidan, accusing them of taking bribes from loyalists of traitor Michele Aoun and Satan’s Party [Hezbollah] agents to split the Christian Lebanese Church and divert the Lebanese Christian vote in America.

The Syrian revolution is recording all these facts and actions, and there will be a judgment day.

The Sunni Community assures the Christian of Syria and Lebanon that their place is guaranteed in the new Syria.  We respect their freedom, rights, and existence, as we have done historically for 1,400 years.

They are our natural brothers on this land, and we respect them. The Syrian revolution shall win in god’s name.

Long live an upcoming free and proud Syria!

“Allah hu Akbar, Allah hu Akbar, Allah hu Akbar”

NOTE – “Satan’s Army” is a reference to Shi’ite Hezbollah.

Stay tuned for more news – DIRECT from the source!