by George Mcclellan

Our First Amendment continues to be the whipping post for Progressives who are determined to make America socialist. They keep us divided by stirring up friction between the races by uttering threats of another pandemic coming, which they think will force Americans back to wearing those ineffective face masks again and being forced to submit to their deadly population control ‘jabs.’ There is pushback, and wherever it appears, the Progressive media attempts to discredit or force it off social media sites through collaborative censorship. Media’s leftist nimrod Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC had the gall to complain about how anyone speaking directly about Elon Musk and Bill Ackerman should be allowed to use social media to spread their opinions without consequences? Of course, the same can be said about MSNBC.

We are now off and running into the 2024 presidential election cycle and a democratic party movement to develop “black swan” events to ensure that normal elections will not occur. Progressive loonies and ideologues are determined to keep him out of the White House. Trump Derangement Symptom (TDS) has entered the medical books as a new treatable disease, just like transgenderism. I have no doubt the Democrats will attempt to steal this election and claim all three seats of power. They need to do that; if that does happen, we will lose our Republic and America as we know it! done! They are preparing for it now and will repeat their successful ballot harvesting schemes for 2024. How does America (we) protect the voting process and ensure integrity at the voting polls?

Conservatives and precinct leaders must find people to act as poll watchers and supervise local élections to ensure only registered voters with proper photo IDs can vote and, more specifically, be present when counting the ballots. To reinforce election integrity, early voting should be discontinued. Ballots turned in after the polls close should be discarded as fraudulent and retained as evidence in a trial of corrupt election board supervisors. Suspect ballots must be protected by a Sheriff’s Department until all questions of ballot integrity and legitimacy are settled.

Bonafide conservative observers should be instructed to never, under any circumstances, unless flames are engulfing the building, abandon their posts. We see that corruption takes place out of sight. Putting paper over windows to hide their skullduggery from view should not be allowed. All poll workers of contending parties must agree to any change in the counting process, even minor ones. Combined searches by poll workers to seek hidden boxes under shelves should be conducted before polls open and again before they close, with a law enforcement officer in attendance. To find uncounted ballots the morning after an élection is a sure sign of an attempt at election theft and must be immediately exposed. The mail-in ballot process must be reconsidered and closely observed once agreed to. Voter rolls must be cleansed of the dead and relocated voters before elections. We cannot continue to tolerate corrupt and criminal governments at any level, especially Democrat election boards.

Most Americans are not stupid but are uninformed. They see what is happening, but most do not know how to get involved to make it count. We accept that Trump will clean house, trusting he’ll get there to do it. We expect Republicans to retain the House and recapture the Senate. I am not confident that we will see a fair and honest election taking place this next November nor in the promises of either party claiming to represent us and protect our rights and our country. The corruption runs too deep and wide to assume we can defend it without violence. They will turn violent if they must protect their skullduggery and keep conservatives away from the counting bench. On the organized side, conservative groups must closely watch their Secretary of State and Governors move to independently change the rules of elections to appease the other side (Democrats), just as the rules and procedures for voting in Georgia were changed right before the election, blaming the pandemic lockdowns when it had nothing to do with voting. Censorship goes against the very nature of democracy; the people must have access to all information, regardless of the thoughts or desires of those in power.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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