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The People Strike Back

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Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.


The People Strike Back 

Ray DiLorenzo

On November 8, 2016, the people struck back.  They struck back at uncontrolled immigration, open borders, unemployment, a shrinking middle class, appeasement of Islamic terrorism, creeping socialism, a massive government out of control, an anti-American education system that has indoctrinated rather than educated, a biased mainstream media and a corrupt elite political class that saved all the prime cuts for themselves and made promises they had no ability or intention of keeping.

This election was and remains a movement.  A movement to reclaim the principles of American Republicanism,*  a movement, started by the Tea Party, for limited government, free and equitable markets, fiscal responsibility and putting American interests first.  The movement has given the political class what it has long needed, a swift kick in the ass.  Donald Trump was the only one listening.

The post-election protesters represent fifty plus years of indoctrination by our education system that has produced  several generations of amoral, permissive deadbeats…those that feel they are owed a livelyhood, a free home, a free college education, free medical care and a permanent trip to the beach on the taxpayers dime. These are people that received a trophy for just showing up to play team sports when they were kids.

With eleven states supporting more people than are working, the fat lady is warming up.

The mass media and demogogues like George Soros are agitating the leftists that they helped create. Is it any wonder there is rioting and civil unrest?  Some observers and pundits are even suggesting the possibility of civil war.  May God help us.

*Editor’s note:  Republicanism:  A form of government (as originally created by the founding fathers) that stresses liberty and unalienable individual rights, making people sovereign while rejecting monarchy, aristocracy and inherited power. Leaders are elected for a specific period by the citizenry where laws are passed for the benefit of the entire republic, rather than a select elite.  In an ideal republic, leaders are selected among the working citizenry, serve for a defined period, then return to their work, never to serve again. Republicanism stresses the rule of law, separation of powers, self-discipline, self-reliance and the dangers of corruption.  In a true republic, lawmakers would never pass laws and then exempt themselves from those laws.


 Election 2016 


Why We Have an Electoral College

A perfect illustration of the genius of the Founding Fathers




An Electoral College system requires:


*  Presidential candidates to have multi-regional appeal.

*  Political balance–prevents big states from consistently choosing next president. Candidates must listen to all voters. No state can be ignored.

Every state or region has a voice.

*  Avoids run-off elections if neither candidate receives majority of the vote

Objection to the Electoral College is a testament to the ignorance of so many voters and their lack of education in American Government.  


Election Results as of 11/10/16

As reported by The New York Times

Electoral Votes


Clinton:    228        Trump:   290   

Editor’s note:  Michigan is still in play with Trump leading with 47.6% while Clinton, thus far, has 47.3%. 

Popular Vote


Clinton:    60,071,781 (47.7%)   Trump:    59,791,135  (47.5%)


World Reaction To Trump Win

in Headlines & Ads

Donald Trump is Elected President in Stunning Repudiation of the Establishment

New York Times


An American Tragedy

The New Yorker



Daily Telegraph (Australia)



El Graffico (Mexico)


American Psycho

Liberation (France)


What Have They Done?

Daily Mirror (Britain)


Oh My God!

Le Journal De Quebec (Canada)


Dear America…No You Can’t!

The New Zealand Herald


The World is Upside Down

Die Welt (Germany)


OMG, It’s Trump

The Philippine Star


Just In Case He Wins

Travel To The US While You’re Still Allowed To

Royal Jordanian Airlines


Test Drive Canada

Air Canada


Editor’s note:  On Election Night so many people were trying to access the Canadian government’s immigration website that it got overloaded and shut down.

An applicant for immigration to Canada will be asked questions about prior nationality, age, language abilities, family members, education, age, work experience, income and/or net worth, details on any job offer.  Notice as published on their website: “The information is for reference only and no immigration decision will be made based on your answers.”

The leftists need to understand that, in spite of their criticism of Donald Trump and our immigration laws, the vast majority of nations don’t just let anyone immigrate to their country.  Unlike the U.S., no other nation is interested in taking in people who cannot or will not take care of themselves.






Stand Up America

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News You Can Use

Riots in Major Cities



Rioting in Los Angeles



Portland, OR



Rioter, holding a baseball bat prepares to throw a newspaper stand.

Riots in Portland Oregon

Washington Post


Editor’s note:  The mainstream media can take a bow for much of the rioting with their contentious headlines. Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, call them what you want.  They NEVER take ‘No’ for an answer.  They never give up.  If they can’t come in from the front door, they will try the backdoor. If that doesn’t work, they will crawl through a window.  Obama, after the election, said, “The sun will come out tomorrow.” Was that a sentiment of reinforcement of the election process or a signal to his supporters?



Obama’s Logo


European Populist Candidates To Benefit From ‘Trump Effect’  

The next two major European elections in Austria and France may see victories for populist, nationalist candidates thanks to the Trump victory. Norbert Hofer in Austria and Marine Le Pen in France share the same views on mass migration and open borders, and both are running for the presidency of their respective countries.  These candidates were considerred outsiders with little chance of winning, but now are getting a second look by observers. They are now considerd a real threat to the establishment.  Breitbart


Editor’s note:  Where previously people were reluctant to admit they would vote for any of these candidates, people are now becoming bold in their admission. The Austrian election is in December, 2016, with the French election scheduled for April of next year for the first round and the following May for the final round.


House Republicans Win National Vote By Three Million    

As the left grapples with their electoral loss on Tuesday many are pointing to Clinton’s popular vote victory for comfort.  They shouldn’t.  It will end up only as a small footnote and trivia.  The President of the United Sates is elected by 51 popular votes (including D.C.).  Republicans, so far, will hold a House majority of 239 -193.  Townhall


Editor’s note:  It seems the Obama/Clinton/Bush clans have done major damage to their respective parties.  Somewhere along the way they forgot about the people they took an oath to represent.


People Are Leaving Encouraging Notes in a NYC Subway Station

Because Trump won, people are leaving encouraging notes to Clinton supporters on a subway station wall.  The notes express their determination to fight back, never give up, etc.  Townhall


Editor’s note:  At least they are not rioting…we think.  Get a a grip, people




Islamic Terror Update


There were 2,123 Islamic terrorist attacks so far in 2016 in 59 countries.

18,311 people were killed and 22,998 people were injured.


Since last report, 11/5/16, there have been:


61 additional Islamic attacks

449 additional killed

664 additional injured


  As a reminder, these are civilian casualties

11/10/16 – A Fedayeen suicide assault on a German consulate leaves six dead – Mazar i-Sharif, Afghanistan – 6 dead, 128 injured.

11/9/16  – Five locals are crucified by the Islamic State – Mosul, Iraq – 5 dead.

11/7/16 –  One-hundred victims of ISIS beheadings are found in a mass grave – Hamam al Alil, Iraq – 100 killed.

11/6/16 – A suicide bomber in an ambulance massacres over a dozen innocent people, including five students – Tikrit, Iraq – 13 killed, 25 injured.

11/5/16 – Three patrons at a restaurant are killed while dining by Jihadi bombers – Baghdad, Iraq – 3 killed, 9 injured.

11/5/16 – Seven Iraqis are killed in a series of Mujahideen bomb blasts – Abu Ghraib, Iraq – 7  killed, 28 injured.

11/4/16 – A woman is crucified by the Islamic State, – Deir ez-Zor, Syria – 1 killed.


Islamic terrorists have carried out more than

29,680 deadly attacks since 9/11

Editor’s note:  When Bush left office, Iraq was under relative control.  When Obama decided to leave Iraq, every form of human debris moved in. There is not enough room to include all the latest terrorist attacks.  We show only a partial list.



“I’d rather die standing up than live on my knees.”

Stephane Charbonnier (1967-2015)


Chicago Shooting Count


The Chicago shooting count since the beginning of the year as of

November 11, 2016 (2pm MT time), is:

3,852 Shooting Victims (a shooting every 1:57 hours)

683 Homicides (a murder every 11:04 hours)


Since Last Week (11/4/16)

Total Homicides:  17


2016 Totals By Race

77.9% Black, 16.6% Hispanic, 5.5% White/Other


No word yet from President Obama or Mayor Emanuel

Editor’s note: Police involved shootings for 2016, so far:  7 killed, 14 wounded.  Cost of medical care through 10/31 is:  $203,593,800.

What Say You?

Its Not the Russians – 11/5/16

“Another eye opener on the corruption of the Clintons.  They are beneath cockroaches.  Thanks for another great newsletter.”  GCH

“Strong work Ray.  I sure hope that Hillary is not elected.”  GB

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