Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan

We’re being told Republicans appear to be in a strong position to take back control of the Senate in 2024 and that they can do it by flipping only two seats. Perhaps, but I’ll believe it when I see it because the GOP, under the leadership of RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel, has demonstrated little initiative to take the fight to the Progressive Democrats, seemingly willing to just hang on until the next election. I fear we may lose the House again because of GOP policies or lack of them, but the mindset of the GOP is to ignore their MAGA base as an anomaly, wondering why it won’t just go away. The base is seething with resentment about what Biden’s government is doing to Trump, how they treated MAGA protesters after January 6, and the DOJ’s constant assaults on Christians who protested the mass murder of babies at Planned Parenthood facilities. Include the assaults against parents at school board meetings as ranking up there as another Biden affront to Americanism and common sense.

We are very definitely aware that there exists a Protected Class who gets away with their criminal deeds without consequences. We know who they are, the radical, antisemitic leaders of higher Ivy League education like Harvard, MIT, and Penn State, Biden’s family, the Obamas, and the Clintons, including campaign-generating Political Action Committees like some favored unions, as well as private investors in chaos like George Soros and Bill Gates who never, ever face the consequences of their criminal actions. They and the money lenders are the protected class but beware, the ground is shifting beneath them, and their protection won’t last forever.

Historically, it didn’t take long for Progressives to sort out that the Democrat party was the most malleable American political entity to radicalize in pursuit of their scheme to change America fundamentally. It was Obama who brought it to a head. To achieve their goal, the US Constitution, the foundation block of American jurisprudence, stands in its way and must be neutralized, especially when “Due Process” calls for fairness. How did they do that? They’ve done it by placing radicalized judges and Leftist DAs in place at local and state levels to control the vote while creating mayhem and chaos on the streets. At the same time, they have turned on the Supreme Court, the final arbiter on what the US Constitution really means when it says: “government shall not….!”

Democrats ignore the law if it doesn’t suit them, and they get away with it, especially as it applies to “due process” since the Patriot Act was enacted following the 9/11 attack. What makes the GOP base livid is the Left’s attempt not only to end Donald Trump’s candidacy for 2024 but to apply the “Coup de Tete” by sending him to prison. Where is Ronna McDaniel and the neocon GOP? They’ve latched onto their neocon choice, Nikki Haley, to challenge Joe Biden in 2024. Significantly, the Democrats, smothered under the daily embarrassment of Joe Biden’s existence and seeing Kamala Harris as the defacto but unwanted Democrat candidate, have encouraged their donors to turn to supporting the Nikki Haley campaign as an acceptable alternative for President. She’s one of them!

The entire legal charade against Donald Trump is an exercise of exchanging ‘Due Process’ with “death by a thousand cuts.” The Left expects that as time passes and people get weary, they’ll tune out. The Left depends on voters losing interest but, it’s not working with the growing MAGA base. It’s growing because some alert Latinos and Americans of African descent are growing increasingly alarmed that their American citizenship is cheapened by the flood of illegals coming here to challenge their work ethic and take their jobs. They realize in the process that they are really conservatives, and they “won’t take it anymore.” The millions of Illegal invaders invited here by Joe Biden and increasingly no longer welcomed by the lower Echelon leaders of socialist sanctuary cities where they were once happily accepted find those cities now busting at seams already filled with illegal aliens forwarded on from Texas, Arizona, and Florida on air-conditioned buses or airplanes.

These people are not only a nuisance, messing up the places where they have been housed, committing crimes, and roaming freely, demanding rights denied to Americans, especially veterans; they also represent serious health issues as well as problems for national defense as some may be potential terrorists. Due process doesn’t apply to Americans because the policy of the Progressive Left is to flood America with illegals to challenge social services everywhere in cities and states, so the system becomes bankrupt. It’s a long-planned scheme to delegitimize America’s status as the world’s only superpower.

We might be seeing a little bit of Due Process occurring right now in the Ivy League university systems as three “Woke” Presidents were hoisted on their own petard by their failures to condemn antisemitism as other than an issue of “context.” How about that? Context! But Due Process means how people are treated equally in courts of law, not how they treat other people in our society. Always demand Due Process if this lot comes after you. It’s still in the Constitution.

 Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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