By Ronny Reyes

Israel War Update

Dozens of Hamas terrorists surrendered to Israeli forces in northern Gaza Thursday, according to reports. The group turned themselves in after being pushed back by the advancing Israel Defense Forces near Jabaliya.

Local Channel 13 showed images of the surrender, which featured dozens of men lined up on the street, sitting in rows with their hands over their heads. Many of the men were stripped to just their underwear as the IDF troops lined up others to proceed farther down the closed-off road.

In one clip, the Hamas members could be seen in the back of an Israeli military vehicle.

Channel 13 reporter Almog Boker estimated that more than a hundred Hamas fighters turned themselves in, the largest group to surrender to the IDF since Israel began its incursion into the Palestinian enclave. The IDF has yet to comment on the arrests in Jabaliya. The northern Gaza city has seen some of the most intense fighting in recent days as the IDF raided Hamas’ general security headquarters in the area.

Many of the men were stripped down to just their underwear.

Hamas members are seen in the back of an Israeli military vehicle. There, Israeli troops found weapons, equipment, and intelligence documents belonging to the terrorist group, officials said. The operation came after the IDF encircled the Jabaliya refugee camp, one of the largest in the region that nearby airstrikes and gunfire had besieged.  Top of Form

The US has previously demanded an explanation as to why Israel conducted bombardments at the camp that reportedly killed dozens.  Israel has defended its attacks near the camp to reach the headquarters in Jabaliya.

Thursday saw further fighting in northern Gaza as members of the IDF’s Border Defense Corps located a group of Hamas fighters approaching Israeli troops. The terrorists were seen opening fire at the IDF soldiers, with some of the Hamas operatives armed with RPGs.

The Defense Corps unit was able to call in an airstrike that killed all the Hamas fighters, the IDF said.  After nearly two months of advancing across northern Gaza, the IDF has demolished most of the terrorist infrastructure and has now ramped up its incursion into the south, with the fighting focused on Khan Younis, the enclave’s second-largest city.

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