Stand Up America US Legacy Project Plan 2020 (Confidential)

Objective: The purpose of this plan is to outline and describe the Stand Up America US Legacy projects:

  • Description of the ongoing and future projects
  • Estimated funding for selected and approved projects on a phased 1-3-year planning cycle
  • Priority of Funding projects
  • Project Managers for each project

Goal: To receive adequate funding of all projects based on a one-time or a multi-annual basis.

Management of Projects

The Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation and the Legacy projects is Paul E. Vallely, MG, US Army retired. He will be responsible for the overall management and supervision of the projects. He will designate individual project managers for each ongoing and future projections based on their experience and background.

Requirements:  Funding Support of Staffing, Facility Development, Aviation Support

Budget Amount:  Initial Funding: $10 M; Annual: $5M per year; Critical Control Reserve: $1M per year.

Director of Aviation/Executive Director, Project Planning/Newsletter Editor: Ray DiLorenzo; Director of Communications and Special Assistant to Paul Vallely MG U.S. Army (ret.).


The next 90 days towards the November are critical as we implement events and projects to support President Trump and his second term of the Presidency. He is the only true leader that we must ensure that we remain a Constitutional Republic, a free nation under God and viable capitalist, healthy economy.


The Socialist Democrats cannot be permitted to permeate and hold positions in federal, State, or local government any longer.

The Standard Bearer for the Conservancy of the Constitution

Who We Are:

The Stand Up America US  Foundation was founded in 2005 by MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret), as a multi-media organization that involves publishing, radio, television, speaking engagements, web site, writing articles for publication as well as books. This site is meant as a resource for education, based upon the values and principles set forth by our founding fathers. It is our goal to inform, clarify, and speak truth to power. We are a network of patriotic Americans from all walks of life including former members of the military, former federal, state, and local employees of government, analysts, writers, world leaders, and our group extends across the globe.

SUA is also an intelligence gathering and analyzing group that is and has briefed our government leadership on all matters of international interest, terrorism, and anything that affects the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of our citizenry and way of life. SUA has briefed the FBI, Congress, law enforcement, and many other agencies. All our work is based on the following “America First conservative values, and principals:

  • The United States of America’s CONSTITUTION – The intent of our Founding Fathers.
  • American Exceptionalism, and the grand experiment of representative republicanism.
  • Upholding all our 1st Amendment Rights.
  • Upholding all our 2nd Amendment Rights.
  • Upholding all our 10th Amendment Rights.
  • The Rule-of-Law, not of man or men, nor cult of personality.
  • Strong National Defense and Secure Borders.
  • National and State Sovereignty.
  • Capitalism and Western economic values.
  • A safe and secure Israel.
  • Supporting Our Uniformed Services and Veterans.
  • Individual Liberties and Personal Responsibility.
  • Fiscally Responsible, Limited Government.
  • Reclaiming our Republic and returning to the original intent of the Constitution, and more!


Mission Statement

Stand Up America US Foundation was created to be an educational and citizen’s forum based upon the values and principles that our founding fathers intended for the creation of the greatest form of government ever conceived and implemented.  Our great nation is based upon the convictions set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the creation of the Constitution, and the rights endowed by our Creator, predicating our future on such things as the Federalist Papers, The Law of Nations, and the common sense of governing a Representative Republic.

Preserving the great and exceptional American Experiment, as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world to aspire to, and to be governed at the consent of the people, by the people, and for the people is the mission of SUA. It is our goal to help recover our founding principles, and to right our ship of state to these most fundamental and ingeniously created foundations.

Uniform Disclosure Statement

Stand up America US Foundation is a Washington, D.C. and Montana 501 C (4) not for profit, nonpartisan organization. Contributions or gifts to Stand Up America US are not tax-deductible. Funds contributed to Stand Up America will not be used to support or oppose any candidate for state or federal office.  Stand Up America does not support or oppose any political party. Stand Up America is a public policy research organization formed (and existing) for promoting discussion of the principles found in the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence and application of these principles to present public policy issues.


Current Projects

  1. Legacy National Security Advisory Group

Project Manager:  MG Paul E. Vallely

Budget – $5M annually for staffing and project support.


Introduction: We are extremely fortunate to have a true leader in President Donald Trump…a person who thinks as an American First Citizen who is loyal, selfless and who understands at the core that national security is foremost in importance. Without a stable and secure America, a vacuum of power grows, and it is quickly filled by those with nefarious motives creating global instability. Without strong national security, all is at risk. Why have we seen this instability grow and our national security wane so badly? The main reason is that national security has not been the primary focus of many candidates for political office or on the political landscape. There are several contributing factors at play – international and domestic naiveté, ideological beliefs, cultural ignorance, historical indifference, self-promotion, ulterior motives, and inferior advice to national candidates for office. Each of these components also led to the defeat of some excellent individuals (Romney, for example) seeking national office to supplant the current administration and hiring establishment advisors, working off a menu reflecting moderation and a “business as usual” attitude.

Therefore, a key and primary component in any campaign for Federal office is a national security advisory team that can be relied upon and trusted based on a proven and experienced track record. In Washington today, there are thousands who are employed as national security advisors. Our television screens are laden with even more on the news programs. With this many to choose from, how does a candidate or office holder choose? We are here to help answer that question.

The Answer: The ‘beltway’ dinner and cocktail party circuit is the place to find the recognized names, the same people hired over and over, and each time falling short of expectations. The need is for real experts, people that are below the radar, the ones behind the scenes in the field. These are the people who have been in Syria, Cairo, and Beirut and remain connected to their networks and enjoy a level of trust and loyalty forged in the ovens of the conflict over many generations.

These experienced, seasoned, operational individuals exist. They are a virtual one-time gem polished and honed by those who comprised our “greatest generation” through real world mentoring, leadership, and experience side-by-side in event after event. This gem is the number one team of national security advisors, a group of strategic and tactical practitioners called The Legacy National Security Advisory Group. (LNSAG)

LNSAG was created by MG Paul E. Vallely, (US Army, retired) and is populated by former military command and flag staff, special operations leadership, seasoned intelligence community members, former law enforcement, cultural and diplomatic experts, and a network of HUMINT that spans the globe. As a well-recognized leader with impeccable characteristics and talents, the best and the brightest have gravitated to his side and are unparalleled in their fields and endeavors:

  • MG Vallely is the highest ranking American to set foot inside war-torn Syria in the past two years, two meetings with General El-Sisi of Egypt (twice leading a delegation to Cairo with a third planned soon).
  • He has gained the trust and confidence of many real leaders that our State Department and intelligence services have failed to do.
  • He was the senior on-air military strategist for Fox News for seven years.
  • MG Vallely has cemented many ties in Israel and enjoys the advice and counsel of the Lebanese Christian community in many high-ranking positions in Beirut and across the globe.
  • The LNSAG team maintains and nurtures a superb network of contacts and sources.
  • The team is well represented and has close lifelong ties in the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, as well as foreign intelligences agencies and law enforcement.
  • The LNSAG team are experts (SMES) in intelligence gathering and analysis, counterterrorism, cyber warfare, weapons of mass destruction, military tactics and strategies, as well as diplomatic and intelligence methodologies.
  • Staff includes former and active members of the Diplomatic Security Services, Ambassadors, CIA, FBI, Marshals’ Service, NSA, DHS, etc.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is a safer and secure America where we will once again lead the world based upon our strength and core values. By minimizing risk and enhancing confidence of each candidate through the production of sound and state-of-the-art analyses and strategies, LNSAG can provide the road to success for those seeking higher office.

To achieve this vision, our mission is to provide political candidates, office holders, and policy makers the advice and counsel needed to help any candidate outperform their adversaries on the political stage and make the tough decisions once in office. We provide clear identification and understanding of the problems facing us and provide solutions that are based upon the needs of the people, through careful husbandry of resources and knowledge, constant growth and honing skills.  We provide the critical analysis needed to make the tough decisions through a reality prism, not the prism of political expediency.

Our advice, counsel, and analyses are based upon a thorough understanding of security issues. We offer each candidate or office holder tools, techniques, and knowledge to engage in debates and media interviews for the greatest impact. Understanding historical events and current affairs, knowledge of cultural identities, psychological profiles of world leaders, both friend and foe, are critical.


 Introduced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) series of 12 articles.


Latest series of in-depth articles titled “Eyes on China”


All can view on the Stand Up America US Foundation Website:



Citizens Commission on National Security (CCNS) – Formerly Citizens Commission on Benghazi

Project Manager:  Roger Aronoff, former Director of Accuracy in Media. Co-Founder: MG Paul E. Vallely and LTG Thomas McInerney

Location: Washington, DC

Annual Budget – $5M



The Start of a New National Security Watchdog Organization



CCNS mission is to strengthen America’s national security by focusing on our government’s policies and holding our elected officials and their appointed personnel accountable in the public arena for the policies they develop and implement—as well as those they ought to be focusing on but are not. The Commission will also hold the media accountable for their coverage of national security matters. Our members have a vast array of experience in military, intelligence, diplomacy, legislation, and the media. We plan to use our various experiences to exert a significant impact on the strength and security of America. While the CCNS is organized around conservative principles, it operates as a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c) (3).

The CCNS is comprised of former high-ranking military officers (including three generals and an admiral, as well as the three founding members of Special Operations Speaks); intelligence officers (two former CIA officers); and a former congressman, Allen West, who is also a retired Lt. Colonel. Support for the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship is a key pillar of the CCNS. Dr. Rand H. Fishbein, another member, is a former Professional Staff Member of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, who has played an important role in the development of programs to strengthen American and allied warfighting capabilities in the region.

How will the CCNS make a difference? Most members were previously part of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi (CCB), which had a major impact on the course of that investigation. The CCB issued its first report in April of 2014. One week later then-Speaker of the House John Boehner announced the formation of a Select Committee to uncover the facts behind the emerging scandal. The day after Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) issued his final report, the CCB , issued its second report which connected the dots and explained the Benghazi scandal in a more understandable narrative.

Plans for the CCNS include an investigation to sort out the truth about alleged collusion with the Russians, and how that affects our national security. The CCNS will hold a public event, webcast or broadcast, examining the various issues involved, including potential corruption and abuse within our justice system and intelligence community. It will include alleged collusion between Donald Trump and his associates with Russia, and the documented and reported collusion between the Clinton/Obama team and Russia, as well as by the Clinton/Obama team against the Trump candidacy and presidency. The CCNS will bring new information and insights into this ongoing story and issue a report based on the findings.

We will also look at the so-called Iranian nuclear agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and the implications of President Trump’s decision to withdraw from it. In that context, we will also review the nuclear and ballistic missile threats from both Iran and North Korea. Finally, given the failure of any recent administration to formulate and effectively execute a comprehensive national security strategy for U.S. policy in the Middle East, the CCNS will assess and expose that failure, and then offer its own policy ideas for consideration.

In addition, we will comment on current issues in the news, such as this week’s meetings in Singapore to discuss the denuclearization of North Korea and other related issues. Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.), the senior member of the CCNS, has a column up on our website today discussing this meeting. Ace contends that “while Kim Jong-Un will be sitting at the table, make no mistake, the President and his team will actually be negotiating with China.”

We will discuss the current controversy over the sale of our Lockheed Martin-produced F-35 fighter aircraft to Turkey and how that could affect our close ally, Israel, as well as the balance of power in that region.

The CCNS will be filing Freedom of Information Act requests, issuing statements to the press and position papers, holding press conferences, conducting investigations, and distributing the information we uncover. In addition, the CCNS publishes articles on the website from members and selected guests. Plans are underway for a radio show, and to eventually move to having an Internet-based TV show. We will be getting our members on TV and radio shows to discuss the important issues of the day, as well as to advise members of Congress and the White House when appropriate. There are also plans for a speakers’ bureau to get speaking engagements for CCNS members.

We view national security in terms greater than just military and intelligence matters. National security can be threatened by a failure to control who can come into this country and under what circumstances, or by a corrupt news media. It can further be threatened by loose safeguards over who controls our ports, and the failure to take certain, easily attainable steps that could minimize the impact of a terrorist attack, including an EMP attack. With over $20 trillion in debt, and another $100-plus trillion in underfunded entitlement programs and pension funds, another powerful strain is placed on our national security. And so far, Congress has failed to tackle these issues head on.





Future Planned Projects


United States Government Directed Projects – Will be priced and Funded based on USG requirements – Focus on Humanitarian Aid Projects and Community Based Projects

  • Project: Assisting USG With External Funding for Border Control
  • Project Manager: MG Vallely
  • Funding requirements ($5M per year for 5 years)
  • US Border Control Plan – To Secure America BY MG Paul E. Vallely US Army (Ret)

2020 Mission is to destroy the Cartels in Mexico

The plans of the President to construct a wall along that violent border have been thwarted by American politicians who, not unlike the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a long list of other immoral open-borders immigration anarchists, are far more concerned with head counts on airliners, theaters, and sports arenas, then they are with body counts at the morgue!

Additionally, adding to the threats posed to national security and public safety, terror organizations operate training camps in Latin America and members of the Iranian Quds Forces (shock troops) routinely fly into Venezuela, having established a significant presence in the Western Hemisphere. It is beyond comprehension that American politicians ignore all these worrying facts to garner political campaign contributions which are bribes and have managed to bamboozle enough voters to keep them in office.


They are literally playing politics with American lives. Ignorance is not bliss. Knowledge is power, so my article provides some cold hard facts for you to consider and hopefully share with others.


If you like my article, I ask that you make a point of posting it on Facebook and other social media and forward this e-mail to as many folks as you can. It is important to dispel the lies and nonsense about the true nature and significance of effective immigration law enforcement in this, particularly perilous era. Being “Pro-Enforcement” is not “Anti-Immigrant.” Indeed, advocates for immigration anarchy are taking an “Anti-Immigrant” position by obfuscating the line that separates lawful immigrants from illegal aliens. To provide a bit of clarity, while we are indeed a “Nation of immigrants” America is not a nation of trespassers. The difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien is comparable to the difference between a houseguest and a burglar.


Americans must be willing to stand their ground and not be intimidated by the false accusations- far too much hangs in the balance! We must speak out against mayors and governors who create “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States.”


Many people have come to complain that we have become too “Politically Correct” to speak the truth about important issues. My view is that the artful use of language that has been described as examples of political correctness are in fact, examples of Orwellian “Newspeak.”  Having invoked George Orwell, it is appropriate to consider a couple of his brilliant quotes:


“Political language — and with variations, this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”


Our southern border continues to be breached by illegal border crossers and the cartels movement of drugs to inner America. We must continue to be vigilant and more aggressive and forge ahead with a more offensive oriented border strategy. You cannot win and defeat this national threat by being on defense all the time. Now is the time for offensive action. Now if I were the Commander-in-Chief, I would have my national security staff and military commanders planning and executing a strategy that will secure the southern border and allow US rule of law to prevail.

It is now time to truly enforce the rule-of-law along our southern borders. No more excuses…no more delays…no more politics, no more kowtowing to special interest groups, or claims by open-border believers and LaRaza.  The Citizens of the USA are in danger and are being killed or families harmed because the border states of Mexico are controlled by thugs and terrorists copying Jihad tactics of mayhem and murder. Once again, the entire area is draped in upheaval, violence, and lawlessness as it was in 1846. The northern states in Mexico, Baja California Norte,  Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas are under rogue control, and the Mexican Police and Army cannot control them. Therefore, it is in the national interest of the United States to restore order of the border as well across our borders. Because of this clear and present danger to US Citizens and our economy, positive action must be taken.

The US Government with its dedicated National Security Council, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Intelligence agencies and State assets can plan and execute an operational plan to secure our southern borders. However, let me provide an executable plan of operations for the US Government to undertake with resolve and commitment to protect and secure the American people for now and the future.

The problems on our southern border with Mexico are in the news every day. You would have to live in a perpetual cave not to know the situation. We have a war of gigantic proportions…illegal invasions, treacherous drug cartels, gangs, human trafficking, drugs (is there not a war on drugs???), smuggling, kidnappings, and corruption of officials on both sides of the border.

The plan is basic and requires advanced unconventional/conventional war planning. This combines the best use of our Forces that will encompass intelligence, targeting, structural organization of our forces to accomplish the mission, base operations, offensive and defensive operations. First, organize three (3) Border Task Force Groups (BTFGs) and position them in three operational bases, one in Texas, one in Arizona and another in Southern California. We have existing bases in those states that can be utilized such as Ft. Bliss, Texas, Fort Huachuca, Arizona and Camp Pendleton, California. There is no requirement to create any new operational bases. I will not name these existing bases because of operational security but Department of Defense can easily figure this out! The BTFGs will be organized based on joint task forces of Special Ops, Army, Air Force and Navy. Selected units and personal will be relocated and moved to these designated bases. I would also declare with Mexico, a 20 mile “Control Zone” on the Mexican side of the border. Any group or persons occupying this zone engaging in criminal or illegal activities against Mexico or the United States will be engaged on site.

There will be approximately 5,000 warriors assigned to each BTFG. The organization will be commanded by a Two Star “Warrior” and each of the three BTFGs will be commanded by a Brigadier General. The mission for the Command will be to target and conduct offensive and defensive operations on the Mexican side of the border.  National Guard, Border Patrol, DEA, and local sheriff’s units will conduct border security operations on the United States side of the border. This initiative does not violate any existing Posse Comitatus laws.

The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385) passed on June 18, 1878, after the end of Reconstruction, with the intention (in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807) of substantially limiting the powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement. The Act prohibits most members of the federal uniformed services (today the ArmyNavyAir Force, and forces when such are called into federal service) from exercising nominally state law enforcementpolice, or peace officer powers that maintain “law and order” on non-federal property (states and their counties and municipal divisions) within the United States. The statute generally prohibits federal military personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States, except where expressly authorized by the Constitution or Congress. The Coast Guard is exempt from the Act.

The National Guard is and will be the asset of the State Governors to be used as required to augment the Active Force BTFGs operations on the US side of the border. Coordinate with current Homeland Security Department until some HS assets are transferred under the Pentagon.

Maximum use must be made of our Special Operators, Delta Force, Special Forces, SEALs, Air Force Special Ops, Rangers, Marine Recon and Special Ops Air Assets augmented by Active Force regular Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

The concerns and anxiety of Americans, particularly in the Border States have grown significantly in the past year.  Changes in law enforcement operations have forced smugglers of drugs and illegal aliens into ever more isolated areas, increasing the number of deaths and the level of violence to a point where even the most hardened enforcement officials are alarmed.

The political ferment over illegals has never been greater. 78 percent of Americans think and know that the government is not doing enough to control our borders; talk shows bristle with demands for action. Additionally, Global jihad and Jihadis are a major threat as they eye the southern border as a path of least resistance to strike inside the United States.



 New Adaptive US National Military Strategy – To Win America’s Wars – Joint Global Warfare Strike Operation- “Lily Pads” (Deployment and Launch Operations)



Project Manager:  MG (Ret) Paul E. Vallely

DOD Project:  $10M initial funding Mulberry Harbour Project to secure the internet from hacking.

Description:  The Legacy National Security Advisory Group global strategy proposals, in no way constitutes U.S. government policy, but must be considered forward strategy thinking in nature. The proposals seek to provide the United States Department of Defense, the National Command Authority, Congress and the Executive Branch an intellectual foundation upon which we will construct the concepts to guide our future military structure and global military strategy. The continuing change in strategic trends will provide the basis for a new military strategy that is guided by the Principles of War. These implications serve to influence the concepts that drive our Armed Forces adaptation to the threats and environments within which they will operate – adaptations that are essential to our Generals’ and Admirals’ decision making when future crises and conflicts become a reality. In the guardian role for our nation, it is natural that we focus more on possible combat operational challenges and threats than we do on emerging opportunities. From economic trends to the vulnerability of radical Islamists/ISIS, cyber-attack and EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attacks, we will outline those trends that remind us that we must be vigilant to what is changing in the world if we intend to maintain a dynamic and effective military. There is a strong note of urgency now in our efforts to balance and structure the Armed Forces for existing and future threats to the United States at home and abroad. Every military force in history that has successfully adapted to the changing character of war and the evolving threats it faced did so by sharply defining the threats. We must frame future security problems and highlight their military implications stating how Joint Combat Forces will operate and be deployed to win and return to home base. This document will drive the concept and strategy that, in turn, will drive adaptation of joint combat operations utilizing Lily Pad Launch and Strike Force operations. We do not possess a clear crystal ball, but we do know that the United States must change its current view of war fighting to operate in conventional and unconventional environments in a victorious manner. Political Correctness has no place in American strategy.


War is a matter of vital importance to the State; the province of life or death; the road to survival or ruin. It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied. -Sun Tzu…  


The Art of War, trans. and ed. by Samuel B. Griffith (Oxford,1963), p. 63.

The nature of the human condition will guarantee that uncertainty, ambiguity, and surprise will dominate the course of events. However carefully we think about the future; however, thorough our preparations; however coherent and thoughtful our concepts, training, and doctrine; we will be surprised. Even the wisest of statesmen have found their assumptions about the future confounded by reality. The eighteenth-century British leader, William Pitt, the Younger, declared in a speech before the House of Commons in February 1792:

Within a matter of months, Britain would become embroiled in a conflict that would last nearly a quarter of a century and would kill more Europeans than any other war in history up to that time. In the broadest sense, the Joint Operating Environment examines three questions:

  • What future trends and conflicts are likely to affect the United States and the Joint Force over the next quarter century?
  • How are these trends and disruptions likely to define the future contexts for joint combat operations?
  • What are the implications of these trends and contexts for the Joint Force?

By exploring these trends, contexts, and implications, the Joint Operating Environment provides a basis for thinking about the world over the next quarter century. Its purpose is not to predict, but to suggest ways leaders might think about the future. As war at its essence is a human endeavor, then it follows that one of the most effective ways to understand human nature is by a close consideration of history. As such, rather than futuristic vignettes, the Joint Operating Environment uses history as a principal way to gain insight into the future. The discussion begins with the enduring nature of war, the causes and consequences of change and surprises, and the role of Strategy. This is the unique contribution of the Joint Operating Environment to the broader discussion about the future. This document offers some “leading questions” about topics that may fall outside the traditional purview of studies, but nonetheless, has important implications for the future Joint Force. We will find ourselves caught off guard by changes in the political, economic, technological, strategic, and operational environments. We will find ourselves surprised by the creativity and capability of our adversaries. Our goal is to eliminate surprise through better intelligence. Our goal is, by a careful consideration of the future, to suggest the attributes of a joint force capable of adjusting with minimum difficulty when the surprise inevitably comes. The true test of military effectiveness in the past has been the ability of a force to diagnose the conditions it confronts and then quickly adapt. In the end, it will be our imagination and agility to envision and prepare for the future, and then to adapt quickly to surprises, that will determine how the Joint Force will perform over the next twenty-five years. The ability to adapt to the reality of war, its political framework, and its technical and industrial modes, and the fact that the enemy also consists of adaptive human beings, has been the key component in military effectiveness in the past and will continue to be so in the future.


The Nature of War – We can predict kinds of war and threats and we can only speculate or establish excellent intelligence about possible enemy/threat intentions and the weapons/terror that they will bring to the fight. We can state with certainty that the fundamental nature of war will and is changing. In a Republic such as the United States, political aims, pressures, and hesitations have always conceived military operations ………… and will continue to do so but we must have leaders with wisdom and vision. “When whole communities go to war… the reason always lies in some political or ideological agenda or economic situation.” Tyranny runs its course through history of other peoples and internal strife effecting unsettling conflicts. War is an act when diplomacy fails or is a preemptive act by an enemy, begun for the most part for political and ideological purposes (e.g., Nazis, Communist, and Radical Islam). Indeed, both groups and specific transnational movements such as Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas use force and terror for political ends. Thus, war retains its political/ideological dimension in the twenty-first century, even when it originates in the actions of non-state and transnational groups. The Joint Force will operate in an international environment with no sanctuaries allowed where struggle and threat to US security exists. While the origins of war and conflict may rest on policy, a variety of factors have influenced the conduct of that struggle in the past and will do so in the future. The tension between rational political calculations of power on one hand and secular or religious ideologies on the other, combined with the impact of passion and chance, makes the trajectory of any conflict difficult if not impossible to predict. Rational strategy is often difficult in a world where organizational processes, bureaucratic politics, legislative restrictions, and economic conditions may dominate choices.


The Joint Force will face actors who view the world through different lenses than we do. In coming decades, Americans must struggle to resist judging the world as if it operated along the same principles and values that drive our own country. In many parts of the world, actors will judge costs and risk differently than we do. Some of our enemies are eager to die for radical ideological, religious, or ethnic causes; enemies who ignore national borders and remain unbound by the conventions of the developed world – which leave little room for negotiation or compromise. Among these, we face irreconcilable enemies capable of mobilizing large numbers of young men and women, to intimidate civilian populations with IEDs, machetes or to act as suicide bombers in open markets. It becomes a matter of survival when human passion takes over.


Contact Information: MG Paul E. Vallely   Email: Phone: 406 890-4201, Address: PO Box 1596, Bigfork, Montana 59911; Ray DiLorenzo:

Michael Maloof    Email:


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