Let’s Give Him the Job He Really Wants and Maybe Save the World

By Scott W. Winchell and Denise Simon, SUA Editors

In light of recent tragedies, terror attacks, domestic scandals, wars in the Middle East, a new Caliphate terror state, voter fraud in Afghanistan, border humanitarian and national security lapses, what do we really have as the leader of our nation?SAFRICA-MANDELA-MEMORIAL

We have a ‘do-nothing’ leader of the free world. Effectively, what we really have is a “Campaigner-in-Chief,” or “President Glitterati,” or “Fund-Raiser-in-Chief,” or more precisely, a “President Emeritus.” After all, he has retired it seems, and took his show on the road.

Obama is not really in charge of anything anymore it appears, or doing anything to solve any issues other than making sure Democratic Party coffers continue to grow.

In his 67 months as President, he has attended no less than 393 fund raising events and golfed 176 times at least.

The trouble is not really the huge number of fund raisers, but that he chooses them over doing his actual job. Then there are the family vacations, the trips around the globe, the ‘selfies’ at Mandela’s funeral, and so on.

But on several occasions, it has been at the absolute wrong time to be somewhere other than where a President should be. During times of national security issues unfolding before our eyes he is AWOL, or avoiding them because it may be a photo-op.

Where was he for seven hours the night of the Benghazi raid, only to board a plane to Las Vegas for a fund raiser the next morning?

Where was he as thousands of Central Americans poured over the Rio Grande into Texas, only to be distributed throughout the rest of the United States?

Drinking beer in a Denver pool hall…being offered a joint from a wannabe “Choom Gang” acolyte?obamaweed-1

joe-bidenWhere was he the night that Russia, yes we said Russia, as in Vladimir Putin, when the Malaysian airliner was shot down in Ukraine by Russia?

Fund Raiser, fund raiser, fund raiser…sternly worded speech, then off to another fund raiser. Heck, even his UN Ambassador, Samantha Power sounded more Presidential, and she is a total uber-leftist, Israel loathing, one-world-order, anti-constitutionalist.

Since it is obviously more important to him to milk “cash cows” during times of great importance, perhaps he should replace Debby Wasserman-Schultz “who doesn’t even have a national message”  as “President Emeritus,” and Chairman of the DNC.

He can jet all around the country, yakking to those who adore him no matter what, and campaign, campaign, and campaign some more.

Heck, we would gladly see the tax-payer dollar do that for him …oops, sorry, we forgot, we already do. We know this is his first love, besides a mirror, because that is all he has done in 67 months as the leader of the free world.

Who would then take over the mantle of actually doing something?

Why, Joe Biden of course! We would then make Joe Biden “Acting President” of the United States.Scared Putin

Yes, we know what you will say, “Mr. Gaffe-tastic” would fumble and stumble all over the place, but at least he might actually do something. Something is better than nothing.

We would not have to worry about Biden golfing all the time, or vacationing in some posh location since he always swings in the wind politically anyway, using his tongue as a 4-iron, slicing and hooking…FORE!

We wouldn’t even have to worry about the divots, Joe already knows ‘plugs.’ In fact, Delaware is not far away, so think of the vacation savings as well.

The world might actually become fearful of the power of the United States once again.

They thought George W. Bush was a “Cowboy” and feared him to some degree, imagine the fear of knowing that a completely unpredictable one was in charge – a man who can step on his tongue faster than any speeding bullet.

Imagine foreign leaders trying to decide whether his last speech was plagiaristic or just fabricated – he will have them guessing so much they may not know where to invade next.

Our current President does nothing, and doing nothing is in effect a something; making things worse. As it is now, Obama has Joe Biden make most of the calls to foreign leaders, so why not just let him take over, how much worse off would we be?ObamaGolfMoves

We only hope though, if Joe gets to be Commander-in-Chief, that the Secret Service actually carries the “football” for him, with a whole extra layer of procedures so he does not accidentally shoot his own foot off, or blow up a foreign capital.

We also hope he assigns one duty only to his Secretary of State, yes, that other “king of failed efforts” John Kerry. He must keep Kerry counting ‘hanging chads’ in Afghanistan for the next two plus years.

This might actually give him the boost he so desires – legitimacy in the race for the Democratic nomination for President in 2016.

That might actually take two more potential a-bombs out of the picture, Hillary Clinton and Senator “Lieawatha” Elizabeth Warren.

We do apologize for the levity in such dire times, but really, how much worse could it be?

Think about it, two more years of this, and then the possibility that another complete failure as a US Secretary of State or a person that will say anything to get elected, again becomes Commander-in-Chief. So, let’s let ol’ Joe swing away and Obama go campaign away.

Hey Obama, America is calling and they want their country back.