We may be facing more problems than protocols. China has now increased its prices by 100% for ingredients to India in making medications. The Military, as well as our pharmaceuticals, are still dependent on China for almost all antibiotics.
It is ludicrous our military has been, and still is to a large degree, dependent on China for most of their medications. China is positioning itself to hold us hostage for medications. The perfect storm. Create in collaboration with those hating America in the USA a technique which a virus can be delivered as a weapon then withhold medications needed to save not only the military but most of the USA population.
Most people have no idea the USA isn’t capable of making Penicillin! We have outsourced it for a long time to China. Trump, along with Peter Navarro, WAS in the process of bringing our pharmaceuticals back to the USA where we could not only control them but also have true oversight in what actually is being put in our medications.
We have no oversight in China now. Our inspectors were sent home when COVID started. Plus if they were there they were always limited to only what the Chinese let them see. Let’s say it was limited at best. Pfizer just sold one of their larger generic drug manufacturing plants in China to China they had built. Pfizer is in deep with the Chinese. They are NOT on our side.
This entails more than putting the protocols in place it needs to be expanded to how we can get vital medications back on USA soil. ALL medications are soon going to be not only in shortage but also much more expensive.
We just keep kicking the can down the road. We talk about this issue and much more but we need to implement synchronized action plans. I am suggesting this group incorporate Dr. Perter Navarro as soon as possible having him work in conjunction with us since he has been on the front lines with the Trump administration. Also to bring in those companies attempting to get pharmaceutical manufacturing back in the USA. Identity with them what is needed getting them further secured in the USA and expanded.
We have food shortages coming as well. Look in your stores now. It is very subtle changes but you will note your stores aren’t supplies like they were. Even last spring in the Trump administration farmers was told not to plant crops. Why? Good question. I have worked with farmers and meat produces directly. We need them talking with us as well.
Without nutrition what kind of military forces will we have or a population that won’t give up freedom for food? North Korea doesn’t need to send a nuclear bomb to us when they see their tactics are being implemented into our own government. Who is investing in large amounts of farmland and railroad? Of course, Bill Gates who else. I spoke with someone in shipping last week. She said shortages are now seen and there will be many more soon.
I agree with Peter McCullough we need protocols. We can put these in place working our way “up the food chain.” . As well we ensure there will be medications for these protocols plus enough food for all of America. We need to identify private companies producing our food and shipping it working with them to ensure they have a market and can survive off government subsidies.
On a side note. General McInerney is correct. Audits need to be done across this nation. Which one of us can help coordinate this? Surely among all these well-connected and talented individuals, there is someone? When no one speaks up it makes me wonder just how bad are we fighting for America. We can’t just meet without accountable plans being instituted. JD mentions this in his email below in saying we canNOT just move on. We ask ourselves want are we not using that we could. We can’t expect grassroots to act unless we can lead.
Before anyone hammers me and says: We’re doing all we can. Let’s be honest asking ourselves are we? Are we more worried about making a name for ourselves or putting ourselves at risk with counter-culture? Of course, all of us will say NO, our hearts are pure. Actions speak louder than words. If we are meeting we make the most of it. I had 4 points last week. Ann, I don’t know what your agenda is that is coming out later today but I hope we can move forward with a few action plans. We are doing nothing in comparison to what those before us have done. Until we are willing to sacrifice to this degree then we aren’t yet doing enough.
God Bless to ALL