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Writer & Editor: Ray DiLorenzo
The heard voice perishes, but the written letter remains.
Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.
Is The Democrat Party Dying?
Ray DiLorenzo
Is the Democrat Party dying? Yes, even in the unlikely event that Biden wins. What will arrive behind him will thoroughly change America and further change the Democrat Party forever, and there will be no going back, save a civil war.
Radical Democrats have taken over the party. If there are any JFK Democrats out there, be assured, your party has left you. It has become the Marxist evil that Americans fought against after WW2. They believe in censorship and the suppression of truth, control over what you see and hear. They have an antipathy toward Christianity and they are anti-Semitic. Give them your vote and trillions of dollars and they will save you from a climate they say will kill us in 12 years, and, of course, they will also use the money to create a one-party state, pack the Supreme Court, end the filibuster, socialize medicine, keep the pandemic going to control peoples’ lives, close private schools, pay off friends of their party, take away your guns, destroy the oil industry, take down the border wall, abolish ICE, control all media outlets, give free health care and housing to illegal aliens, register them to vote, monitor your speech for any variance in established party values and END CHRISTMAS!
The Party has certainly seen better days. Their zenith was in 1961 when John F. Kennedy was inaugurated, President. JFK, by today’s standards, was a conservative. He believed in low taxes, a healthy capitalist economy, and a strong military. He was a staunch anti-communist, a patriot, but a careful chess player instead of a war hawk.
Kennedy brought with him to Washington a new sense of conscience, especially towards civil rights, new for the Democrat party. He couldn’t be blatant about it lest he loses support among Southern whites. The party finally joined the mainstream in fighting for civil rights. After all, it wasn’t the Democrats that passed the 13th Amendment ending slavery, it was the Republicans. It wasn’t the Democrats that passed the 14th Amendment, giving blacks full citizenship, it was the Republicans. It wasn’t Democrats that passed the 15th Amendment giving Blacks the right to vote, it was Republicans. It wasn’t the Democrats that gave women the vote, it was the Republicans that passed the 19th Amendment in 1919. The women’s’ right to vote was first introduced by Republicans in 1878 but fought by Democrats for 40 years.
After the Civil War, desegregation was introduced. Republicans held that official position and the White House for fifty years until Woodrow Wilson (D-NJ) became president in 1913. Although Wilson had been governor of New Jersey, he was from Virginia, and his wife, Ellen, an ardent racist, was from Georgia.
Wilson’s racism ran deep. He quickly ordered a purge of the federal government of Black workers. When that wasn’t possible, he reinstituted segregation and allowed cabinet members to re-segregate their departments. Ellen Wilson was shocked at the integration in Washington she witnessed. She was disgusted to see Black and White people working in the same workplaces and took a personal hand at re-segregation.
Wilson sought to maintain the White supremacy of the South and expand it to the North. Where segregation was not possible in the North, cages were built for Black workers within White workspaces, believe it or not. It reminds me of the cages Obama had built for illegal immigrant children.
There was little civil rights legislation until Truman desegregated the military. A surprise since old Harry was quoted many times, making racist remarks. As a senator, Truman was quoted as describing waiters at the White House as “an army of coons.”
Eisenhower signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1957, the first major civil rights legislation since the Civil War.
Johnson did sign civil rights legislation, but it was far from his heart. It was more of a continuation of the Kennedy administration, but with a powerful ingredient…politics. How do you get and keep the Black vote? Johnson quipped, “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity. We’ll give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. If we don’t move at all, their allies will move against us,…there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.”
Johnson found a way…create a permanent underclass…The Great Society, welfare payments in the trillions, a culture of dependence, placing Planned Parenthood clinics in Black neighborhoods that encourages immorality and easy abortion access, 20 million Black babies aborted, destruction of the Black family, inferior schools, incarcerating millions of Black men. How did this make life better for the Black community?
From Johnson onward came promises of more of everything except leaving the plantation. The Democrats know they need 90 – 95% of the Black vote to win any national election. The latest estimate from Rasmussen is that Trump will now get about 31% of the Black vote. Black people are frustrated. They have been lied to and taken advantage of for generations. The political map is changing. They are desperate. Those that are leaving the Democrat Party are what’s left of the lucid among them.
All of the votes for Trump can’t compete with massive fraud. With the mail-in voting Democrats insisted on, we’ll have hundreds of thousands of destroyed ballots, undelivered ballots, harvested ballots, ballots from nowhere, from the dead, from illegal aliens, ballots that do not have to be in by November 3rd, ballots that do not require a matching signature courtesy of some judge’s order. This election has the potential of being a circus, a chaotic mess with the potential of violent rebellion.
How did a major political party in the USA become so anti-American? Nothing out of their collective mouths says the love of country or patriotism. They only verbalize dissatisfaction, complaint, gloom, and doom. Before Kennedy, they were racist. After Kennedy they were still racist, but hid it behind welfare and handouts, hoping to keep their voting block right where it is…forever in need. Now, everything to them is about race, thinking it to be the solution to any criticism leveled at them.
The Party has been taken over by radical Marxists, every major city run by Democrats is self-destructing without a peep out of Democrat leaders. Police are being held back, rioters are free to loot and murder. The violence and rioting are approaching record levels and it’s going to get worse.
Any party capable of such corruption cannot stay in power except by force. It’s a dying party. It is a political party, and as we say in aviation just before the crash, they were out of altitude and ideas.