By Guest Author George Mcclellan

Why are we not surprised we learn nothing from past experiences about what’s good and evil in government, what works and what doesn’t? It seems to be Deja Vue all over again! The Left, the Democrat Party, breathlessly keeps warning Americans about the dangers Trump poses to “Democracy,” ignoring the fact that America is a Constitutional Representative Government, not a Democracy. Even James Madison, one of our founding fathers, said: “Democracy is the vilest form of government!” He also said: “Disarm the people—that is the best and most effective way to enslave them.”

Democracy is the tool a good and moral government uses to establish its laws, rules, and regulations and establish who can vote for “representatives” who make those laws, rules, and regulations. Over the decades, democracy gradually recognized that women had a right to vote (as equals), then later, minorities, especially blacks, followed by lowering the voting age for 18-year-olds because logically if an 18 yr old can die for his country, he should be able to vote for it. Another of our founding fathers said: “Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”  In the meantime, how today’s Democrats view democracy explains why so many mediocre, incompetent people get elected to office. When we give mediocrity the vote, we shouldn’t be surprised if they keep getting re-elected. The Biden administration stands as a prime example that proves the point. Affirmative Action is killing American leadership. People who suffer from Trump Derangement symptoms will not understand!

In the past century or so, the alteration by radical Progressives of the principles of democracy has gifted us with growing moral degeneration, the disintegration of family, social and cultural norms, rising rates of divorce, fatherless families, illegitimacy, abortions, and crime. If you’ve read the essay The Devil Knows Scripture and understand the position Progressives have placed America in on the world stage, you may realize that democracy doesn’t last that long; each experiment has been entered onto the pages of lost causes and another lost experience. Democracy will expire through the meddling of the mediocre and incompetent who ignore the rules that made it. They slowly commit suicide. History is replete with sad stories of democracies that committed suicide because, in all instances, politicians thought they knew better what the people needed and ignored the rules. John Adams opined that democracies “murder themselves” and “commit suicide.” We are witness to it now.

America celebrates July 4th, 1776, as its start date. That was 248 years ago, but being a democracy didn’t begin until around a hundred years ago. The US Constitution places most of the power in America’s political system in the hands of the states (10th Amendment) because state and local governments are closer to the people and thus more easily controlled by the people. The history that we don’t learn from tells us that every government created by man tended to increase its leaders’ power at the people’s expense. The Constitution explicitly tells the federal and state governments what they can and cannot do. Here’s the kicker: everything else is left to the people. That defines Democracy briefly but fails for not religious or moral nations. The Left hates the Constitution because it affords them no definitive (absolute) power over the people. If our Constitution is not God-given, then Democrats, despising the idea of limited government, must be totalitarians because they cannot govern without complete power, and God be damned!

Today, the God-inspired gift of liberty left to us by our founding fathers, “if we could keep it,” would be unrecognizable to them. The radical proponents of socialist political philosophies, all with a history of failure, are still determined to impose them upon us despite policies that remain inimical to the Liberty our Constitution grants us. Why do we permit it?

If Joe Biden is reelected, or any other of the losers in the current Democrat party who may be selected to replace him, it will mark the first stage of the failure of America as a Representative government, and democracy will be the cause of it. Progressive Democrats want to apply “democracy” to national election results so blue states overpopulated with the uneducated can vote for their candidate by the popular vote, not the électoral vote. Newer Americans are not taught how the Electoral College works or how to save America from installing tyrants. Do not forget also, Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court so if they can’t win at the election box, they can win by “lawfare.” Trump was correct when he said: they’re not after him, they’re after us, he’s just in their way! That was just proved in a NY Courthouse.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get prepared!

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