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Paul E Vallely MG US Army (Ret)

Delusional Democrat Politics. They Are Out to Get Us!


George Mcclellan

June 18, 2023

Guest Editorial

Why is corporate America bending over backward to appease .2%, a sick .2% of the population, by trying to force Americans to accept or pretend to accept the grotesque sexual perversion that is the LGBTQ+ community? Simple, it’s because the demented Democrat zealots of a new Diaspora, a party wholly consumed by Marxism, are trying to recreate for America the Chinese CP model of social and community control of individuals and companies by enforcing codes of behavior to achieve the acceptable government mandated scores of DEI ( diversity, equity, and inclusion). It will accomplish the goal of the New World Order.

The delusional business flies in the face of human nature and common sense. It’s perverse, dangerous, and will lead to no good outcome. Our problem is the Democrats have thrown corrupted federal law enforcement into the fray to force us, by threats of violence, arrest, and incarceration, to bend to the dictates of their stupid social affirming mandates, even when unconstitutional. The examples are ubiquitous. Has it worked? Not yet! The results so far can be seen in the Bud Light, Disney, and the LA Dodgers fiascos. What were these people thinking? They want official social acceptance scores!

Consider how long we’ve been under attack by perverts and let it pass. I remember when the word “Gay” described happy, neatly dressed people attending a dance at a gaily decorated ballroom and enjoying themselves. Perverts have ruined the world forever. A “rainbow” used to show us where a hidden pot of gold might be found, and today, it’s a pervert’s shower curtain proclaiming the joys of buggery and fellatio. And how about “Pride?” I always understood the term to mean celebrating our sports teams, armed forces, flag, and America’s role as the leader of the free world. That pride still exists but is only allowed to rise above the horizon line three times a year but the entire month of June has now been given over for us to celebrate the sexual perversion so beloved by Joe Biden and his sicko Democrats.

The US Armed Forces only get three days out of the year to honor veterans, the armed forces, and those who made the final sacrifice losing their lives fighting fascism and communism. Still, we’re expected to honor and celebrate, for an entire month, LGBTQ+ and transgenders whose perversion floods our senses daily by the liberal media and accept them as heroes of some kind. Nope, I don’t think so. All this political, delusional sickness the Democrats have made trying to force us to accept their vision of a utopia will not work. Human nature is unchangeable; politics is fungible and changes with the times. Democrats cannot promise that if we obey them, we will be happy, but “the beatings won’t stop until morale improves.”

The Democrats realize they are walking on eggshells, to use the metaphor, and that if Americans vote to return Donald Trump to the Presidency, for them all could be lost. Well, maybe, because Democrats are experts in political ambushes and do not intend to lose again without a hard fight. They will cheat like they are doing now to Donald Trump. Trump’s indictment for “mishandling national secrets” is the last phase of Joe Biden’s arrogance and corruption to save his party. They have been desperately trying to stop Trump since he announced his candidacy in 2015, and they went berserk when he defeated Hillary in 2016, launching all sorts of investigations, criminal allegations, and impeachments against him that failed in each case.

Unconcerned about truth, justice, and the American way, the Democrat’s machinations have eroded Americans’ trust in their government institutions, especially the corrupted DOJ, FBI, and IRS that, for Americans, constitutes a far more significant problem than Biden’s hatred of Donald Trump. Democrats have no intention of reestablishing the integrity of those administrative functions once trusted by Americans. They are creating a tyrannical force of police control over the American population, a la Hitler’s Gestapo, the East Germans Stasi, and Ji’s state security apparatus. If they can’t control us with the vote, they will control us with the brute force of police action.

The latest example occurred in Great Falls, Montana, when an armed ATF team illegally seized the gun sale records of an authorized dealer so they could discover, unconstitutionally, who recently bought guns there. It will expand into every American community if they get away with that action. Soon, I predict, we can all expect the nighttime knock on the door, a battering in of it, as the ATF, FBI, or IRS come after us for exercising our Constitutional rights. Those sales records are, by law, not readily available to law enforcement on 4th amendment issues, so the Constitution be damned.

As a reminder, it was Bill Clinton’s Democrats who used federal law enforcement to unlawfully kill at Ruby Ridge, unlawfully kill at Waco, and unlawfully seize by armed agents a little Cuban boy from the Miami home of his aunt to be repatriated to Cuba for training as a good communist.

We are now at the point where we can no longer afford to sit around, do anything, and watch as the evil forces of Obama/Biden’s newly created police apparatus ignore their constitutional limits to violate our constitutional rights. They are out to get us.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (18Jun23)

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