Why Today’s News and Events Defy Sense and Logic

Tracy Sharp (Lt Col, USAF, Retired)

Chairman, Lake County Republican Central Committee

Polson, Montana

What’s happening to our country? What is happening to sanity? Why is there so much swirling around us that doesn’t make sense?
Daily I ask myself about the insanity we witness in the United States, and I notice the same level of incoherent idiotic reasoning and craziness is occurring around the globe—or at least in all the decent places most of us would want to live. The problem is not uniquely America; it is uniquely western. It is an attack on the western world and all it has brought forth over the last 400 years. It is an attack on what we know as civilization.
It appears insane because it is insane. The attack centers on the errant belief that the last 400 years of advancement are nothing but a racist hoax perpetrated on humanity; that the western canon is merely a patriarchal white supremacist sham that must be destroyed and replaced. When you realize there are people out there who believe such nonsense with all their heart and soul, you begin to understand why so much of what is happening around us today is insane, unintelligible, and downright crazy.
Men are winning women’s beauty contests, and we’re supposed to applaud. Men and boys are competing against biological females in a variety of sports and winning, and we’re supposed to cheer. Parents are giving puberty blockers and injecting hormones into the otherwise healthy bodies of young children, and we’re supposed to think nothing of it. Europeans stand in line at Newark or Atlanta having their passports meticulously scrutinized as they try to visit Disney World, but foreign marauding invaders stream across our southern border and are welcomed without scrutiny—and regardless of whether they are tested for COVID. The invaders are released into the country without even a court date for when they’re supposed to appear for their hearing. A senile and decrepit man occupies the White House and no one knows whether he was legally elected or not, and no one in the entire federal government is even trying to find out. From behind concertina wire, walls, and an army, one party—the Democrats—seek to issue decrees and make laws that could make the legal citizens of the United States felons en masse. While invaders here illegally are neither pursued nor prosecuted, legal Americans may soon be faced with the prospect of suddenly being declared public enemy number one.
It makes sense if one believes the progress the western world has made in the last 400 years is nothing but a sham; a catastrophe for mankind that must be reversed at all cost. Certainly, ANTIFA believes that. Certainly, Black Lives Matter believes that, and both find comfort and solace in a collectivist ideology that makes mass extinction of those who think differently than them a virtue. The collectivist ideologies of the last century—Marxism, Communism, Nazism—all murdered millions upon millions, and did so with a song in their hearts and a smile on their face because they were possessed of ‘ideology’—the essential ingredient if you are to sleep well at night after doing the unthinkable and committing mass atrocities against people for no reason other than they were “not one of us.”
It is a well-known tactic of collectivists to destroy the history of its opposition. Before they can rebuild to utopia—always dystopian if the efforts of the communists, socialists, and Nazis have taught us anything in the last century—the opposition’s past must be obliterated.
In the last year, what has occurred across America? Did rampant capitalism cast ethnic minorities back into slavery? Did the viciousness of western culture establish concentration camps and ovens for the incineration of the undesirables? Did white supremacy suddenly gain thousands upon thousands of new adherents and believers?
Instead, the collectivist began tearing down statues and destroying the historical tracks of the western world, both here in the United States and abroad. Even statues of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas (Fredrick Douglas for goodness sake!) were defaced and attacked. Thomas Jefferson’s statue was attacked even though he sought to include in the Declaration of Independence the end of the slave trade but was overruled because of the interests of South Carolina and Georgia. Across the western world, the culture built and established most notably (with ties to the history before as well, of course) in the last 400 years has come under vicious attack.
There has been physical assault and attack by other means as well. The media in all its shapes and forms has sought to normalize the bizarre; to trivialize what would otherwise be considered sane judgments about right and wrong; to tear at the moral fiber and ethics necessary for the west to flourish. The attacks have come out into the open, and the attackers have been more than willing to use violence.
Every day when I see the news of the United States and the western world, I am taken back by how seemingly easily resolved problems have completely befuddled our governments. European countries are overrun by migrants who will not assimilate, have no respect for western culture, and have no intention of contributing—only taking. The solution is obvious: stop illegal immigration. In the United States, we’re importing COVID from south of the border throughout the country, and we’re willfully inviting a situation dangerous for us and those who make the high-risk journey. If any of us sent our children on such a lone journey, we’d be imprisoned for child endangerment. The solution is clear: stop immigration. We’re forcing our girls to compete with biological males naturally physiologically superior, and those girls are losing college opportunities and scholarships. The solution is clear: do not allow biological males to compete against biological females. We have laws against minors drinking or taking illegal drugs because of the risks to their development, but we’re allowing parents to use puberty blockers and inject hormones should the confused youth be unclear as to what ‘gender’ they wish to be. The solution is clear: stop confusing young people about their sexuality and quit meddling with their natural growth because of bizarre and twisted ideas about gender.
Still, the stupidity rages on. Obvious solutions seem beyond implementation, and Portland continues to burn.
What is stopping us from implementing the obvious solutions—and solutions I dare say would work quite well? To do so would require the war on western society and western values to cease. It would require a retreat away from the desire to destroy western culture. The desire by the opposition is to throw out the bathwater, the baby, and even the washtub; to destroy it all. Solutions that work and demonstrate effectiveness would win hearts and minds; would convince people that perhaps throwing out the whole kit and caboodle is not a sound way forward. Violent ideologies and their converts in media, law schools, universities, and leftist politics could never abide by a working model of compromise. It would undermine fanaticism and deprive them of their foot soldiers. Thus, the western world must be labeled, ridiculed, mocked, and blamed. Everything bad that’s ever happened in a world where bad will never cease no matter who runs things must be blamed on the west. Pick your desired label of hate and pin it on the west: racism, patriarchal, misogynistic—but mostly, just too “white”.
As collectivists, those seeking to destroy the west must practice extreme racism. “White privilege” is a term used to make racism—as long as it’s against whites—legitimate in the eyes of the racist ideologue. The white victim no matter their age, background, and works are always guilty, guilty, guilty. No matter their empathy and understanding, it matters not. They’re white; they possess white privilege; they are guilty, and marching them off to the gulag or to extinction is doing the world a favor. So says the poisoned mind of the ideologue. It is no different than the treatment of Jews under the National Socialists. If you belonged to a group the collectivist identify as “them”, off to the ovens with you! The purest ideologue sleeps well at night, for no matter the depth of his atrocity, he/she/it believes they’ve done the right thing; that they’ve done the world a favor.
Alexander Solsyntizin noted in his book “The Gulag Archipelago” that it was each individual who allowed their sense of right and wrong to become corrupted that made the gulags and Stalin’s mass murders possible. Every person who started out at first accepting a little lie, then another, and then another in the hopes that if they kept quiet they would be spared, found out that no one would be spared. Even the die-hard believers in Stalin and the Soviet Union found themselves cast into the gulag for a tenner and much more. Lies stacked upon lies, and while the lies are one thing, it was the quiet acceptance of them by those hoping to be overlooked that built the Soviet collectivist engine of death and oppression.
Solzyntnzin had plenty of time in prison to wonder why he and the others didn’t do something sooner. Why didn’t they overthrow this burgeoning system of oppression while they had the chance—while it was still developing? He had lots of time to think about it, and the one point inescapable in his analysis is that it was in the heart of every man and woman to decide whether they would do right or wrong. When people shy away from the right, it is not too long of a trip from where they were to a dingy cell lit 24 hours a day by a single dim light bulb.
Are we doing anyone any favor by pretending the Assistant Secretary for Health is anything other than a man trying to pretend he’s a woman? Or are we just participating in a ‘little lie’? How about when a boy says he’s a girl and competes only against biological females? Are we going along so that we’re not noticed? Aren’t we playing a role in someone else’s fantasy? Aren’t we accepting yet another ‘little lie’? How about when we have passport control at Atlanta Airport but allow foreign invading marauders from south of the border to waltz into the country freely and be distributed amongst the States by our own federal government? One party—perhaps a visiting French man or German—is being told our immigration and passport control is very serious business, but obviously, it is not. Just another ‘little lie’. How about when we tell legal, law-abiding citizens that the fact they own weapons is the reason Chicago, with its extremely tight gun laws, suffers from ‘gun violence? Is that anything but yet another lie?
If every legal, patriotic, law-abiding American citizen doesn’t stand up to the accumulation of lies, should we be surprised when an armored vehicle shows up on our doorstep with armed agents behind it to haul us off to the American gulag for ‘wrong think? Each lie builds upon the other. Are we allowing the accumulation to become lethal?
I believe in western society and all we have contributed to the world, and I believe the attacks upon it are led by the people who are kindred spirits to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and other collectivists. I know the west—in particular the United States and its Constitution—offer the world the best hope for a cosmopolitan and just society of people living and working side-by-side peacefully. I believe the US way is best for all races and provides the best opportunity for all people, regardless of skin color, to achieve their greatest potential. I believe the western way, to include Europe and other countries such as Japan and others who have embraced and grown within the western tradition, is worth saving, defending, preserving, and perpetuating.
If we let things run on autopilot, we will lose. The western way needs to be championed; supported; proudly held up and put forth as the way forward. No more apologizing, no more cowering, no more allowing our enemies to define us and make every injustice that has ever occurred during the growth of our nation the lone characteristic that defines us. It does not. For every bad turn, there were far more good turns—turns that made life in the west abundant, prosperous, safe, healthy, and just.
We have to engage in the battle to save the western culture and to save the United States in particular. At every level from the grassroots on up, we need to fight back. It isn’t enough to say, “We feel your pain,” anymore because empathy has been weaponized against us. It is time to proudly proclaim the virtues of our Constitutional Republic. We cannot let the collectivist split us into multiple special interest groups. By doing so they establish the methodology of collectivist exclusion—the notion that anyone not in their favored group cannot understand or have empathy, and, therefore, can only be an enemy. That’s an ideological bend we cannot allow to occur.
We’re Americans. We want freedom, justice, and opportunity for all. Everyone has their own cross to bear, and some people’s burdens will be heavier than others, but that is a fact of life. Our government should never be empowered to pick favorites or handicap others in some twisted effort to make an imaginary playing field somehow perfectly level. Governments are lousy at doing that, and sometimes their efforts in this direction make them genocidal.
Stand up for the west. If you’re white, be proud to be a white American. If you’re black, be proud to be a black American. If you’re Indian, be proud to be an Indian American. But in all things, be an American first—and support the American idea and the western idea out of which this country grew. Stand up for the west, and fight back.
If we don’t, we should not be surprised when an armored vehicle shows up on our door and some three-letter agency based out of DC wants to have a “talk” with us. It has happened before in history—even during our own lifetimes. It most certainly can happen again, and it can happen here.