By Guest Editor George Mcclellan

Criminal Law, or at least as the radical Left envisions it, sent the Crumblys, the white parents, father and mother of convicted Michigan juvenile school murderer Ethan Crumbly to prison because they failed to take sufficient parental care to prevent their idiot son from shooting several people with the pistol they bought for him. I can’t disagree with that verdict. Apart from Biden’s illegal foreign criminals flooding our streets, assigning parental responsibility for native-born criminals must become a first step if we are to reclaim control of the violent crimes on our streets. But this is also a first. It is White parents who are going to prison. The Radical Left has found another way to demonize Whites in America.


If indeed it becomes a new issue that the State deems it necessary to enforce parental responsibility over their children’s actions, then we wait with breathless anticipation when the law will, with equal enthusiasm, turn its accusing eyes on Black parents. Should they not also take responsibility for the violence their children inflict due to lack of parental control? Doing so would fit perfectly with Joe’s policy of equity, diversity, and inclusion, wouldn’t it? But Leftists will argue single black mothers on welfare whose uncontrolled children are involved in violent street crimes, fall into the protected class of victims of white racism and therefore shouldn’t be considered responsible for their children’s behavior.


But then, doesn’t claiming welfare as an excuse turn the issue of responsibility back onto the State who assumed it? Leftists everywhere who embrace the “It takes a village” theory for child rearing and preach that in education, gender transition issues, and inviting cross-dressing perverts to guest read to little children in grammar schools, should be the responsibility of the Progressive state? And they push it until they get negative feedback back then they go ballistic attacking anyone who objects as transphobic racists unworthy of maintaining authority over their children. And that brings us back to the States’ responsibility again, doesn’t it?


So, should Juvenile parole officers or the do-gooder class of social case workers go to prison for a welfare mother’s child’s crimes if the mother won’t? Shouldn’t they be charged as miscreant parents for failing in their duty? Where is the black father, by the way, sitting in jail, roaming the streets, or out producing more children? These are questions staring us in the face that we don’t talk about because to do so would reveal the utter failure of Progressive socialism and the Marxist welfare state. For a jurisdiction that fails to take corrective action against local crime, like the many George Soros-funded DAs, mostly in black Democrat cities are doing by releasing criminals without bail, the crimes on the street will continue because the criminals are no longer afraid of the consequences or of the police that would arrest them. The police have even become targets of criminal hatred. America has become a free-for-all between criminals unafraid of the consequences, organizing the little fiefdoms they protect by violence. The influx of foreign illegal criminal gangs setting up business here to prey on Americans hasn’t helped either.


What would the Left’s social programs look like if prisons were quickly filled with the black parents of juvenile criminals like the Crumblys? Mostly, they would be single mothers who get increasing welfare payments with each new child they produce. So, we ask again, where does responsibility lie for out-of-control black children involved with shootings and mob shoplifting, beating up elderly whites and Asians on the streets just for fun? No state officer will accept responsibility because they know the difference is cultural no matter who’s in control. Hate Crimes can only apply to Whites. Blacks can never be racist so what’s the problem then?


It’s all part of the Radical Left’s attacks against the White race that created America out of the wilderness, and its contributions to making the America they now hate and want to reconfigure. Rewriting America’s story, its history and erasing the Judeo-Christian standards that form its moral standards is their goal. It’s now a free-for-all, ‘winner takes all’ even if they have to cheat.



Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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