A Constitutional Initiative to Save America and the World.


Dean A Doglietto

(“Concerned Citizen”)

Guest Editorial

May 20, 2022

So, I have been asked to write a guide and initiative to get the states to use the power of the Constitution and the 10th amendment because the power of the state can be used to save our nation. I have never done anything like this, but I am thinking there is always a first time for everything so why not.

I should start with a brief introduction on why I was asked to pen this. Over the last 12-13 years now I have acquired a clear understanding of the threat we all face these days. During this investigation, I searched and researched to find the who, the why, and the how. I have been digging into those involved in effort to gain a clear understanding on what we were dealing with, to find a solution to best combat it.

I have a great deal of skills that I have been acquiring over the course of my life. I have been in various capacities and aspects of law enforcement roles for fifty years now. Not so much as a sworn peace officer although I do have a degree in Administration of Justice and P.O.S.T certification, well at least used to, that is expired now. But I tossed that all away when I received a higher calling. I say that because I have no doubt God drug me into this mess because he needed my skill set. In fact, he prepared me for this task throughout my life.

So as I started digging into things, I noticed that we all sensed a problem. That status quo thing just did not seem right. I sensed it for a long time but just rolled with it like everyone else until the end of the Bush era and start of the Obama years. Obama changed things. He brought it to the surface. Well, he sure did show us just how things were going to be changed. That status quo was about to get its cage rattled.

Then came the housing market crash. The banks created and caused this to happen by giving interest only loans to people who they knew could not afford them. Then paid themselves to fix it. Those bail outs. They were in the beginning stages of their takeover. They claimed to have only costed five trillion, but really, they took 29 trillion and spread it all over the world. And you should also know that the CEO of an organization called The Office of Military Settlements (OMS) with direct connections to the central bankers and globalists told me in a phone call some six months before Covid hit that, “There is something coming, and this something will hit New York and California the worse and that this something would cause the economy to be shut down and eventually lead to the crash of the US Dollar and that would open the door to their Great Reset”. Did not tell me what it was or when it hit, but when the Covid hit it was every bit what he described. I of course reported this to my retired General friend, and we tried to report it to the federal authorities with no response. That is right they even created the debt and the virus.

They need to crash the US dollar to justify their transition to the digital dollar. This was to create the great debt that would start the decline of the us dollar. But none of us had a clue on what they were planning or doing because they have been planning and doing this right in front of us all for an exceptionally long time. And we were a little unaware back then. Because they controlled the narrative at the time. That gave them the ability to manipulate the masses into believing what they created as truth instead of the truth. You see the global elites were setting the stage/trap. The central bankers created the problem so they could create a reason and a narrative to cause even bigger problems to achieve their end goal. Total world domination. We are seeing this as they are still claiming it to be a conspiracy theory while they are openly discussing that which they are denying. And it is even in their own white papers. That is physical evidence in of itself proving its real.

The who? The Central Banks and the Corporations of the council of three hundred. Not sure on if the corporations are true participants or being coursed by ESG, but they are involved and seem to be on board either way. We have always been told that socialism is the government seizing control of the means of production. But what I am seeing is more like the Corporations seizing control of the government. This is a government takeover by corporations including the central bank which is a centralized incorporation of banks. Even the world economic forum was created by the Corporations in 1971. No one elected these people but themselves. They just decided they were the authority and created themselves.

The how? We are all being subjected to a worldwide psyop known as a culture war of anarchy that would cause a great division that could eventually lead to a conflict great enough to declare the desired narrative to present their desired already planned goal. A need to change the world. A change that would give them complete control of everything and everyone known as the (Great Reset) via the GCR (Global Currency Reset) a one world programmable digital currency with them at the control of everything and everyone. We are too stupid to make decisions for ourselves, only they know what is best for us. Programmable so they can decide what we can and cannot do. And what we can and cannot buy. And this will lead to an enslavement of everyone in the world as this is not only an American problem but a world problem. Their modus operandi has always been to first infiltrate, manipulate, then they instigate and provoke.

We are clearly in the instigate and provoking stage. They infiltrated a long time ago. By installing puppets, they could control withing our government(s). Remember this is not just an American problem. They then manipulated the hell out of our government to create a government so far off track from what our founders intended that we would not only desire to destroy for them but would feel as if we had no choice but to destroy for them. I say for them because that is what they are trying to get us to do for them. They must get our current system out of the way so they could present their new system. A New World Order. Their words not mine. A one world three region system with a central system of control. Them at the wheel.

By creating confusion with this culture war. A flat-out attack on every aspect of our history, morality, religious beliefs, and place everything into question. Basically, turn everything upside-down. By doing so they can break down our society as they break down its social norms and beliefs. Traditions out the window. They focus on the bad and ignore the good things our nation has done to correct those sad things. They use every means to divide us all. Race, Religion, Gender, Sex, even party affiliation. Divide, divide, and divide some more. They use these to create the anarchy needed to give cause for change. They use these as fronts of this culture war. They drive this with the narrative.

I started looking at this as. A multiple level chess game. I did so to separate the many fronts we are facing so I could triage the battlefield. When I did, I could see the main board of the battle. Sovereigns’ vs Socialist. And they set both side of the board and played them as well. But forgive them as they were just being misled, just like those fooled in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution and Nazi Germany in WWII. The young were easy to brainwash, they just indoctrinated them in schools to believe that socialism works and is the answer to their future. But the older generation would not go with that, so they got brainwashed as the sovereign side of the board. Then after I realized that both sides of that battle were seeking the same thing. The sovereigns claimed that our government was changed into a corporation. Not true. But close. The Corporations do kind of run things and have since the industrial revolution era. They influence those authorities in office. We all see that they have influence over our elected officials because they fund those who they want to place into the position of control. And well sometimes they might let those puppets prosper with some great leads on stocks and investment opportunities as well as other opportunities. We can now see that they have corrupted and interfered in our elections by choosing those they mold into the perfect puppets they need to hold office so they can control their profitability. So, in a way our government has been turned into a corporation to a degree. So, the sovereign’s side of the board used this as grounds and a reason to destroy our truly corrupted government. A corrupted system corrupted with the intent to one day get us to one day destroy ourselves. To get us to destroy ourselves from within. The sovereigns wanted to destroy the existing system. Well, I also could see that the socialist also wanted to destroy the system, “burn it to the ground” to make way for their socialism.

As for the globalists well they also want our existing system destroyed because they want a New World Order with them in the driver’s seat. Hence the reason for open borders. Which is also a big part of their strategy. To break down our society by saturating our society with multiple cultures. So, this boarder crisis is part of the global takeover of our nation. That is how much of a threat this is. It is not the only threat. But it is a serious part of their strategy because in their New World Order they plan a three-region system of control. The Americans region, the Europe region, and the Islands region. Hence no need for boarders. Open societies. We must gain control of it, or we will lose our nation.

Now I understand that many a government official have been put into their office via the funding raised by these corporate influencers. But we the people are the ones who really put them into their positions of authority. Constitutionally they still work for us not the Corporations. Or that funding becomes an unlawful bribe.

Note: The world economic forum was created in 1971 by those same corporations including the central bank who just deemed themselves a government entity. Well, no one elected any of them but themselves. Keep that in mind.

I came to all of this understand by first getting involved in the events of these years so I could get into the inner workings of the true threat to our nation. I integrated into the movement of the patriot world to gain an understanding and be a buffer between the patriots and the LEO’s. I could educate the patriots on the proper and lawful ways to conduct themselves while exercising their first amendment right. I also was watching for things that could cause irreparable damage or go extremely ugly. I intervened in over twenty attempts to start a civil war. I could see the manipulation of both sides in every encounter. I watched as government agents instigated and provoked this conflict to fuel that fire and spark off that civil war. And during my endeavors to prevent it from happening. Well, I had a group of people who were directly connected to the global elites contact me. This groups mission was to facilitate something called the Great Reset. At first, I was not sure what to think or do. I had no real clue on what this Great Reset thing was. But my gut told me they needed some babysitting, so I played along with it so I could see where it would lead and find out what they were up to.

These people brought me into their inner circle. So, I played them quite a bit to gain a full understand of what they were up to. And that included that Reset thing. These people eventually tried to recruit me into assembling an army to overthrow our government. They want by the name of the Office of Military Settlements (OMS). This organization is a division or department within the UN as I kept running across email addresses labeled @unoms. Now I do not know for certain, but the first contact I had with them that’s who they claimed to be.

At one point I was introduced to a retired General when we were both brought into a conference call with two members of the sovereign citizens movement. One of which was supposed to be in a solitary confinement prison cell. The other was one of their sovereign Generals. They both were telling us that we had to get rid of our constitution because it was written by usurpers. I ended their conversion by reminding them that usurers wrote it because at the time it was written there were no real Americans yet. And it is actually written in the constitution that they had to exempt themselves from this rule because there were no born and raised Americans at the time, because it was in its infancy, its beginning.

After we all hung up, I quickly hunted down that retired General to call him back and ask him what he thought of these sovereign citizens. He replied that he was not sure what to think of them yet and asked me what I thought of them. I replied that I also was not sure what to think of them either but felt they needed some babysitting till we could find out what they were up to. I also told the General that they reminded me of the business plot of 1933 where CEOs of major corporations went to a retired General by the name of Smedley Butler to get him to assemble an army to overthrow our government so they could convert our nation into a socialist society back then. But General Butler played along with them but also reported it to the authorities to turn them in. Like what I am doing today. I have been reporting to this retired General ever since. Him and Sheriff Richard Mack who was not sure what to think of me and my findings. But I felt he should also know. And I was looking for friendlies considering the Federal Agencies were not being much help.

Well here they were attempting to do the same. They offered me a great deal to do the same. Some eight trillion dollars. I told them that “I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to destroy our current system of government, but only have a deep desire to rescue it and restore it back to a true Constitutional republic of, by and for the people as intended by our framers”. And that has become my life mission. I really did not understand why they wanted us to have a civil war, or the real reason they wanted us to overthrow our government until January 6th happened. But when that happened these people were jumping for joy swearing up and down that President Trump signed the insurrections act of 1871. But he had not. So, I contacted KrisAnne Hall, a Constitutional scholar I trust. And I asked her what would happen if we had a civil war, what would happen to the Constitution? She replied that Martial Law would be declared and that would place the constitution would be placed into a status of suspension. Then I asked what if there was an overthrow of our government, would that also dissolve the Constitution? And she said yes. Dissolve the government, dissolve the contract, the Constitution. That is when I realized that the Constitution was in their way. So, I have a clear understanding of the threats we face. The puzzle is completed. I am looking over the minute details of the picture the puzzle presents.

And that is the short version. Trust me there is way more than that to go over. Now let us get to the subject at hand. How to combat and defeat this beast.

I want everyone to understand the totality of the threat we all face. That includes those who think the corporate influencers have their best interest in mind. They are only using you. And they will toss you under the bus any time it looks like it would benefit their goals. Stop being their puppets. We must make clear that if you do their bidding, then you are a co-conspirator in their criminal acts. They think they cannot be touched. But we must make clear that crimes against humanity and the depts created by their manipulation are all criminal acts against humanity. These criminal acts effect ever man woman and especially the children at this point. In the end they will pay for their sins. And their crimes. So, I would stay clear from their goals.

Just so you know. I turned down an eight trillion dollar offer to overthrow our current system of government, a system so far manipulated distorted and off track from what our founders intended for us. All manipulated and distorted by these same evil people who were trying to get me to overthrow it and destroy it. Created a government they hoped we would want to destroy ourselves. To destroy ourselves from within. I have tried to report this to federal agents. But no fed agencies wanted to do a thing about it. And I figured as much as I had seen so many incidents where the agents were instigating and provoking the event. But eventually we will regain control and those crimes will be brought to justice. A clear conspiracy to overthrow. And no agencies were interested!?!?

So you now know. For me, my country is not for sale. At any price. And if I were antigovernment. Well, I would have taken that and been done with it. Hell, they even offered me space in their club as a member of the ruling class to sweeten the deal. Not interested. And I am not signing a deal with the devil.

One example of the treat they pose on our nation is the border crisis. It is a way for them to break down our country by saturating it with a multitude of cultures to break us down. But we are a melting pot of culture, and we are designed for this. To a degree. So, I have spoken with many people connected to groups like Brexit and Lexis. To appeal to those communities fleeing the democratic party as they are waking up to the progressive lies and manipulative games. I reach out to convince the members of these groups to not run away from these guests who came here unannounced. But instead to approach them and just talk to them on what is in their best interest. I did so because of the likelihood that they may be convinced to vote in our elections even though it is illegal for a non-citizen to do so. So, what is in their best interest? Well to refrain from committing voter fraud would be in their best interest for sure. And remind them of what they are truly trying to flee from is also especially important to their best interest as well. So that is an active way to prevent damage the invasion may bring. In a peaceful resolve solution.

Now what can we do to prevent this crisis from getting worse. Well, these people have a big barrier in their way. The Constitution. Its most definitely in their way. It is our strongest weapon against them and their plans. We can use our heads to present potential solutions to the problem. Peaceful solutions of course. And I am full of ideas for sure. For example. Gain a clear understanding of constitutional authority. The 9th and 10th amendment makes clear that the sovereignty lays within each state, and within each state it is individual counties under the Sheriffs, and within each of those counties every single one of the individuals living in them. Of those counties as we are a system of governance by the consent of the governed.

This is our redeeming quality; Our Constitution can stop them as we can counter everything they try to propose, and we must use it to our advantage in effort to counter the efforts to destroy our nation. As governors you have the duty to serve and protect the communities of your state. As Sheriff’s have the duty to serve and protect their communities under their direct supervision. Protecting those communities even from government agencies greater than themselves. As they are the superior law enforcement in their county authority. Even superior to the president in those county jurisdictions. So, this is an immensely powerful way to control and counter the evil endeavors being pushed upon our nation.

The fight is at the local regions. So, get aggressive and use this rule to fight back. I refer you to Sheriff Richard Mack who proved at the supreme court levels that the Sheriff is the supreme lawful authority of his or her county jurisdiction. And the Sheriff being a direct representative of the people has an authority greater than even the president of the US. In his and or her direct jurisdiction. Being said the states have the authority to take control of the authority as they have a direct duty to do so in effort to defend the people within those communities in their direct control, even when the federal authority fails to act in accordance with their duties to protect them. We also know that the federal government has no true authority to own any land of any state. They must ask permission from each state to use that land. And only for the purposes of ports and forts. And that land can be taken back by the states at any time. Just something to consider while we look for the answers.

As the 9th and 10th amendments define our authority. I am going to suggest some things I think may work by using those amendments to our advantage. For example, in effort to regain control of that borders. The states clearly have the authority to do so under the 10th amendment. As you have jurisdiction greater than that of the federal government because your state control trumps their federal control. Especially if they fall derelict in their duties to protect your direct jurisdictions.

If you need manpower, we could cut cost by establishing a security firm to hire members of the community who can pass the required standards to work under the direct authority of whatever state and or local government law enforcement entity is chosen to handle the operation. The security company would just be a contractor hired by the local government to assist the government agency. That way not only would we have the right people suited for the task but also a better control to prevent and deal with potential issues that may come up with individuals with bad intentions.

We must always plan for the counter measures that will come from the communities committed to aiding this invasion. There are plenty of groups involved in such activities such as the open borders society as well as religious entities facilitating the efforts as well. Rico them!
We could also set ground rule for admission, however we would have to explore the legality of such measures. Our greatest and immediate concern is the intent of the Biden administration to dissolve title 42. Well, what’s keeping the states from adopting their own versions of title 42. You could even add a provision and make it mandatory that as a condition of entry they must be given a Covid 19 vaccine and even be required to be also temporarily have a tracking chip implant as a way to track them until they appear at their court hearing. Where it could be removed pending the results of their request. A reasonable request. After all isn’t that the reason the Biden administration is giving them cell phones? To track them. That’s where I got that idea. Because we all know they will ditch that phone to avoid being tracked at their earliest convenience. But as a condition we could make removal of the chip an immediate denial of their request to stay and would also be grounds for immediate deportation. A clear violation of an agreement of terms of the conditions to enter and remain.

And if you want to claim to take real action to solve the problem, the people expect you to follow through with the solution presented. The people are keeping a very close eye on what their elected representatives are doing these days. So, it’s in your best interest to say what you intend as a solution and follow through with it. Not just make it look like you are for the sake of optics. A very close eye indeed. Don’t think for a second that the people won’t remove you if you are not true to your word. That is if you’re thinking of keeping your chosen career. They will choose the real fate of your future. Please keep that in mind. And for Pete’s sake if you claim you’re going to finishing the wall then finish that wall. That should be a given as well. But if you go that route. You need to follow through with it for real because the people are watching and paying attention to your actions. Let’s work to find the solution. Be part of protecting our communities and our people. Even ask them for potential suggestions. Might be surprised on what some of them may present. We all can see the threat now. The who’s the plans they have in mind, and the true evil intentions of why. It’s time to choose your side. To be on the side of good or the side of evil. It’s pretty much that simple. Now these are only a few suggestions of ways to solve this problem. Using the rules, the constitution gave you to work with. The constitution has the answers to every effort they take to destroy us. We can counter in the local battlegrounds. Use the 10th amendment to your advantage. We can save our nation by holding them off with this strategy.

If you should have any questions regarding these matters because there is way more of this then I can write in this initiative, just get a hold of the General as he knows how to get ahold of me. Just keep in mind that sadly now the Federal agencies cannot be trusted and that’s why this fight is up to the states. The constitution and amendments like the 9th and 10th are the key to saving our nation, and by saving our nation, the world. They need to destroy our nation to achieve their New World Order, so we cannot give it to them. And make clear, the mission must be clear that this is a mission to Rescue and Restore our current system of government NOT a mission to destroy and replace it. Please stand with the people because when you do the people will stand with you. If not understand, the people will make sure you will no longer be able to hold office ever again, and in time, accountable for you participation in aiding such extreme evil.