Editor’s Note – Since last night’s revelations by CBS News and Fox News that hundreds of emails were transmitted between all administrative parties with hours and in real time, the questions are flying across the globe, across the political landscape, across the campaigns,  and the internet sphere. The denials and explanations are now coming out from the administration, but despite these excuses, it is clear that the White House Situation Room was aware – everyone was aware it was not about any silly video.

Why didn’t the President use this as a way to rally the nation around him, especially in the closing weeks of his campaign to ensure a victory? Secondly, why did they offer some excuse instead of doing what they said they did, informed the people as information emerged? Why do they still deny the utterly obvious?

At SUA, we have been reporting that the secret they are trying to keep has to do with arms being shipped from Libya to Syria and beyond. But just who was receiving those arms? The answer comes from the administration: the wrong people, the fanatics.

So the question now comes, if this is the reason for hiding and covering up, what exactly was going on? Did Ambassador Stevens know about it? Were the two SEALs working on the subject, and is this why they just happened to be in the area? Was there an operation underway the administration did not want revealed?

Also: How come the FBI never interviewed the Libyan officials? How come the FBI did not interview the February 17th Brigade?

How come the United States paid $170,000 per month for the mission post in Benghazi which does NOT include the annex and we could not ensure additional Marine support, which does not cost additional dollars since Marines are already on the payroll?

Did Joe Biden or Barack Obama ever attend PDB sessions that spelled out the Jihad ground action in Libya post Qaddafi, such that they would have demanded additional security in the country?

SUA Reports:

Fox News reported:

A series of internal State Department emails obtained by Fox News shows that officials reported within hours of last month’s deadly consulate attack in Libya that Al Qaeda-tied group Ansar al-Sharia had claimed responsibility.

The emails provide some of the most detailed information yet about what officials knew in the initial hours after the attack. And it again raises questions about why U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, apparently based on intelligence assessments, would claim five days after the attack that it was a “spontaneous” reaction to protests over an anti-Islam film.

Ansar al-Sharia has been declared by the State Department to be an Al Qaeda-affiliated group. A member of the group suspected of participating in the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi has been arrested and is being held in Tunisia.

The emails obtained by Fox News were sent by the State Department to a variety of national security platforms, whose addresses have been redacted, including the White House Situation Room, the Pentagon, the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence. (Read the rest here from Fox News.)

A report on the time line, documents and cables are below, you decide. Here is the video of the report from CBS on the email dump and selected emails:


The emails:


See the originals at CBS News here.

Executive Summary – Brief on U.S. Embassy Massacre in Benghazi, Libya

By J.B. Williams and Tim Harrington

On September 11, 2012, the eleventh anniversary of the 9-11-01 terror attacks on the U.S., the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked resulting in the death of four U.S. Citizens, including the capture, brutal rape and murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

This Executive Brief is prepared on the basis of official cable communications between the Benghazi Consulate and numerous members of the Obama Administration including Secretary of State Clinton and numerous undersecretaries, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice and the White House.

These cable communications were sent during the time frame – September 2011 through the date of the attacks in September 2012. The cables evidence a yearlong concerted effort by U.S. officials in Benghazi to report increasing terror threats and gain additional security for the Benghazi Embassy and our foreign diplomats. Among other significant items, the documents at the foundation of this summary demonstrate the following in no uncertain terms.

  • In August of 2011 – The Obama Administration acted without congressional oversight or authority to destabilize the Middle East and topple foreign governments, in this report, Libya, interrupting all economic, agricultural and energy supply lines in the entire region and causing widespread civil unrest.
  • The unprovoked deposing of the Gadhafi government in Libya resulted in the closing of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli and the establishment of a temporary consulate in Benghazi, which did not at any time, meet standard security protocol.
  • Following the fall of the Gadhafi government, the Obama Administration allowed known foreign terrorists from Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq and other neighboring states to enter Libya, recruit, train and deploy Al Qaeda terrorists within local militia groups, armed with both small and large shoulder-fired weapons, some supplied by the Obama Administration.
  • That the Obama administration placed the Muslim Brotherhood in control of Libya, and known terror Libyan group Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in control of the Libyan Military and militias operating in Tripoli, which had been shut down under Gadhafi as a known affiliate of Al Qaeda.
  • That beginning in September of 2011, approximately one year before the September 2012 terrorist attacks on U.S. Embassies, officials in Benghazi started alerting Obama Administration officials that there was a rising organized terror threat targeting U.S. interests that required additional security at the Benghazi installation.
  • By March of 2012, Benghazi was requesting at least 5 more security agents. That despite numerous reports of increasing terror threats and pleas for additional security at the Benghazi compound, the Obama Administration not only refused any additional security, they reduced security at the Benghazi installation. Warnings of organized terror threats had become critical, supported by U.S. Intelligence by June and July 2012.
  • By June and July of 2012, pleas for additional security under a deteriorating situation on the ground in Libya had become shrill. Yet, the Benghazi compound was left to rely only upon local Libyan militia groups for compound security. The same militia groups that included members of known terror organizations, specifically including Islamic Maghreb and Al Qaeda operatives, as reported to the Obama Administration by consulate officials on numerous occasions
  • By August 2012, the situation had become critical, causing Ambassador Chris Stevens to issue yet another plea for immediate increased security to protect American diplomats in Benghazi, which was once again ignored by the Obama White House and State Department. Benghazi officials started copying numerous Obama agencies in on the cables, in search of someone who would listen.
  • On September 4, 2012, seven days before the deadly attacks on the Benghazi consulate, Ambassador Stevens issued a “MAXIMUM ALERT” to ALL Obama Administration agencies concerning the imminent threat of terror attacks coming from inside the new Libyan government, military, police and the same militia groups they were forced to rely upon for consulate security.
  • The Obama Administration had been warned for twelve months in advance that the situation in Libya was deteriorating to the degree that those officials in Benghazi no longer felt safe and desperately needed additional security. Pleas that Obama officials denied repeatedly all the way up to days before the attacks.
  • The cables demonstrate that the Obama Administration knew that there was an increasing threat, that it was an organized terrorists threat, that it was planned in advance, that it was well funded and armed in part by the U.S. State Department, that the consulate was a “sitting duck” with inadequate security falling well below standard security protocol and that the events of September 2012 had absolutely nothing to do with an obscure YouTube video.
  • That the Obama Administration failed to react to repeated warnings all the way up to the day of the attacks, and that even as those cables were pouring into administration officials begging for help, administration officials were knowingly creating a cover story concerning an obscure YouTube video in an effort to escape responsibility for the deaths of American officials.
  • On the day of the 2012 Embassy attacks, additional warnings were pouring in from installations in Tripoli and other places, while Ambassador Stevens was being beaten, raped, murdered and dragged through the streets of Libya.
  • The cables prove that the Obama Administration is directly and criminally responsible for the events that unfolded on the eleventh anniversary of 9-11-01 – and that they took specific actions to leave the Benghazi consulate vulnerable, and then created a cover story in an effort to escape administrative responsibility.
  • The Administration allowed two weeks to pass following the attacks, along with the degrading of physical evidence before putting the F.B.I. on the ground in Benghazi to investigate, during which time administration officials continued to tell the American people a known lie, that the attacks were “not terror related” – “were not planned” – “were not organized” and “were the result of an obscure YouTube video” when in fact, it was a highly predictable outcome to official administration policies and decisions.
  • 63 DS agents were deployed to cover the Pan American games during the same time frame that Benghazi officials were requesting 5 more agents and denied more than 2 DS agents to protect a 13 acre compound in the middle of Obama’s Middle East meltdown
  • That despite administration claims of limited State Department funding, the State Department was operating with the largest budget in history and resources were simply being used for political purposes rather than the safety and security of our foreign diplomats.
  • On September 4, 2012, a final plea for immediate additional security at Benghazi was sent to State Secretary Clinton, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Energy, Homeland Security, the F.B.I, the C.I.A., Arab Israel Collective, the Department of Commerce, Africom and the African Union Collective. Benghazi officials had become desperate to get help from somewhere. Stevens was killed seven days later.
  • Ambassador Stevens, along with three fellow U.S. officials in Benghazi died a brutal death as a direct result of Obama administration policies and decisions and that the administration continues a cover up effort even today.

The cables used to evidence these facts include more than a hundred pages of cable communications between Benghazi and Obama Administration officials. These cables demonstrate that there was no confusion over what was happening in Libya leading up to and including the attacks of September 2012, and no “fog of war” concerning the nature of the attacks that Benghazi officials had tried for months to warn the Obama administration about.

All Obama officials knew full well that the events of September 2012 were organized and planned, terrorist assaults on U.S. Embassies in Benghazi and beyond, having nothing whatsoever to do with an obscure YouTube video. Still, the bold faced lies continue from Obama administration officials.

The Washington Times is reporting that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the 55-year-old filmmaker responsible for the anti-Muslim video that President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice initially and wrongly blamed for inciting the deadly terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, is still being held at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) without bond.

His first court appearance is scheduled for three days after the 2012 election. Despite recent acknowledgements by the Obama administration, that the YouTube film had nothing to do with September 2012 events, the filmmaker remains silenced without bond by Obama administration officials, until after the November 6th election.

Overview and Conclusions

In final analysis of the facts presented in the cables between Benghazi and Obama administration officials, one can safely conclude that the events of September 11, 2012 were entirely predictable and avoidable.

The Obama administration acted beyond its authority, without congressional advice or consent and in violation of the War Powers Act, in unilaterally attacking the foreign sovereign nation of Libya and deposing the Libyan government without any provocation.

In doing so, they destabilized an entire region of the world known as a hotbed of terrorists organizations and anti-Western sentiment, elevating known terror organization the Muslim Brotherhood into control of numerous Middle Eastern states, interrupting economic, energy and agricultural supply lines igniting unrest across the region.

The Obama administration left our foreign embassies unguarded as “sitting ducks” as repeated reports of increasing violence and threat poured in over and over again, from across the Middle East and in particular, Benghazi.

In the end, the Obama administration had become the world’s greatest supporter of Islamic Terror operations, toppling sovereign governments in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon and Pakistan. The region is HOT with numerous terror organizations and Al Qaeda in particular has reconstituted full operations in all of these states and beyond.

Officials in Benghazi had gone out of their way for twelve months, especially during the weeks leading up to the attacks, to advise Obama officials of increased destabilization in the region, resulting in increasing organized terror threats to U.S. interests in Libya and beyond.

Obama officials had advance knowledge that terror attacks were imminent and did nothing to protect American diplomats and employees. Obama administration officials failed to properly respond to those reports of increased threat by increasing location security or removing U.S. officials from danger.

The death and destruction was entirely avoidable. There was no failure of intelligence or on the ground reporting. There was no “fog of war” in trying to understand the events of September 2012, after months of warnings from Benghazi officials.

Further, the administration was fully aware of the true nature of these attacks and chose to mislead the American people by advancing a cover story regarding an obscure YouTube film, while failing to put F.B.I. investigators on the ground for two weeks following the attacks.

The Obama administration has arrested and detained the YouTube filmmaker without just cause and continues to silence the filmmaker until after the 2012 election. Administration officials remain on-record repeating false statements regarding these events as of today.

The cables at the center of this brief provide evidence of massive incompetence at a minimum. They may in fact evidence criminal wrong-doing that could rise to the level of treason against American interests here and abroad.

This summary brief was prepared for the sole purpose of making public, the truth about Obama Foreign Policy and decision making and the deadly consequences that followed in Benghazi.

Readers of this summary are encouraged to read the subject cables and draw their own conclusions. This is not how America should do business around the world. It is certainly no way to protect the men and women of our diplomatic corps, who risk their lives to advance freedom and liberty abroad and provide for a peaceful and stable world.

  • Here are the many documents that support this report. This was all released just prior to the email dump. DEI-to-BHO-10-19-2012-attachments
  • Additionally, here are the cables: