National Call to Action Project

By Paul E. Vallely

MG Paul Vallely

Yes America, we are still on suicide watch over this great country as re-election victory scenarios are developed and employed to ensure Barrack Obama and his Progressive Socialist supporters, radical union thugs, Chicago cut-throat operators, and ardent admirers win in November at any cost.  We must understand that they have an “agenda”, and it’s not an agenda whose priority is America as we know it. They are following that ‘agenda’ closely, on all fronts, foreign and domestic, all portending the further deterioration of our country, its decline on the world stage, and its impact on the constitution.

After my recent visit to Europe, Turkey, and the Syrian border area, I was embarrassed to find a total lack of respect and trust of the United States government. I took pains to ensure those I met that America is not monolithic as a people; rather, we are a nation in the throes of an identity crisis of our own. I explained that we are a nation whose present government has deeply divided us, and that as a people, we strive to re-earn their respect – to help them in their journey as we proceed along ours as we have done for generations.

Despite these divisions, I am encouraged. I am finally sensing that Americans are starting to wake up and the winds of a new revolution are swirling to save the country. We are at a crossroads to right our own ship, and to help those who strive for freedom from tyranny as we have done so often in the American century past, and the goal of another American century today. But we must do something now, each of us, to release ourselves from the grasp of those who wish to continue down this path of ignominy.

If we act now, in a decisive way, with our voices unified, I predict Obama’s defeat. He will continue to fall in credibility and Romney will win in a landslide barring any ‘shenanigans’. Therefore the challenge before us is: “what are we citizens to do as the nation continues to decline in power, its financial stability faltering, its culture and morals in free fall, and the security of its people in jeopardy”? What do we do to ensure a victory and get on a the path to reclaim our Republic?

In November, we have this historic opportunity. Mr. Obama, the great reader/orator, continues to show his socialist and deceptive agenda of spending the American peoples’ money first and misleading our country down a path of continual destruction instead of curtailing the cancerous cause of over-spending, rabid regulations, and class warfare. Their “do or say anything” methodology means we must be must be alert. We must be quick to respond to each and every attempt to mislead, demagogue, twist facts, lay blame, cast aspersions, assassinate the character of others, and point out the obvious, outright lies from Obama and Biden, along with their surrogates. He only has an abysmal record to run on, so the mud will be flying.

Mr. Obama’s only identifiable skill is campaigning and this week he will have the grand stage at the Democratic National Convention. There he will be on his best ground, amongst his adoring sycophants; the very place he shines best. There will also be the cacophony of the complicit media; supporting his agenda, his mischaracterizations, his ‘cult of personality’.

He will continue to promote his great “heroism” in taking out Osama Bin Laden but may well execute a rumored “October Surprise” (possibly in the Middle East, or a contrived event at home, all to try and snatch the election). Our OPSEC “Dishonorable Disclosures” documentary has been very effective in getting out the word about National Security leaks coming out of his administration and placing American lives in jeopardy.

Obama and his amateur political cronies must be replaced. We need the people to stand up and make sure this happens. The economy is severely fragile and the feasting at the government trough is at an all-time high. The main stream media sees the obvious political advantage Obama seeks but appear to be clueless on the realities of the moment.  Obama and company choose to make a mockery of our system, again and again. All the while, Obama still places blame on Bush, the Congress as if it was a monolithic block, the private sector, and others for his dereliction of duty and lack of leadership seeking re-election and not working to fix America.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, and the perverted radical Islamists here and abroad are playing out their moves on the Chessboard very judiciously, seeking the domino effect of radical Islam, the caliphate, and Jihad.  The United States finds itself languishing in a ‘Sea of Ambiguity’ because of a lack of vision, wisdom, common sense, and courage of our elected and appointed leaders, or more dangerously, they have a clear agenda to do harm. We have a President in the White House, A National Security Council, and State Department under Hillary Clinton, and the Defense Department that seem to be as “clueless” as ever in forward strategic thinking. It is time to drain the swamp.

This is the current battle that we Constitutionalists face and we must be aggressive in our efforts, as we adhere to our Constitution ourselves. If re-elected, Obama and the people in his progressive agenda will continue to bypass Congress because that is who he is and that is what he believes he has the power to do. He will do so with an unfettered hand, without fear, because he and the left, along with the media, will declare a mandate if re-elected.

Now it is time to shake off this power grab. It is time change the people within this government – because they are not doing the job we hired them to do. When an employee is inept, unsuccessful, and failing in his duties, he must be replaced. When he is doing worse, tearing down the very foundations that created the job he holds, replacement is just the beginning. The job has just begun – it is then time to rebuild that which has been torn down.

Lincoln issued this warning in his first inaugural address:

“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government and form a new one. This is a most valuable and sacred right – a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world.”

We are a representative republic; not a democracy, where “rising up” means other than revolution by use of arms; the people must “rise up” now. (Stand Up as we say) We must educate ourselves and others, and vote from a knowledgeable, informed base; a base that is not reliant on personality, but the skills of the employee. We must rise from the grass roots across this great country as we think of the greater good of this and future generations.

We must make it a local and State imperative; a now or never movement –  “Of the People… By the People… and For the People.”

The Obama White House and identifiable Members of Congress are now on a treasonous death march and are bankrupting the country beyond expectations. We have watched them violate their sacred oaths of office. This means raising your voice now to your neighbors, family, co-workers, and friends. Grass roots efforts have begun; we were successful in 2010, but it is now time to put this effort into over drive. America, stand tall together and we will weather the storm – but we must act now!

“We, the People” have had enough.


MG Paul Vallely, US Army (ret.) is Chairman of Stand Up America

Edited and posted by Scott W. Winchell