Editor’s Note: A great article from our friend Paul Bremmer and our friends at WND. With special thanks to our friends former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova, “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, WND senior writer Jerome Corsi and Judicial Watch investigator Chris Farrell who met at the Judicial Watch forum on Sept. 29, 2016.


Clinton-scandal experts reveal latest on couples’ ‘crimes’

‘One of the grossest miscarriages of justice’ ever







By Paul Bremmer


WASHINGTON – Peter Schweizer, the author of “Clinton Cash,” and WND’s Jerome Corsi, the author of “Partners in Crime,” joined in a televised panel Thursday with a former U.S. attorney and the lead investigator of Judicial Watch – the non-profit that exposed Hillary Clinton’s private email server – to provide the latest on two major Clinton scandals.

Corsi explained how Bill and Hillary Clinton each become worth more than $100 million dollars through a career of public service while former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova passionately laid out a case for removing FBI Director James Comey from his position for not referring charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the bureau’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information. DiGenova called it “one of the grossest miscarriages of justice” he’s ever seen in his long career of federal service.






“All of these people … in the military who have lost their clearances, lost their jobs, been prosecuted – that poor submarine guy who took a photograph, which he never sent to his family – the guy was prosecuted and has a year in the brig. How can Comey go to sleep at night knowing about that kid?” he asked.

DiGenova said he found Comey’s continued presence in the directorship “an insult to everybody in federal law enforcement.”

“And I think he should go, and I think he has violated his oath, and I think that Congress should at least do something to manifest their outrage at this clearly political decision that he made,” diGenova said.

He said Comey’s declaration to Congress that he is offended by the suggestion that the bureau’s decision not to refer prosecution was politically motivated “shows he knows how awful his performance was as a federal law enforcement official.”

“All you have to do is talk to people like James Kallstrom in New York, the great (former) assistant director, who called this a farce, because that’s what it is,” diGenova said.

“This investigation was a farce, and Comey knows it.”



Schweizer, Corsi and diGenova were joined by Chris Farrell, director of investigations and research at Judicial Watch. The panel was moderated by Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.


From left to right, former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova, “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, WND senior writer Jerome Corsi and Judicial Watch investigator Chris Farrell at Judicial Watch forum Sept. 29, 2016.

Personal profit

Corsi told the panel the evidence shows the Clintons used their charity, the Clinton Foundation, for personal profit.

In his illuminating new book ”Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House For Personal Profit,” he accuses the Clintons of inurement – illegally using a nonprofit organization to enrich themselves.


“Inurement means instead of spending 95 cents on the dollar you get for the charity, you spend 5 cents, and the rest goes to yourself, your associates, your high style of life and five-star hotels, private jets, etc.,” he said.


Sitting two chairs away from Corsi on the panel was Schweizer. While ”Partners in Crime” and “Clinton Cash” cover some of the same ground, Corsi said his book complements Schweizer’s because the two make different allegations.

In “Clinton Cash,” Schweizer accuses the Clintons of “pay-to-play,” meaning people donated money to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for favorable policy decisions by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state or senator.

“I’m convinced having looked at the evidence myself that Peter’s right,” Corsi declared. “I think the difficulty is that it’s a vulnerable argument because a Clinton veteran defender like Lanny Davis can come on television and say, ‘Peter doesn’t have a scintilla of proof that there was a nexus between the contribution to the foundation and the policy decision reached.’

“Well, Peter doesn’t have that proof in large part because the evidence has been destroyed or withheld.”

Corsi noted that, despite the troves of Hillary Clinton’s emails that have been released, many have still not been made public, while those that have been released are often heavily redacted.

So while Schweizer has trouble finding hard evidence to prove his case, Corsi has assembled proof of his inurement charge in ”Partners in Crime.” The proof is in the audited financial statements, the Forms 990, of the Clinton Foundation and its subsidiaries.

Fraudulent statements

Corsi said his friend Charles Ortel, a financial analyst, tipped him off about two years ago that the audited financial statements of the Clinton Foundation were fraudulent. Ortel found tens of millions of dollars were being diverted from the Clinton Foundation.

He also found an alarming lack of detail in the financial statements.

“The Clinton Foundation says, ‘We got a gross number of receipts this year in revenue through our charity operations,’ and [they give] the gross number of what they spent, but there’s no detail,” Corsi said. “It’s almost as if the financials were set up to perpetrate a scam.”

Corsi discovered the numbers often don’t add up when it comes to the Clinton Foundation’s subsidiaries. One example involves UNITAID, the global health initiative that provides funding to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. The Clinton Health Access Initiative, a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation, is one of the organizations that receives money from UNITAID to implement their programs.

“There’s no year we could find, when I was doing the research, where what UNITAID reports they gave to the Clinton Foundation is what the Clinton Foundation reports receiving,” Corsi told the Judicial Watch audience. “Some years it’s higher, some years it’s lower, but how can this record discrepancy exist?”

Corsi even suspects the Clintons have been laundering money. He pointed out Bill Clinton established two corporations, WJC LLC and WJC Investments, that are pass-through shell corporations.

“That’s what money launderers set up,” he noted. “It’s a red flag for money laundering, drug cartels, terrorists, and the Clinton Foundation doesn’t give detail as to what monies go into WJC.”

Corsi worries that if Hillary Clinton becomes president, the Clintons will enrich themselves even more. The price of a Bill Clinton speech may increase, and the cost of a favorable policy decision from President Hillary Clinton will rise, leading to more dollars pouring into the Clinton Foundation before being diverted to the Clintons’ pockets.

Even worse, Corsi fears the Clintons will set a bad example for other heads of state around the world, especially if they are never prosecuted for their inurement crimes.

“I think ultimately, we’re really going to have to raise the question: Should every two-bit dictator anywhere in the world who graduates from being head of state now go into creating their own foundation and play the ‘We’ll exploit misery for our own gain and profit’ game?” Corsi asked. “If that game is legitimated, what’s at stake here is the integrity of charitable giving.”








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