Over 400 million Chinese people have already died from Covid-19. By the end of this pandemic, a total of 500 million Chinese will die. According to information leaked from China, big cities do not have enough capacity to process dead bodies. Chinese media have constantly been showing off its busy streets, train stations, and shopping centers at the busiest spots.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Massive Cover Up

Guest Article: Victoria Young, Ph.D.

On January 15, 2023, the Chinese version of Epoch Times published an article (https://www.epochtimes.com/gb/23/1/16/n13907901.htm, please use online translation to read) quoting Master Li Hongzhi, Falun Dafa Founder that.

  • The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been covering up. Over 400 million Chinese people have already died from Covid-19.
  • By the end of this pandemic, 500 million Chinese will die.
  • In 2003, about 200 million Chinese people died of SARS. Years ago, the CCP discovered the drastic decrease in population, then immediately let go of the One-Child Policy.

The number of 400 million has far exceeded the death toll of World Wars I and II combined (around 60-70 million).  Please note that not long ago, the CCP media were still laughing at western countries and India for the ineffective control of the pandemic.

Current Chaos in China

In China, since November 2022, the pandemic has reached another peak. According to information leaked from China, big cities did not have enough capacity to process dead bodies, then steel factories were ordered to join; cold food storage container boxes were rented for temporary storage.  Even so, in some cities (including Guangzhou, the large modern city next to Hongkong), waiting lines are reported to be three months long.

In the countryside, most of the farmers still choose to bury bodies. There are leaked pictures online showing large new cemeteries under digging. Under the CCP’s policy of cover-up on Covid death, which states “no report, no social media, no text,” the actual situation is still a big unknown to the outside world.

Hospitals in China are overflooded. At Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, all the doctors, regardless of their specialties, have been ordered to treat Covid patients. Even doctors and nurses infected with Covid have been ordered to continue to work.

Medicines for treating fever are in high demand. Some turned to their friends/family members in the western world for help to mail some home, which caused a shortage of Tylenol, Advil, etc., in western society. Pfizer’s Paxlovid, considered a gold medicine for treating Covid, cannot be obtained in China even paying $500 per box.

The coffins are reported sold out. The record order for the body bags reached 10 million (about four months) in a day…all in all, this indicates a gigantic wave of a pandemic is hitting China horribly.

However, the CCP always twist the tragedies and reports them as good news. For instance, the CCP is proud of being able to build gigantic field hospitals using container boxes quickly. There has never been any reported death toll from the field hospitals. Here is a picture of a gigantic field hospital in Guangzhou, the big city next to Hongkong. This field hospital is only one of 20+ in Guangzhou.

In January 2022, Dr. George Calhoun, Director of Quantitative Finance (QF) program at Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, published his question on Forbes: based on the Covid death toll announced by the CCP, the death rate in America is 800 times higher than China, how could this be?

On the other hand, to cover up, Chinese media have constantly been showing off its busy streets, train stations, and shopping centers at the busiest spots, such as Shanghai Hong Qiao airport/high-speed train station and Shanghai Nanjing Road shopping center.

One young British Youtuber who recently went to China echoed the CCP’s propaganda (the CCP could potentially hire him) by posting his videos on Shanghai streets, which fooled his parents and many Westerners. However, insiders could recognize that the number of people on the street in his video is drastically less than before. Only to a young British newcomer with no ground to compare, these places are considered “crowded.”

Studies found At Most 800 million Chinese Left.

A Russian study is detailed in an article titled “China (Communist Party) Defrauds Population Data” and published on the Russian “Pikabu” website. Russian expert Victor Mikhava was quoted as stating that China’s grain production data, in combination with grain import/export data, suggested that China’s population cannot be the 1.5 billion as officially announced. Another Russian expert estimated that China’s population is at most 800 million based on the proportion of China’s urban and rural population.

The Japanese calculated the Chinese population based on the intake of salt. Historically, this traditional method was proven reliable for making estimations of populations. The Japanese study concluded that in 2021, at most 800 million Chinese were left, not 1.47 billion (1470 million) as claimed by the CCP.

Many CCP Members Died

Another phenomenon observed is that a large group of CCP members died in this pandemic. From central government agencies (e.g., police, propaganda, legislation), the national academy of science, central TV station, and prominent universities to local governments, small colleges, local police stations, and local TV stations, many dedicated CCP members who were party leaders, police, judges, professors, writers, movie producers, etc., died. The list is getting long.

In December 2022 alone, 24 CCP academicians from the National Academy of Science, China, died (The academicians are regarded as the very top-tier scientists in China.) _ This number is the total of the death toll in 2020 and 2021 the group.

Among them, the youngest one is Jiang Hualiang at the age of 57, the Head of Shanghai Medicinal Research Institute. At the beginning of 2020, immediately after the outbreak of Covid, Jiang announced that his research team discovered a medicine containing Chinese herbs was effective in treating Covid. This caused overnight sold-out of the medicine, but the effectiveness of the medicine could not be proven at all. Later, no one talked about it.

Long-term Coverup on Population Number

 The CCP has long boasted of China as a “Superpower with Super-large Population” to attract Western investors. On January 17, 2023, two days after Master Li’s statement in the Chinese Epoch Times, the CCP first time officially announced that the Chinese population had decreased. The newly published fake number was adjusted to 1.41 billion. Who would believe it?

The CCP has long been covering up its true population numbers. According to China’s 6th census in 2010, the regime announced the population then was 1.37 billion. However, on January 22, 2013, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security eliminated 350 million people from its list because more than 350 million overlapping household registrations were discovered. That means only 1.02 billion were left, but this number has never been published.

The reported population in 2000 from China’s 5th census was 1.29 billion. What caused the massive decrease of 200 million from 2000 to 2010? The most enormous calamity in China between 2000 and 2010 was SARS in 2003. However, the CCP never released any death toll. Now, based on what Master Li disclosed, 200 million death tolls in SARS explains it well. It also explains nicely why in December 2013, the CCP rushed to let go of the One-child policy, allowing two children per family. This was not because of the mercy of the CCP!

In August 2021, the CCP changed its policy to allow 3-children per family after the 7th census in November 2020. The CCP discovered another massive decrease in the population from the census. Today, many provinces strongly encourage families to have three children with financial rewards.

 Warning to the World

Inevitably, as this big wave of the pandemic is hitting China hard, the rest of the world, which is highly webbed with China today, will be hit soon. The snowball effect will soon manifest. The western business/investors will soon find out the super purchasing power in China no longer exists, the super production team may not exist either. The GDP growth number claimed by the CCP is fake. The supply chains could become even more chaotic. The world economy could be dragged downhill even more, although a recession is already in place.

How to Survive?

In March 2020, when Covid (also called CCP Virus, Wuhan Virus) first hit the world, Master Li Hongzhi published an article titled “Rationality,” which pointed out the cause of this pandemic and how to survive it (translation here):


Plagues and pestilence, by their very nature, are arranged by the Gods, and in the course of history, they are an inevitability. When humans become corrupt in their hearts, they will generate karma, fall sick, and suffer calamities. At such times, those who do not believe in God will resort to various measures. This noun’s homophone [in Chinese] already tells you that a “measure” is a misguided approach. There have been many positive lessons in history. Yet, all because of the atheistic mindset of modern-day Chinese people after being brainwashed by the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP), people do not believe in Gods and do not believe in the lessons from history.

Plagues and pestilence come precisely because they are directed at the decay of the human heart and morality and the massive build-up of karma. If the Gods had arranged such a plague, what could be effective against it, considering it was something they wanted to do? Some people know this is the case, so they pray to the Gods for protection, but that still might need to be changed. Why? Because people’s hearts are not good anymore, their karma is so. Huge that they really should be eliminated—why should you be protected? People must repent to the Gods and look for where they have gone wrong in the hopes that they may be given a chance to mend their ways—only this is the solution, only the panacea.

But a pandemic like the current “CCP Virus” (Wuhan Pneumonia) has come with a purpose and a target. It has come to eliminate the followers of the evil Party and those who go along with the evil CCP. If you do not believe it, look: At present, the hardest-hit countries associate closely with the evil CCP, and the same goes for individuals. So, what can be done? Stay far away from the evil CCP and do not align with the evil Party because what lies behind it is the red demon. Its behavior and actions are thuggish, and it stops at no evil. The Gods are starting to eradicate it, and all who align with it will be eliminated. If you don’t believe it, wait and see.”


What Could the Western World Do for Self-Protection

For self-protection, many more people in today’s world see through the evil nature of the CCP and break away from the evil. For self-education, please read an epic book on this topic: Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party (free to read in 33 languages at http://www.ninecommentaries.com/).

The western world must take a profound lesson from this pandemic: Never, ever believe anything CCP promises or claims. The CCP is an evil that comes to destroy mankind. During the last 30 years, the CCP has trapped western investors and scholars to feed its fast growth. Enormous wealth from the western world has been swallowed by evil, creating an unprecedented number of super-rich Chinese (many of whom are corrupted CCP officials or have unique connections with corrupted CCP officials), meanwhile leaving western society on the edge of economic collapse.

It is time for all the western investors to think it over: where to invest? Where to build the following factory? Where to sell the next batch of products?

The CCP media are constantly laughing at the frequent strikes in Western society. The CCP is also good at showing Chinese people the movies made by the Western society that disclose the financial struggles of seniors, single parents, and working-class people in the Western World. The CCP only has one goal: to secure its control to destroy mankind.

The western world must shut down all the CCP mouthpieces published in western society. For instance, as of today, The China Press, a Chinese newspaper sponsored by the CCP’s Department of Propaganda, is still freely published in America.

Many more stay away from evil and earn protection from the divine. May more stay safe in this pandemic.