Eyes on China, Series 2.0  


by MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret)

 Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation  

 August 9, 2020  

CCP’s Military Ambitions and Our Way Out


“In the 1940s, during the Chinese Civil War, the CCP used economic warfare to harm the economy of the Nationalist government (Kuomintang, or KMT) of the Republic of China and cause it to collapse. The Party used espionage to obtain the Kuomintang’s military plans even before the KMT’s own troops received them. The CCP continues to use unrestricted means of warfare today, on a yet larger and broader scale. Unrestricted warfare, which breaks all conventional rules and moral restraints, leaves most Westerners, Western governments, and Western companies unable to understand the CCP, much less contend with it.

– from the book “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World


While Americans are being locked down at home, watching radical riots and pandemic case numbers around the country on screens, the CCP has been celebrating a big milestone: launching the last of Beidou’s 35 satellites into orbit.  On July 31th, Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) was officially commissioned by the CCP.  Meanwhile, the CCP has taken the chance to launch a mass propaganda campaign.


The CCP boasted itself for “mastering” the cutting-edge technologies of satellite navigation system, and more than 500 key components “100 percent made in China”.  Having gone through various stages of development spanning 30 years, BDS is said to serve 120 countries . The CCP claims that BDS was developed in cooperation with other international competing systems, including GPS (US), Glonass (Russia) and Galileo (EU); and such cooperation will only “be strengthened” in the future.


Yang Beifeng, the General Executive Director for BDS told CCP’s Sina Military News that BDS has one development concept: it is designed for the first-class, for China, and for the world.   According to Yang, this system is designed to “benefit” the entire world and  humanity while free of charge. Yang predicts that BDS will attract more users from other platforms given it continues providing new features.  He claims that not only BDS is compatible with other three major systems (GPS, Galileo and Glonass), but it also provides higher accuracy, better security and reliability.  But we all understand there is no free lunch, especially from the CCP.

                                        The True Purpose

Besides all the “great benefits” to civilians around the globe, CCP’s propaganda doesn’t dwell on the true purposes of BDS – to aid CCP to dominate the space, and to spy on the world.


An article entitled “Beidou, the 7 reasons we love you” in CCP’s Sina Military News section reveals the pride of CCP’s military. The article wrote: “[1] BDS gives us the strength, Chinese military now breaks away from GPS (America). With BDS, the People’s Liberation Army could fight anywhere at will, go anywhere at will.  [2] BDS has 13 more satellites than GPS and its positioning is more accurate in China and surrounding regions. [3] BDS positioning is as accurate as GPS (in other regions) and could be further improved. [4] The military codes for BDS are theoretically impossible to decipher, hence, BDS offers high security. Grace Gao, assistant professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University, only deciphered the codes for the civil applications on BDS. [5] BDS will provide a secure military communication network at war times.  [6] BDS will be free for the world. [7] BDS will enter all households, serving various sectors globally, such as fishery, weather forecast, telecommunication, transportation, etc… BDS will provide reliable tracking on traffic, civilians, students, etc.  For example, students wearing pins with BDS chips could be tracked at all time, leaving parents worry-free.”

Aside from the CCP’s space ambition, BDS imposes profound security risks to its consumers. Unlike GPS, GLONASS and Galileo that provide only one-way communication (the systems beam out signals for devices to pick up), BDS is a two-way communication system that can easily identify the locations of receivers.  CCP’s broadcaster CCTV claims: “you can not only know where you are through Beidou but also tell others where you are through the system…” This two-way communication can be handily used in cyber attacks. In 2016, legislation in Taiwan recommended government employees not using smartphones that rely on BDS for navigation. In a public report, Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan warned that people using cell phones made in mainland might be providing the CCP with information via embedded malware because of the hidden BDS two-way communication function in their cell phone navigation chip, operating system or apps.

CCP’s Indigenous Product?

The CCP has called BDS a great milestone for indigenous development in science and technology.  Is BDS a CCP indigenous product?   Back in 2010, at Stanford PNT Symposium, Grace Gao from Stanford presented a talk on “Status of Compass Development”, which gave an introduction to the overall plan of BDS.  However, the slide deck has two authors: Mingquan Lu from Tsinghua University—China’s MIT, and Gao from Stanford.  Gao went to Tsinghua for college.


Some experts question whether BDS truly has all key components made in China as the core chip technology still resides in the United States.  Some suspect that the CCP will promote BDS the same way as it did to Huawei, using low price to attract customers.  Some question how long the CCP’s development work on BDS could last as America and the free world are becoming more awakened to the nature of the CCP as well as its ambitions to dominate the globe and space.


CCP’s Shortcuts in Military Competitions

In recent years, the CCP has often used a term “overtaking on a curve” to call for its scientists to take shortcuts to get ahead in the global competition.  The CCP understands well it would take much longer time and more efforts to catch up with the free world in the development of conventional military weapons.  So it aims at taking shortcuts in the development of modern military weapons, such as drones, bio-weapons, quantum computers/satellites, human cloning, and artificial intelligence.


In the 80s, Deng Xiaoping (the former CCP head) pointed out that it would be more efficient for the CCP military to develop bio-weapons than aircraft carriers.  Jiang Zemin, Deng’s successor orchestrated the establishment of  Wuhan P4 lab—the suspected origin of Covid-19 virus. This research lab has a deep military background. The head scientist Shi Zheng-li is a French-trained virologist.  Insider Mr. P from Southern California revealed to the Chinese Epoch Times that back in the 60s, the CCP already aimed at developing human cloning technology for military purposes.  Over the years, the CCP has been sending scientists/consul staffs oversea to collect intelligence in related fields.


Another example is quantum supercomputer/information technology.  Bejing has reportedly poured billions of dollars into this field to position as a leader.  In 2016, Pan Jian-wei, flaunted as CCP’s “father of quantum”, launched the world’s first quantum satellite with his international project team.  Pan went back to China after obtaining his Ph.D. from University of Vienna in 1999. According to the CCP propaganda, the world now needs to learn from the CCP in this peculiar field.  Once built, quantum computers could void all encryptions on existing computers.


A new book “AI, TRUMP, CHINA & THE WEAPONIZATION OF ROBOTICS WITH 5G”  reveals how China, Western AI & Robotics Corporations pose the greatest threat to people through bio-digital social programming.  The author, Cyrus Parsa has been relentlessly warning America of the dire danger in this field.

In recent years, the CCP banned Line, WhatsApp, Telegram and other apps developed by the free world. Meanwhile, it widely spread its WeChat and TikTok worldwide, collecting mass information from billions of users.  The free world must understand that every Chinese company, whether private or state-owned, is ultimately controlled by the CCP. That is the fundamental difference between the communist China and America. 

When the Fox Preaches


Since the beginning of August, 2020,  the CCP suddenly changed its tactic on America.  CCP’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi declared to cooperate with America. The CCP’s internet army received directions to immediately stop their malicious attacks on America. Instead, focus on promoting win-win for both the CCP and America. Otherwise, their rewards earned in July would be taken away. Besides, the CCP gave internal guidance to carry on a “protracted war”.


Sounds familiar? It happened last year during the trade war. In fact, since its establishment, the CCP is known to run between the two extremes: from malicious attack to friendly preach with Nationalists, Russia (former USSR), America and other countries.  Before 1949, every time the CCP made a “cooperative” deal with the Nationalists, it only paralyzed, infiltrated and weakened the Nationalists even more until the CCP stole power.  Every time the CCP broke away from USSR and ran into America’s arms, or vice versa, it only gained more support and sympathy.  The same game has been played for nearly 100 years.


Many analysts warned that the free world must stay clear minded and not fall into the trap again. An abrupt change is a typical CCP tactic to confuse opponents, while winning time to grow itself, especially when the free world is still plagued by the lockdown, pandemic and riots.  The analysts believe that the CCP may be purposely let time elapse so as to watch the free world weakened in the current turmoil.  “When the fox preaches, better take care of your geese.”


Our Way Out


Since July 20, 2020, a movie series “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World” has been released in 4 languages.  Published by the same editorial board that published “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, this book has been translated into 20 languages,  made into audio-books and movie series.  This powerful, timely publication offers a systematic analysis of the communism control in the free world, including the CCP’s global infiltration.  More importantly, this book provides the world much-needed solutions in this crisis.


Nearly all the chaos in the world today originate from communism.  “The best weapon to counteract communism is not military weapon, it is to adopt weapons of morality, truth and knowledge. Standing up to uphold the truth in danger is the most effective way”, proclaimed former Czech President Havel in May, 2005 when he commended “Quitting the CCP” – a grassroots campaign with a goal of peacefully dissolving the CCP.  Inspired by book “Nine Commentaries”, this campaign has led 360 million Chinese people quitting the party and its organizations in 16 years.  The disintegration of the CCP is already under the way.  If American government could break down the internet firewall,  it will awaken more Chinese people to the truth, in turn, accelerate the CCP’s disintegration.  This act will also prevent the free world from being deceived by the CCP again.


To the free world today, reading or watching “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World” and “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” serves as an effective detox process, especially for many who still hold a fantasy of communism or the CCP.  Removing the communism poison from our minds is essential for us to discern good from evil, and gain blessings from the divine to walk out of this crisis.


“But having reached an extreme, the circumstances are bound to reverse. It is an eternal principle in the human realm that evil can never defeat righteousness. Communism’s momentary victory is a temporary phenomenon, brought about by the devil, which has intimidated people with its illusory might and treacherous temptations. Man, while imperfect, innately carries kindness, virtue, and moral courage, which have been nurtured and passed down for millennia. In this, we find hope.”


– from the book “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World


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