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ChinaJoe – Compromised, Confused, and Co-Conspirator


Edward Haugland

 February 12, 2021

We face an enemy from within, which few acknowledge. Many are aware, see the facts, yet say nothing. We are in the midst of a #domestic and #global #CogntiveWar.  A mostly ideological war that pits tyranny against freedom, communism, and utopian lies against democracy and reality. The existential threat we face sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

We have a doubtfully elected President, which over half of America sees as illegitimate. And beyond the demented, we have a radical left-leaning Congress, led by true radicals, liars, and misfits who are pervasive in their propaganda, disinformation, maligned influence in a continued quest for absolute power.

Are we a divided country? I think not. Are we a country that has been deceived, misinformed, maligned, and propagandized by a radical left cabal (as Hillary Clinton stated, but in reverse, “a vast left-wing conspiracy”)?  I think yes.

Since the highly questionable election (in which conservatives were once again totally outmaneuvered by a very adept, organized, and strategically focused left in the domestic Cognitive War) we have seen China Joe – bow, bend, kneel and orally affix himself to Xi’s posterior and other anatomical parts – albeit however small.  The question is why, to what purpose, for what reason, to what end?

So, let us dissect this situation – and educate the American public – before we end up addicted to the Pooh Bear’s (aka Xi’s) jar of honey-like China Joe. Let us begin by looking back, right before the election, when a lonely laptop was not retrieved by its owner – Hunter Biden.  The shopkeeper turned it over to the FBI, and quietly for two-years plus an investigation was underway.  It continues today.

But from that laptop contents, we have allegedly seen a variety of things put out on the internet.  That is, if one wishes to see disgust, they can see the videos of Hunter in porn, with Chinese prostitutes, using drugs, and other disgusting actions. These took place in a country where the use of drugs is an offense punishable by death.  Where everything is “filmed.” Still proud daddy Biden?  If so, explain that to the American people.

Then there is Hunter’s new book, with a $2 million front by the publishers!  All to write about how poor troubled Hunter, given his sad and sorry life, turned to drugs, and then miraculously “beat” his addiction. See laptop contents?  What is reality? All I can say is wow, talk about a drug deal.  Do drugs, do prostitutes, leave the laptop with all sorts of security issues and phone numbers including “the big guys,” and then do some more drugs, get a few million for a book about not doing drugs, then move on. Capitalism at its best?

We have also learned that during the previous administration – the forgettable Biden Obama administration – where China Joe was in charge of ensuring the “integrity” of ongoing efforts in Ukraine and China. He was indeed the true frontman.  As his family cavorted throughout Eastern Europe and China making deals, using the family name, and enjoying the fruits of the family tree.

So, that brings me to the title of this article – Compromised, Confused, and Co-Conspirator.

First, let us talk about compromise.  If any member of the national security apparatus –– slept with prostitutes in China or used drugs, they would lose their jobs, be subject to a counterintelligence investigation, and more.  And, family members, such as the “big guy,” would also come under extreme scrutiny.  Unfortunately, that did not happen here.

If you all remember, fifty so-called “top” experts, leaders, and pre-eminent gods of the intelligence community denounced! denounced! the news of Hunter’s laptop as a – “Russian conspiracy” and “Russian propaganda!”

This list included the three stooges (Clapper, Comey, and Brennan) – actually the fourth stooge (Mikey Hayden – ala Elmer Fudd look-alike) and a litany of other miscreant bureaucrats who “were” just recently the “leaders” of our Intelligence Community?  Wow!

These miscreants tried to discredit real facts, from a real investigation, with real sources. Remember, the very same set of folks, most of the same, spent four years lying in public about how Trump was likely a Russian agent, while they failed, totally failed to vet a democrat funded dossier of misinformation and propaganda. Some of the very same used that dossier to drive a fraudulent investigation, coup, and four years of lies concluding with a Stalinist show trial they called impeachment.  What is so surprising here, is that once facts came out, and showed that ALL of these prior leaders – lied or pushed pure propaganda, NONE, NOT ONE apologized for lying, deceiving, or serving as “useful idiots” to the American public.

Think of that. Those most trusted of government officials, who dealt with the most trusted intelligence sources and methods, did not even take the time to “validate” whether the laptop information was “real.”  Instead, they showed how truly partisan our national security establishment has become.

In their rapid dismissal of the information as “Russian propaganda,” and haste to protect their “liberal” candidate China Joe, they in fact showed the dirty secret of the real partisan, political and deviousness of our national security apparatus.

This brings us to the “big guy.”  The very same who is now terminating a requirement, under President Trump, of universities to report their ties to the Communist funded, propaganda, and intimidation organization of Confucius Institute.  The FBI, and others, identified the Confucius Institute as purposefully undermining our freedoms and other devious acts.

Yet as China Joe terminates that reporting requirement, he is also terminating the KeyStone pipeline (terminating tens of thousands of US jobs during the ChineseFlu pandemic), and promoting solar energy, a new green deal, etc. which advantages China and Joe’s best friend, Pooh Bear -Xi.  The US now moves from energy independence to dependence. And awards the largest carbon-emitting nation in the world, China, while concurrently destroying tens of thousands of more jobs, by buying Chinese made solar panels.

Even without the facts about Hunter Biden’s fun-filled trips to China, one must be blind, if they fail to question how much, not if, China Joe is compromised by Xi.

As for the confused and co-conspirator roles– it does not take a rocket scientist, or even a kindergartner, to discern how confused China Joe is as we watch him – each day – in the few minutes he comes out of his hidey-hole.  He regularly, less likely drug-induced, avoids any real questioning from the press.  We have seen him sign a litany of Executive Orders – he is not likely to even aware of their contents.  So confused is a kind word for dementia we are seeing play outlive.

And lastly, as we discuss co-conspirator, let us not forget that his miscreant deeds began when he stated in discussions in the White House before being thrown out of office the first time (the second time will occur in 2024 – if Harris does not force him out prior) the Logan Act’s use to prosecute Flynn.  The taped discussion of how he strong-armed Ukraine to abandon investigations that could lead to his son.  And now, his reversal of Trump’s reporting requirements for universities to acknowledge their ties to communist China, the Confucius Institutes.  But the co-conspirator role likely does not stop there, as we also see China Joe move to reverse the Tik Tok decision. For those unaware, TikTok, and other Chinese “tools” capture detailed data on the US and other users – all of which can be used to weaponize and advance massive disinformation, misinformation, and influence operations campaigns.

What we are seeing, as the press fails to report, is China Joe’s slow walk back of any real substantive penalties on China for stealing $trillions in trade secrets, patents, and military R&D, while advancing support for Chinese infiltration and indoctrination of our students and nations via the Confucius Institutes, alliances in pushing left wing propaganda with western once “free” media, etc.

America is under attack. It is an ideological attack. It is quiet and aided by the likes of China Joe and his family who line their pockets, while China uses people like him – compromised – and others “as useful idiots” to undermine our Republic, Democracy, Constitution, Freedoms, and Rights.

It is a #domestic #CognitiveWar in which the balance of the information equilibrium (The Information Equilibrium – Original Thesis) is tilting more and more towards tranny, and away from freedom.

China Joe, beholden to China for his highly questionable election, likely exemplifies what it means to be compromised, confused, and a co-conspirator. Be afraid, be very afraid as deceit, deception, and destruction of our society is underway – by a set of self-anointed so-called “elites” who have whored themselves out to utopian dreams and ideologies of communist and authoritarian regimes, which have demonstrated throughout history that they are evil, corrupt, and murderous – killing tens of millions of innocents in the name of “utopian” dreams.

It is time for Americans to wake up!  Americans must ask the special prosecutor in the Hunter Biden case to come to closure and determine how much his daddy was involved, and at least, tell us the degree to which Hunter and his Dad are compromised.  Then, ask John Durham and the DOJ to come to closure on prosecuting the fraud that Biden enabled. And to ask why the so-called “free press” failed, along with fifty top former IC leaders (leaders is a relative term, in this case, miscreants serves the same definition) to tell America the truth before the highly questionable 2020 election.  In my opinion, those fifty IC seniors have shown their true colors, and have whored themselves out politically to the left, the far and radical left.

American’s must realize – we are in the midst of the most existential threat – a threat in the form of a domestic Cognitive War – in which the radical left of America seeks to undermine, destroy, and subjugate our governance, our constitution, our freedoms, and ourselves.

At least for me, and in my opinion, it is obvious #ChinaJoe is in fact Compromised, Confused, and Co-Conspirator.

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