We are not surprised. In fact, many more are working for the Chinese communist regime within American academic/research institutes. As the situation develops, they will be exposed/identified. The CCP has a special program called, “Thousand Talents Plan” dedicated to this agenda. Just about everyone in the academic knows about this infamous program that was launched in 2008. Harvard University is a key target.
Harvard University for years has been the cradle for the red CCP leaders. It is known that many CCP leaders crave for being crowned as “Harvard Alumni”. To entertain their keen desires, Harvard  University has operated a special program for these red leaders – “senior Leadership Program -China”
The CCP leaders not only attend Harvard themselves, also send their sons/daughters to the school. As a result, Harvard University is the school that received the most funding (“donation”) from the CCP in America. On record, the CCP donated shocking $79+ million to Harvard. Who knows how much more was “donated” (bribed) under the table?
However, on the other hand, the CCP is unabashedly running a “Project Hope”, to raise money for the poor children in the “poverty-stricken rural areas of China”. Why would a regime donate money to the well-funded Harvard while a large number of poor kids in its own country cannot even afford going to elementary schools?
Recently, Harvard President and his wife were reported to be infected by CCP virus (Wuhan virus).  On a spiritual level, it is known that the CCP virus is destined to target the CCP and its allies. It is thought-provoking why Harvard president is targeted by the CCP virus. There is much more to reveal…