This clearly is a provocation by the Chinese that succeeded in spades. Beijing either has paid off or compromised our political leaders and, apparently, our leading general officers. On the latter group, General Milley and Defense Secretary Mattis cooperated to hide the transit of Chinese balloons across America, and this past week Milley, and Austin urged Biden to wait a week to shoot down the balloon for fear of civilian damage over the vast, empty expanses of Canada, Alaska, and Montana.

This position by Milley and Austin is a piece of idiotic nonsense that suggests our enemies are free to do what they will in our airspace and, for that matter, on our land borders as well. The most likely answer to why Biden and his generals refused to defend U.S. airspace is because they are on the take from Beijing. Such a thing also can justifiably be called treason.

The southern border disaster, which continues to grow at full tilt. Like the government-caused balloon episode, the border matter is now a two-year-old, man-made catastrophe. It appears to be another case of Biden, his fellow gangsters ⏤ NATO, WEF, EU, UN, LBGTQ-ists, school teachers, anti-white racists, and, generally, all of the country’s depraved and demented ⏤ being on the take from foreign governments and international institutions, and striving to implement laughable and evil doctrines designed to kill America and its people.

Such absurd, anti-scientific, or simply mad doctrines such as the Climate Change Emergency and the plan to end the use of cash.

Who defends America today?

Well, certainly, no one we voted for, nor anyone we hired to serve in the federal bureaucracy or as senior military officers, nor in many (most?) those who preach from the nation’s Christian pulpits. It may be that the problem can only be solved by people blessed with an unyielding belief in the Bible’s truth and armed with the inalienable right cited in the 2nd Amendment.