Eyes on China, Series 12.0

(2021 Series)


MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret),

Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation
and the China Team

May 23, 2021

Unveiling a Century-Old Wolf

Lessons from Tesla’s Mishaps in Communist China

“History tells us never to believe any promises made by the CCP, nor to trust that any of the CCP’s commitments will be fulfilled. Believing the words of the Communist Party — no matter what the issue may be — will cost a person his life.”                              – from the book “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

The Mishaps of Tesla in China
Not long ago, Tesla was still the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s most favorable company.  As the first and only 100% foreign-owned automobile company in China, Tesla was showered with a 10 billion RMB (about $1.6 billion) loan at a low-interest rate.  More fortunately, in 2018, Tesla was granted the land for its Shanghai Gigafactory at one-tenth of the market price.    Afterwards, it only took 168 working days, approximately 6 months, to construct the dream plant.  By December 2019, the plant that was built in record time made its first batch of cars.  The long-term goal for Shanghai Gigafactory is to crank out 500,000 cars per year, which will warrant Shanghai a key hub for Tesla.

Tesla’s sales in China had also been booming till this April when an unexpected drama took place at Shanghai Auto Show.  On a day when the auto show was only open to media under tight security, a “bold” female Tesla owner jumped on a car roof and screamed to condemn Tesla for “brake failure”.  Not only was she ‘protected’ by the large security force on site, but she also immediately became a ‘national hero’.

The day after, China Consumers Association (CCA), the CCP’s mouthpieces Xinhua agency, China Central TV (CCTV), and other state-controlled media collectively sided with the female owner to acutely criticize Tesla. “Enterprises need to pay attention to consumers’ complaints in a sincere manner and offer them reasonable explanations and effective solutions”, Xinhua quoted CCA.

Being heavily criticized by the typical “Cultural Revolution”-style propaganda, Tesla, once a favorite company of the CCP, instantly fell into a problematic automaker in communist China. Within a month, anti-Tesla activities broke out in many cities, demanding to oust Tesla. A striking red sign was placed at the entrance of a hospital in Handan City with the words “Tesla, no entry allowed.” On May 18, Tesla announced it would cooperate with CCP authorities to investigate a car accident that local police claimed caused the death of a police officer.   Following the series of mishaps, Tesla’s sales in China plunged nearly 30% in April.  Its stock price, which is strongly linked to the sales in China, also fell.

What “Secrets” Could Tesla Disclose?

Since the end of 2020, the CCP already started sanctioning Tesla, and charged Tesla with “disclosing secrets”. The CCP set the rules that party, government, and military officials are not allowed to purchase Tesla; in addition, many so-called “secret” locations would not allow Tesla to enter.  Even many high-end residential communities do not allow Tesla to enter. Because many high-ranking parties, government, and military officials live in such communities, the surveillance cameras on Tesla can potentially track these people and “disclose secrets”.

Tesla responded that the data collected in China will strictly abide by China’s laws and regulations on data management. The company also promised it would never provide the US government with any vehicle data it collects in China or other countries.  However, the privacy of users is not CCP’s concern at all. In China, the CCP has massively installed surveillance cameras around the nation so Chinese people have no privacy at all.  The CCP’s true concern is that Tesla might accidentally capture illegal conduct of CCP’s mobsters, such as illegal arresting/beating human rights activists, Falun Gong practitioners, and pro-democracy activists. This is why the CCP now is demanding Tesla to turn in all the data collected by the vehicles.  Could Tesla say “NO” to the evil CCP on the communist soil?

CCP Stole Tesla’s Core Technology

Over the years, the CCP has actively promoted an infamous tactic called “to surpass at the curve”, (meaning to surpass via “IP theft”), to defeat foreign competitors.  Tesla was one of such competitors.  In January 2019, the CCP’s electric car startup Xiaopeng Motors successfully recruited Cao Guangzhi, a Chinese engineer of Tesla.  Cao is a member of Tesla’s core team and one of only 40 engineers at Tesla who have access to the software’s source code. Cao stole the company’s core technology and brought it to his new employer.

On March 21, 2019, Tesla filed a lawsuit in China, suing Cao for stealing the source code of Tesla’s self-driving technology.  So far, Tesla has sued at least 4 former Chinese employees for IP theft.  But this probably is only the tip of an iceberg.

How much of Tesla’s technology has been stolen by the CCP? Only the CCP’s electric car makers know.  In recent years, Tesla’s competitors in China, including Nio, Xiaopeng, Li Auto and many more have all been amazingly booming.  Because the CCP has indoctrinated its civilians that, “Science has no nationality, only scientists do”, in the minds of Chinese engineers who are brainwashed, such illegal IP thefts are nothing but legitimate “patriotic” conducts.

CCP’s Ultimate Target: StarLink and SpaceX

Many Chinese human rights activists have been longing for the success of StarLink Project headed by the CEO of Tesla.  They hope that StarLink could eventually defeat the CCP’s internet firewall to bring truthful information to Chinese people. Being the master of deceits, the CCP understands best how critical it is to control global communication.   Therefore, the cunning CCP has aimed at stealing StarLink.   In addition, SpaceX is another project the CCP has been closely mocking.  On April 27, 2021, China’s State-owned rocket company allegedly cloned a 4-year-old SpaceX render.   The current anti-Tesla movement in China is meant to tame Tesla.  How long will Tesla hold up? How much of StarLink and SpaceX technology has already been stolen by the CCP?

What Tesla has encountered is typical for foreign businesses working with the CCP. Some Taiwanese businessmen who are victims of CCP’s suppression have summarized as such: the CCP’s trilogy is always composed of three major phases: trap, nurture and kill.  The trap is the dating period when the CCP promises many perks to attract foreign businesses; nurture is the honeymoon time, when the CCP cooperates well with the foreign business which finally moved into China. But this honeymoon normally is noticeably short.  Soon, some conflicts are destined to take place (meaning the CCP will create the conflicts), then the evil CCP will show its true color to kill the foreign businesses.

Unmasking a Century-old Wolf

Could the mishaps of Tesla send a wake-up call to the world about the true color of the CCP? As of today, many Americans still hold fantasies over the CCP.  Wall Street continues pouring money into the China market.  Many companies still have their R&D and manufacturing work running in China.  Hundreds of American cities maintain their sister-city ties with CCP’s cities.   The  American media are still heavily infiltrated by the CCP.

This year, the evil CCP turns 100 years old. During the last 100 years, the CCP has never, ever changed its goal to subvert America and rule the world.  Li Yangnan, daughter of Li Rui (former secretary of Mao) gave many proofs in this regard in her recent interview with NTD TV.  She said, from the very beginning of the CCP, around the 1920s, the CCP was already aiming at “globalizing communism, liberating the entire mankind, and extinguishing American capitalism”.

On November 19, 1950, the CCP leader Deng Zihui lectured to the CCP carders that “the world war will not solve the global problem. Instead, it is the revolutionary grinding (from within), the civil war that will step-by-step solve the global problem.” During the Korean War in the 1950s, the CCP taught its members, “If we could win this war, we would be able to solve the global problem and rule the world”.

In the 1980s, the CCP heads clearly stated, “opening China to the western world is not to surrender, instead, it is to develop socialism (communism)”, “we need to set the bait on a long threat to capture the big fish”, meaning the CCP must gradually steal technologies from the west to win.  In the 2000s, after the CCP entered the WTO, Jiang Zemin’s policy has been “silently making a big fortune”, which was to accumulate global wealth.  Up to today, Jiang remains the head of CCP’s deep state in control.

In CCP’s guiding book “The Unrestricted Warfare” (published in the 1990s), it clearly states  that “the traditional mentality that offensive action is limited to military action is no longer adequate given the range of contemporary threats and the rising costs-both in dollars and lives lost-of traditional warfare”. Instead, the CCP suggested “the significance of alternatives to direct military confrontation, including international policy, economic warfare, attacks on digital infrastructure and networks, and terrorism…”

Shockingly, although the book was published in the 1990s, the book cover showed a dreadful picture of the New York World Trade Center being bombed…

The book also revealed that Jiang Zemin, the CCP head has obsessively and gleefully watched and re-watched pictures of the aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center.  In fact, on the evening of 911, many Chinese cities held large parades celebrating “Americans finally got what they deserve”.  A survey conducted by CCP’s TV station showed about 60% of Chinese people supported the terrorists and condemned the ‘American Imperialism’.

According to Minghui.org, in 2005, US Time magazine obtained the secret speech of CCP’s Defense Secretary Chi Haotian to senior CCP cadres. In his speech, Chi referred to the United States as the biggest obstacle to the CCP’s global ruling. He said that only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill people in mass can the CCP preserve the United States for itself.

The Covid-19 (also called CCP Virus) pandemic that originated in Wuhan in 2019 brought unprecedented disasters to the world, killing people around the globe in mass.  Now one of the most powerful countries in the free world is under CCP’s attack.

Can the American people recognize the true face of the evil wolf?

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