By George Mcclellan
Guest Editorial

When the government takes a role in policing online speech, which it shouldn’t, it does so because leadership has yielded to the loudest screamers or whoever pays the freight. Usually, we can follow the money from the varied do-gooder NGOs or nationality groups like Islamic CAIR that speak soothing sentences of cooperation to entice our government’s financial support while encouraging the genocide of Jews. Everything is political!  All sides have a message, mostly propaganda, that only works when the government is allowed to use it alone. In the former Soviet Union, dissenters were called “counterrevolutionaries,” rounded up and shot or sent to one of many prisons in the icy Gulag Archipelago to be worked to death.

When our government asserts a role in policing the relativity new phenomena of online internet communication, then free speech becomes the target of single opinions, right or wrong, they determine must be eliminated as counter-revolutionary opposition. The need to censor the comments of ordinary Americans employing their First Amendment rights by using social media’s rules of what is “misinformation” to accomplish their deed, is an end run around the Constitution. Unmistakably, too, it shows how far we’ve entered the world of fascism.

What makes the issue even more difficult is that the old mainstream media still blundering around on the public airways and in newspaper editorial offices, have sided with the fascists to censor the American people. It’s a simple matter of taking sides. Do we recognize right from wrong or good from evil anymore?  Are we for or against exhausting our treasury on foreign wars? Are we for or against continuing official support for Israel because it’s the right thing to do? Are we for or against Islam’s exercise in genocide like we witnessed Oct 7? Are we willing to allow our Ivy League and other “Woke” infested colleges and universities to continue polluting student’s minds against right and for what’s wrong? Our choices go on and on and on while we’ve been turned to look at the dark side, to use a cliche. We know what side Obama-Biden’s government has taken, and we don’t like it. We had better decide soon.

We’ve been resisting censorship ever since Barack Obama corrupted the government before reluctantly surrendering the reins of power to Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton. It was a shock felt around the world! In their desperation, the panicked Deep State unsuccessfully attempted to destroy Trump’s presidency. In his favor, Donald Trump, a successful multi-billionaire businessman, quickly demonstrated to the world how a Great Republic should operate by nullifying the unfavorable NAFTA trade scheme, improving our energy independence, lowering fuel prices, creating a high employment rate, increasing living standards, and demanded a sensible plan to determine that America should not continue subsidizing its enemies, especially China.

Also, Trump challenged a moribund NATO to pay their fair share for their defense, and he dumped Obama’s dangerous scheme to make Islamic Iran a nuclear power. Other stupid Obama schemes were also dealt a death blow until Biden was installed in Trump’s place and resumed the idiocy of incompetent political leadership seen all over the world while scaring us with dangerous climate control. We stand at the precipice of failure.

The Democrats, conniving with RINOs and “Never Trumpers,” went all in on the social media sites to sneakily censor what Americans were trying to say publicly about what they didn’t like. As we witness the government’s efforts at censorship, we see a resurrection of the frightening Nazi-style propaganda that promoted antisemitism wholesale genocide and celebrated antisemitic “hate speech.”  Biden’s fascist government now sends squads of armored-up FBI agents to arrest Christians praying on the streets in front of baby butcher shops. Censor Twitter (X) speech of folks who rail against unconstitutional government edicts and complain about Joe Biden’s treasonous actions in Afghanistan, his incompetence in foreign policy, his wasteful spending on subsidized “Green Energy” schemes, his wasteful spending our taxpayer dollars promoting war in other theaters while denying the criminality of throwing open our Southern border inviting in hordes of third worlders to occupy and destroy America from within.

Three things are now apparent that are and have been detrimental to America: Letting our colleges and universities become educational cesspools of Leftish hogwash, turning out indoctrinated creatures filled with sugar plum ideas of Marxist utopias, A government infested with these ignorant creatures, and an acceptance of Islamic opinions within our democratic decision-making processes. Biden has brought America to a new low. In his condition of approaching dementia, he has a choice: die in office letting Kamala Harris have a shot; resign early still letting Kamala Harris have a go; stay in the race without Kamala Harris taking a chance he won’t die before the end or concede now to Donald Trump. “Oh, the humanity!”

No matter what choice Joe makes or is made for him, Democrats do not intend to lose their grip on power once again to Donald Trump or any other Republican for that matter. We are between a rock and a hard spot, and soon, I suspect we must look to our own devices for our survival, but whatever is decided, it must bear the trappings of Constitutionality. We must never forget that freedom is the goal, and the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

Remember, Freedom is the Goal; the Constitution is the Way. Now, Go Get ‘Em!

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