Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan

Suppose America is to repair itself, apart from neutering the Democrat-Communist Party at all levels. In that case, it must turn its attention first to assisting the eminent collapse of those Ivy League Institutions of higher education and help them. The cadres of Vietnam-era hippie protesters turned college professors and infested post-Vietnam-era colleges and universities have turned them into Marxist cesspools of dysfunctional thinking. They must be purged from the collegiate scene. Next, we must look to the many Left-leaning newspapers losing subscribers. They have already started winnowing off their huge editorial staffs to alleviate their own coming financial collapse, the LA Times is the most recent after the NY Times and Washington Post. All the while, they deny any responsibility for their problems. They are self-imploding. That’s a good start!

Democrats always claim “outrage” over just about everything that happens that doesn’t comport to their agenda. Commercial chain stores leaving Blue Cities is a case in point. Presently, Walgreens Drugs are quitting Boston, MA., a move adversely affecting local black and brown ghettos. Do we wonder why? Democrat leaders in dysfunctional Blue Cities never mentioned it’s a crime force stores to close and leave but pretend outrage when they do. Crime waves are especially rampant in Democrat Blue cities because small-time criminals of color are simply not charged when caught in the act. If a business cannot offer a service or provide employment because democratic policies deny them protection from crime, then the logical solution is to close and move on. AOC’s “Squad” is going apoplectic over Walgreens departures, demanding they cease immediately. It isn’t going to happen, sweet stuff, until Democrat regimes are uprooted, and local businesses can return to their capitalist commercial enterprises under the firm protection of law and order that doesn’t have to compete with the sheer political stupidity of Leftist politicians. They claim that punishment for anti-social behavior (crime) is unproductive and damaging to good citizenship.

The reality is now dawning that maybe we’ve been pushed too far. Neither Walgreens nor any other business that provides commercial services for profit has any obligation to stay where they can’t profit. The Democrat’s solution was tried in Soviet Russia. As the State provided, all competitive capitalism didn’t exist there. Russians stood in long lines in all kinds of weather to buy food for the day. The Soviets provided an excellent department store, the “GUM Store” on Moscow’s Red Square, that mirrored Macy’s, Harrods, and Selfridges in luxury and quality products. Still, alas, it was for wealthy foreigners only. Native Russians couldn’t afford it. They couldn’t even enter it. They just accepted their fate, trying to survive without being hauled off to some Siberian Gulag accused of being counterrevolutionaries. It’s happening here now!

The Democrat Party mirrors the old Soviet Commissars by their “elite” leadership. Screw the peasants and circle the wagons around the elites. Well, the ‘three stooges’ commissars from Harvard, Penn State, and MIT got stuck in the glue of their ’elite’ leadership comments to a Congressional Committee investigating their open support of antisemitism on their campuses. Those three stupid women opened the floodgate of Ivy League corruption, stealing the works of others.

The uncontested charges of academic plagiarism, even from professors of color, has revealed the fraud of affirmative action (equity) and their treasonous support of Islamic terrorism (Inclusion) on American streets. Corruption, fostered by academes’ unwillingness to stop it, has revealed the depths from which clear reasoning and critical thinking have been purged and replaced by theoretical Marxist nonsense that only ignorant idol worshippers could understand. The phenomena of a regenerating Trump calling their Marxist activities not only unconstitutional but dangerous as well and proving it is driving them to desperation. Joe Biden has been an unmitigated failure, and Democrats have no candidates to offer not already tainted by flagrant stupidity that can challenge Donald Trump’s onrushing campaign train without cheating or, worse, the ultimate treason, helping Iran take him out.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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