EXCLUSIVE: West Point Cadets Who Chose to Leave West Point Rather Than Take COVID Vaccine Were Coerced, Abused and Discriminated Against
The Gateway Pundit ^ | October 31, 2021 at 11:00am | Jim Hoft
Posted on 10/31/2021, 4:09:50 PM by SoConPubbie
In spring of 2021, we were told that our decision to volunteer to get the “optional” COVID-19 vaccine would not negatively affect our time as a cadet at West Point. That turned out to be a false promise.
Before being ordered to sign a document saying we were disobeying orders (orders we considered unlawful) in the summer and fall of 2021, we were:
– Forced to share a bathroom and living quarters with the males because we were in the ostracized unvaccinated platoon during summer training.
– Forced to attend a “re-education brief” led only by vaccinated personnel (who denied unvaccinated personnel the opportunity to sit on the panel).
– Subjected to COVID testing twice a week at 6 am, regardless of not having COVID symptoms. The vaccinated can also contract and pass COVID but were not tested.
– Not allowed to leave campus with our friends because our radius was restricted compared to the vaccinated.
– Denied a pass for being unvaccinated.
– (Nickaylah) Kicked off the women’s rowing team, because it was too high of a risk to participate in physical activities outside, but sitting in class right next to other cadets and eating at mandatory lunches side-by-side was not a problem.
– Scoffed at by teachers for making such an unscientific and selfish choice.
– Visibly cast as the “other” when the vaccinated were allowed to go without masks but the unvaccinated were forced to publicly identify our medical status by wearing masks.
– Ostracized and mocked, endured rude comments, pointing, and laughing for being in the “dirty” platoon (a platoon of only unvaccinated/masked cadets) during training. Officers told trainees to stay away from us.
– Had our HIPAA rights violated when my vaccination status was released to the entire freshman class (in which an officer stated that “HIPAA isn’t the be all, end all”).
– Subjected to this treatment knowing that some cadets had an adverse reaction, including heart problems, to the vaccine.
– Coerced and punished by a medical officer and others to make life miserable so we would violate our conscience and get vaccinated.
No Lawyers for Mandate Paperwork, Sept. 27, 2021
When the USMA vaccine mandate order paperwork came down on Sept. 27, 2021, the unvaccinated cadets were escorted to an auditorium where:
– We were not allowed to leave the room without signing a document, acknowledging that we were disobeying direct orders. (Orders that we consider to be unlawful).
– We had a choice to either be vaccinated, separate, or apply for a religious/medical exemption.
– We were denied any legal counsel at this meeting. There were no JAGs or legal advisors available for us to talk to before being forced into signing this document.
– When Hannah raised the point that the FDA-approved vaccine (Pfizer’s Comirnaty) with the proper lot numbers had yet to be distributed in the United States, that the only available vaccines were EUA, and vaccination must be voluntary, she was told that small legal distinction didn’t matter. This issue is important because it makes the mandate order unlawful.
Since then, all medical exemptions pleading the case of natural immunity and antibodies have already been denied by West Point, contrary to science, and the religious exemptions are still being processed.