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False Flag Operations

False Flag Deception Strategy


Paul E. Vallely. MG US Army (Ret)

A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party. The term “false flag” originated in the 16th century as a purely figurative expression to mean “a deliberate misrepresentation of someone’s affiliation or motives”. It was later used to describe a ruse in naval warfare whereby a vessel flew the flag of a neutral or enemy country to hide its identity. Pirates and privateers originally used the tactic to deceive other ships into allowing them to move closer before attacking them. It later was deemed an acceptable practice during naval warfare according to international maritime laws, provided the attacking vessel displayed its true flag once an attack had begun.

A good portion of my career in the Army was dedicated to strategic and tactical psychological operations. In the early 1980s and the Cold War, I was directed to do an analysis and capabilities study of the Russian propaganda program and what techniques and programs were used by the Russian government and military operatives. The study was entitled “Mind War” and reached the halls of the Pentagon and the Army War College.

One should understand there is “white” propaganda as well as “black” propaganda. White propaganda is a disseminated message of truth to a population to influence a group’s attitude and understanding. Voice of America was used extensively during the Cold War to broadcast US and Allied intentions in guarding democratic values and freedoms. Black psyop operations focused on lies and deception by making false claims io influence a given group or population. The Nazis and “Tokyo Rose” of Japan in WWII were experts in black propaganda operations. Black operations are also “False Flag Operation.”

There is an art in conducting false flag operations. For background, the name goes as far back as the golden age of “Piracy” in which a pirate vessel often concealed its intentions by flying a flag of a recognized country and concealed its intentions to other vessels. When a pirate ship moved to engage an innocent merchant ship, the Pirate ship would lower their flag (false flag) and attack the vulnerable merchant ship. In much the same way, a country that wishes to conduct hostilities against another nation and not bear the blame for doing so uses the false flag strategy to achieve its deceptive ends. Another example of false flag operations is to get the enemy to fire the first shot first. The Gulf of Tonkin operations in Vietnam may be an example used by the United States in engaging the North Vietnamese as a reason to start a war. Will a Russian attack against Ukraine be initiated as a “false flag” operation?

Three retired US Army Generals warned of an insurrection or even civil war if the results of the 2024 presidential election were not accepted by some in the military. This is a recent example of a false flag operation. They wrote that they were “increasingly concerned” about the 2024 election and the “potential for lethal chaos inside our military.” The Generals highlighted the “disturbing number” of veterans and active-duty members of the military that took part in the January 6 attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters – more than 1 in 10 of those charged had a service record.

They outlined a situation in which, after the 2024 election, some service members might pledge loyalty to a “Trumpian loser” who refuses to concede defeat and tries to lead a shadow government. “Under such a scenario, it is not outlandish to say a military breakdown could lead to civil war,” they wrote. “The idea of rogue units organizing among themselves to support the ‘rightful’ commander in chief cannot be dismissed,” they said.

They said there was also work to be done by the military, such as reviewing how to deal with illegal orders and undertaking intelligence work to identify and remove potential mutineers. The military should also work to identify how misinformation spreads in the ranks. The Generals also suggested that the Defense Department “war-game” possible post-election scenarios to identify weak spots and put in place “safeguards.”

When I read this release by these obvious Obama Generals, it became apparent to me that this was a set-up, false flag operation directed by the US shadow government operated by Barack Obama and his minions.

It sounds to me that Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Milley coached them based on an imaginary institutional “white rage” only noticed by Milley. The only white rage that many of us saw was the white rage of General Milley. In addition, this is a deception campaign orchestrated by the left-wing members of the Biden administration.

Nothing has weakened the U.S. military more versus our enemies or divided the military more than along racial, ethnic, gender and political lines than the Woke, equity, diversity, inclusion “white rage” policies and the vaccine mandates of the Biden regime, all of which are destroying readiness and the unity of the force about which the three generals seem so concerned.

The actions proposed by the three Generals are reminiscent of Stalin’s purge of the Red Army (May-June 1937) that took place immediately before the “mass operations” against the kulaks and other “anti-Soviet elements” that included national minorities, which began on 30 July 1937 and continued to the autumn of 1938, known as the Great Terror.

The purge of the Red Army was a prerequisite for Stalin’s wider action against perceived enemies within the Soviet population by initial subjugation and politicization of the military.

As reported in the Guardian, January 14, 2022

Moscow has persistently portrayed the crisis as a military threat from Ukraine against Russia. The US has alleged Russia has already positioned saboteurs in Ukraine to carry out a “false flag” operation to use as a pretext for a Russian attack, which Washington says could begin in the coming month.

The allegations, following similar claims by the government in Kyiv, come after the failure of a week of diplomacy to defuse the crisis provoked by Russia’s massing of more than 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s borders. Moscow has persistently portrayed the crisis as a military threat from Ukraine against Russia, without providing any evidence.

“Russia is laying the groundwork to have the option of fabricating a pretext for invasion, including through sabotage activities and information operations, by accusing Ukraine of preparing an imminent attack against Russian forces in eastern Ukraine,” a US official said.

“We have information that indicates Russia has already prepositioned a group of operatives to conduct a false-flag operation in eastern Ukraine.

“Russian influence actors already starting to fabricate Ukrainian provocations in state and social media,” the official said, noting that Russia used similar tactics ahead of the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

“The Russian military plans to begin these activities several weeks before a military invasion, which could begin between mid-January and mid-February.”

Ukrainian officials had claimed that the provocation could take the form of a violent incident at the Russian embassy or consulate, which Moscow could then blame on far-right Ukrainian extremists.

The US claim came on the same day Ukraine was hit by a “massive” cyber-attack, with the websites of several government departments including the ministry of foreign affairs and the education ministry knocked out.

The hackers left a message on the foreign ministry website, according to reports. It said: “Ukrainians! … All information about you has become public. Be afraid and expect worse. It’s your past, present and future.”

Andriy Yermak, the head of the presidential office in Kyiv said, “practically 90%” of the affected websites were back online by mid-afternoon.

“The most strategic infrastructure in Ukraine was not destroyed by this attack. This is a very [well] protected,” Yermak told a meeting of the Atlantic Council thinktank from Kyiv. He said Ukraine was working with the US and the UK to confirm who was behind the assault.

Earlier in the day, Ukraine’s information ministry said, “the first data suggest that the attack was carried out by the Russian Federation.” The White House, however, could not immediately confirm that.

False Flag Operations appear to be a tool of the Progressives and Communists in America. Rule by deception, fraud and lies!

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Criminal Politcians

Question: Why are elected and appointed public officials (servants) not relieved of duty and arrested for the negligence of duty, facilitating criminal activity, violating the public trust and oath of office. No one is above the law from the President on down to a local Mayor.

Public Officials Liabilities for Prosecution.

Legislators, public employees, and other public servants may face severe consequences for violating the public trust. The range of penalties includes censure, removal from office, permanent disqualification from holding any state position, restitution, decades in prison, and fines up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Not all ethics violations are treated equally. Punishments correspond to how bad an instance of misconduct is viewed in the eyes of a state and in consideration of the harm a violation may cause. The most severe consequences are normally reserved for cases of bribery involving large sums or similar types of intentional violations of ethics or anti-corruption laws. Like most issues in ethics, however, states vary widely on the details.

The criminal justice process works separately from commissions and committees to impose punishments for wrongdoing. Each may discipline violators of ethics laws using criminal or administrative penalties, respectively, independently and concurrently, depending on the law violated.


Neglect of Duty Law and Legal Definition

Neglect of duty is the omission to perform a duty. Neglect of duty has reference to the neglect or failure on the part of a public officer to do and perform some duty or duties laid on him as such by virtue of his office or which is required of him by law. It is not material whether the neglect is willful, through malice, ignorance or oversight, when such neglect is grave and the frequency of it is such as to endanger or threaten the public welfare, it is gross. [State ex rel. Hardie v. Coleman, 115 Fla. 119 (Fla. 1934)].

Political malpractice is an instance of negligent or unethical conduct on the part of an elected official. Like medical malpractice and legal malpractice, the political type involves a breach of duty, and a failure to offer professional services as expected. This negligence usually hurts the taxpayers and citizens whom the politician is accountable to. This term is often thrown around pejoratively in political rhetoric, with politicians accusing opponents of “malpractice” when they really just mean that their opponents have made controversial decisions.

Accepting bribes is a form of political malpractice.

There are a number of different kinds of political malpractice. The most innocent, though not necessarily the least harmful, is negligence. If a politician fails to fully review a bill, for example, and it later turns out to be a disaster, this could be viewed as negligence by the voters. Negligence is sometimes paired with incompetence, an inability to perform the job. When a politician fails to adhere to an expected standard of behavior, this can also be viewed as malpractice.

Political malpractice refers to instance of unethical conduct by an elected official.

On the more sinister end of things, political malpractice can involve improper or unethical conduct undertaken deliberately. Accepting bribes is a form of malpractice, as are other activities which demonstrate favoritism to particular constituents or organizations. In some cases, this can result in criminal charges for corruption.

Citizens rely on their elected officials to advocate for them in legislative bodies, and to make good choices which will benefit their communities. When politicians fail to hold up their end of the bargain, this can have unfortunate consequences for the citizens. An accusation of political malpractice indicates that citizens are deeply unhappy with the way in which a politician has handled a situation, and it can threaten a political career.

In some cases, political malpractice can be the grounds for a tort suit. In the law, a tort is a civil wrong, and if proved, such a suit can result in fines and other consequences for the convicted party. When the citizens feel that they have experienced direct harm as a result of political malpractice, many nations allow them to bring suit against their elected officials to recover damages or remove those officials from office. Citizens can also petition their elected officials to lobby for the removal of a superior, such as a President or Prime Minister.

We cannot afford to have people in political and leadership positions that aid and abet criminals and criminal actions.

Putin and Russia

After a weak post-Soviet era leadership Russia was in urgent need of a strong leader — and so Putin stepped in.

As for how Putin sees himself, he did bring up several times his admiration for Peter the Great, so much so I was convinced he sees himself as his incarnation.

Putin had portraits of Peter the Great hung in several important meeting rooms there — rather than portraits of himself, as would be more customary.

What this means for Biden, Nato and Ukraine is slowly becoming clear. There is more to Putin than meets the eye.

One can only imagine what Putin thinks of Biden/Harris/Blinken/Sullivan/Austin.

COVID 19 Update

New Pentagon Papers Show COVID Is Bioweapon Made in China Paid for and Developed by US Scientists Who Then Covered It Up While Pushing Flawed Public Health Policies

by Lawrence Sellin
January 12, 2022

As described in a Gateway Pundit article last year, for over 15 years China has conducted biowarfare research on genetically-engineered viruses coupled to a vaccine-production program to protect its own military from those China-made bioweapons.

Hold on to that thought for a moment.

The just-released memorandum written on August 21, 2021, by U.S. Marine Major Joseph Murphy to the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is highly revealing, both for what it says and for what it doesn’t say.

Major Murphy’s analysis is based on a $14.2 million research grant application “Project DEFUSE: Defusing the Threat of Bat-borne Coronaviruses” by now-disgraced scientist Peter Daszak, head of the EcoHealth Alliance, and submitted to the DoD’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), as well as other documents to which we do not yet have access.

Daszak’s research team included the “Bat Woman” Zheng-Li Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina, Linfa Wang of the Duke University-National University of Singapore Medical School, Tonie Rocke of the United States Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Center in Wisconsin, and Jerome Unidad of the Palo Alto Research Center in California.

A summary of the memorandum:

1. “SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19] is an American-created recombinant bat vaccine, or its precursor virus.”

The intent of Daszak’s DARPA proposal was to immunize bats in Chinese caves by spraying them with a vaccine based on coronaviruses that would likely “jump” from bats to humans, thereby, preventing a pandemic.

Sound far-fetched? Stand by, the details get worse.

The DEFUSE team would collect a large number of bat coronaviruses from Chinese caves, test them for their ability to infect humans, select those most likely to make the “jump” from bats to humans, analyze their structures and map evolutionary pathways.

Of course, the concept of a vaccine based on an evolutionary model, given the highly unpredictable nature of bat coronavirus mutations is, on its face, scientifically preposterous.

Yet, if they had stopped at that point and created a bat vaccine based on a natural bat coronavirus, the project would have been a failure, but at least there would not have been a COVID-19 pandemic.

They planned to isolate the spike protein, the component of coronaviruses that regulates infectively, and genetically manipulate it to make it more infectious to humans and insert it back into a bat coronavirus backbone as a virus precursor for making a bat vaccine.

The DEFUSE team writes about introducing “human specific” structures, like furin polybasic cleavage sites, where they do not occur naturally, highly indicative of bioweapon development and consistent with the Chinese military’s joint pathogen development/vaccine production program.

The DEFUSE proposal reads like a recipe for COVID-19.

Ultimately, the Daszak DEFUSE proposal was rejected because it included such dangerous “gain of function” research, the product of which also having dual use capability as a bioweapon.

Nevertheless, the money kept flowing from Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, through Peter Daszak, to China.

2. Without providing the evidence upon which his conclusion is based, Major Murphy stated that an incomplete precursor virus was released, presumably through a laboratory accident, in August 2019 and thereafter, again presumably, circulating and mutating within the Chinese population until reaching an epidemic-producing state in November-December 2019.

3. Major Murphy also questioned the DoD’s vaccine mandate, given the potential toxicity of mRNA vaccines based on the COVID-19 spike protein, as well as opposing the official suppression by the U.S. government of early intervention therapeutics, like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, which his analysis found efficacious for treating coronavirus infections.

Based on a preponderance of evidence, COVID-19 was made in a laboratory in China as part of a biowarfare program, which was facilitated by U.S. government officials and U.S.-based scientists, who then tried to cover up their complicity and implemented flawed public health policies, all of which likely led to the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He had a civilian career in international business and medical research. His email address is

Useful Idiots

 Preventing an Insurrection by Useful Idiots – A Response to Three Generals


Edward L. Haugland

Guest Editorial

January 7, 2022

This is a response to the ineptness and an obvious case of what Lenin called “useful idiots” advancing disinformation in an ongoing Domestic Cognitive War. Despite nearly 100 years of service to our country, these flag officers demonstrated in spades the cognitive dissonance[1] of our generals and admirals. They have been politicalized from the Obama years and have supported kinetic, unnecessary wars.  Their opinion piece in the Washington Post on 17 December 2021 left me stunned. I purposefully waited to craft a response – as we see a false narrative driven by their kind grow across the lemmings of the left as they revisit, recraft, and reengineer the history of 6 Jan ’21.

Their opinion is why I believe it is likely necessary to fire 90% of the generals and admirals, as they remain stuck in the group think the industrial-age mindset that puts us on a course for only one solution – a massive kinetic war – as if we have not seen enough insanity over the last twenty-plus years of ineptness as they fought a kinetic war when the real war was and is always cognitive.

The below bullets reflect excerpts from their opinion piece[2] – Opinion | Retired generals: The military must prepare now for a 2024 insurrection – The Washington Post

Well, the old saying, everyone has an opinion like everyone has a rear-exit shoot, fits the opinions of these three brown star award winners. I will explain the brown star award a bit later.

  • Paul D. Eaton is a retired U.S. Army major general with 33 years of service.
  • Antonio M. Taguba is a retired Army major general, with 34 years of service.
  • Steven M. Anderson is a retired Army brigadier general with 31 years of service.

That is 98 years of service, and an appropriate pivot to what happened in the US slightly over one hundred years ago – the length of their combined service. In 1918 we saw the communist revolution and the rise of a set of tyrants that slaughtered several hundred million people since then. Concurrently, we saw a pandemic, the Spanish Flu.

Many parallels here – beginning with the useful idiots who in 1918 enabled the communists, bought into their utopian society and then taught our children for decades about the wonderful successes of the Communist Soviet Union – yup, and they never acknowledged the massive slaughter by Lenin, Stalin, or Mao. They still do not. Much like these three generals will not admit the truth about what is going on in our country, and the abuses occurring before our eyes.

We also found ourselves in a world war and a pandemic that devastated humanity. Today, we have seen another pandemic from the China Flu and a different type of world war – a #CognitiveWar. The dirty secret that our Intelligence Community and DoD generals have not noticed – much like they did not notice the China Flu pandemic (truly the greatest intelligence failure ever – but so far ignored, despite making 9-11 look like a minor war given 700,000 US deaths to date and millions worldwide).

The #CognitiveWar[3], in truth, never ended. But our so-called experts thought so post the Cold War. The #CognitiveWar – an ideological war, for absolute power – today is occurring as in 1918 both at a domestic level and internationally – with both China and Russia. Again, today, these three generals who actively participated in the last 20 years of insanity – fighting a kinetic war in Afghanistan and Iraq, thinking that playing whack a mole, with moles breeding faster than they could whack, would win what was always a cognitive war – an ideological war. Such thinking requires a paradigm change[4].

So, let us dissect what these useful idiots stated an article in the dying old paper the Washington Post.

  • First, they note “In short: We are chilled to our bones at the thought of a coup succeeding next time.”

While they refer to 6 Jan, I guess these three stooges slept through 2016-2020 as a false dossier paid for by an opposing candidate, along with the CIA, DNI, FBI, DOJ, and Congress were used to undermine and attempt a coup of a duly elected President by falsely claiming “Russian Collusion” while ignoring the outright collusion amongst the leaders of our national security apparatus – not to mention the many who perjured themselves, the dozen-plus FBI and DOJ senior executive who got fired or demoted, or the two false impeachments based on the lies.  So, they got “chilled to their bones” on 6 Jan, but not from a massive overreach of fraud, deceit, and abuse by hundreds of members of our IC and national security?

  • The signs of potential turmoil in our armed forces are there. On Jan. 6, a disturbing number of veterans and active-duty members of the military took part in the attack on the Capitol.

Really, with little to no proof of more than a handful of miscreants these so-called defenders of democracy use a broad brush to paint thousands of patriots as “attacking” the capitol. They are liars. But of course, their actions reflect those of Mussolini Milley and Autistic Austin who quickly prostrated themselves to the woke in calling for a full review to find the ‘extremists” in our military (meaning conservatives) while completely ignoring the massive destruction and ongoing violence and murder by those the democrats applauded, funded, and promoted – the Marxists, communists, BLM and Antifa fascists.

  • The potential for a total breakdown of the chain of command along partisan lines — from the top of the chain to squad level — is significant should another insurrection occur.

Not as bad as the breakdown of Mussolini Milley circumventing the chain by demanding military report to him on use of any nuclear codes while coddling the Chinese with a call about telling them he would warn them ahead of time is we were to attack – both done outside of the chain. And so we saw this leftist apologize for standing with President Trump as he tried to show resolve against massive unrest, anarchy, looting and arson (church burning next to the white house), and riots threatening the white house. Why Milley hasn’t resigned is the big question. He and Autistic Austin have in less than nine months driven perception of the military as most trusted to the lowest level of public trust in 60 years (since the last democrats fought another cognitive war thinking kinetics would win – called Vietnam).

  • All service members take an oath to protect the U.S. Constitution. But in a contested election, with loyalties split, some might follow orders from the rightful commander in chief, while others might follow the Trumpian loser.

Really, wow, so much trust in your fellow soldiers, sailors, and marines! To me, as supposed military leaders, this speaks to these gentlemen’s ineptness, lack of trust, and lack of belief in their own oaths. To me, this speaks to the mindset of why I resigned from the USAF in 1991 because their tone suggests they were more interested in chasing stars than demonstrating integrity. To such misguided goes my not so honorable award – the brown star award – as it speaks to kissing up to the backside to get ahead by being corrupt, complicit, compliant, or complacent vice showing integrity[5].

  • But the military cannot wait for elected officials to act. The Pentagon should immediately order a civics review for all members — uniformed and civilian — on the Constitution and electoral integrity. There must also be a review of the laws of war and how to identify and deal with illegal orders. And it must reinforce “unity of command” to make perfectly clear to every member of the Defense Department to whom they answer. No service member should say they did not understand whom to take orders from during a worst-case scenario.

Amazing! All I can really say here is ditto to the above. Where have these three stooges been their whole career, this is basic education 101 in the military and the only action they recommend that I agree with. But again, the above is common sense, drilled into service people daily, but apparently not during the brown star award winners’ tours. Upsetting is an understatement – but their bias and true intent are shown in their next recommendation.

  • …all military branches must undertake more intensive intelligence work at all installations. The goal should be to identify, isolate and remove potential mutineers; guard against efforts by propagandists who use misinformation to subvert the chain of command.

The essence to capture from this recommendation is two-fold. First, it speaks to ensuring a group thinks that is profoundly disturbing and akin to“suggesting” re-education camps and distribution of little red books (like Mao’s). Second, how in fact do they define a mutineer? Refer to groupthink? These three so-called men of integrity said absolutely nothing about a four-year coup against a conservative president – but suddenly found their manly pants vice mom jeans – and call for those who do not think like them to be isolated and removed. The Rocket Man, Xi, Putin and others must be smiling knowing they have such kindred spirits in the US armed forces. Only a few more indoctrination lessons on white rage – and we can all sing the praises of our next great leader! But I digress, let us go to their last “stellar” recommendation.

  • Finally, the Defense Department should war-game the next potential post-election insurrection or coup attempt to identify weak spots.

We did, it happened on 6 Jan, and the chain of command, the response, and others worked as it should have in a constitutional democracy – less the hyperbole and BS propaganda whores who ignored the facts. Remember, the Speaker of the House Pelosi ignored the Commander in Chiefs’ strong suggestion to the pre-deploy military to ensure no violence. She ignored the pleas from the Capitol Police. She and the media and the likes of these three stooges condemned Trump’s use of a few hundred militaries to stop the massive violence, looting arson, and assaults occurring in Washington D.C. But then, she deployed an armored division of 25,000 troops, barbed wire fencing, and tanks.

In closing, these three gents – thanks for their service in the military, where they should keep their focus – demonstrate if nothing else why we need to overhaul our DoD and get away from the 1% as if these are the type of leaders who’ve educated and lead our men and women – then we see a blatant lack of trust in their efforts by them, a true lack of understanding of the political atmosphere, and too strong a willingness to become part of the lemmings of the left – or useful idiots – vice acting with integrity.

That’s my opinion piece in rebuttal. The key point to understand is that these three, like Pelosi and the democrats, want to focus on a small set of miscreants, as we watch them avoid addressing two-plus years of anarchy, mass murder, looting, assaults that they continue to applaud, support and push via defunding our policy, weaponizing our DOJ and FBI, and then holding propaganda sessions with their biased media lemmings.

The old saying duty, honor, country still means something. Obviously, these three forgot what that means, what they learned, or what they should have been teaching.

This article reflects my opinion – respectfully.

© 2022, Edward L Haugland LLC, All Rights Reserved.





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