By MG Paul E. Vallely (Ret)

We can expect that emergencies, panics (COVID, Global Warming), and Fake News (propaganda) will continue to be the UN’s (plus WHO, NWO, WEF, Democrats, American Marxists, China, etc.) tools to impose tyranny.

We may suffer the imposition of tyrannical global governance, “Biden riots,” lockdowns, cartel crime, and other disruptions.

A manufactured crisis will delay or cancel the 2024 US national election.

We know that China tampered with our elections. Substantial evidence exists, as is discussed in this book.

The question is, as Americans, what are we going to do? 

What actions will we plan to prevent the treasonous elements within our population from succeeding?

America’s Founders established the United States on rock-solid principles, positioning our country as the world’s strongest and most prosperous bastion of freedom and liberty. These principles include limited republican government of, by, and for the people; private property; a written Constitution; equality of man before God and the law; and individual rights from God, not government. Those rights include freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and due process of law.

These founding principles led to developing a set of values unique to America and Americans. They include individualism, personal responsibility, equal opportunity, looking to the future, learning from the past, achievement, a positive work ethic, efficiency, practicality, informality, upward mobility, success, humanitarianism, and patriotism. The founding principles, coupled with these traditional American values, set our country apart from all others in ways benefitting not just our citizens but the entire world and made the United States the destination of choice for immigrants worldwide.

Sadly, beginning in the 1960s, Leftist, progressive ideologues rejected everything America stood for and everything that made our country. They initiated a war on God and the United States aimed at replacing our founding principles with Marxism and our traditional values with secular humanism. These Left-wing progressives are determined to destroy America as we know it and rebuild it in their own dystopian, totalitarian image. Yes, they are changing America forever. To this end, they have taken over the K–12 education system as well as our colleges and universities and have transformed these critical institutions into educational gulags for indoctrinating successive generations of Americans in Leftist orthodoxy. They have driven God out of the schools, government, and the public square. With every step forward these Leftist ideologues have made in advancing their nefarious agenda, America has taken a step backward.

Patriotic Americans are beginning to say, “Enough is enough.” We wrote in early 2023 America’s End Game for the 21st Century: A Blueprint for Saving Our Country to provide a game plan for patriotic Americans who reject the Marxist agenda. Our blueprint for saving America contains seven critical strategies for defeating Leftist ideologues and restoring our country to the principles and values that made it great. These strategies include:

·        Achieve an American spiritual revival.

·        Preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights

·        Reject historical revisionism and refute the big lies of the secular Left.

·        Preserve capitalism and reject socialism.

·        Restore patriotism and love of the country.

·        Overcome specific domestic threats to America’s end game.

·        Overcome specific foreign threats to America’s end game. 

We Need a New Constitutional Government. Will Trump Bring It?

Our political parties, Republican and Democrat, should be abolished because they no longer have value to America. Greedy, Uniparty politicians have corrupted the parties to achieve their common goal: acquiring wealth. The Marxists, hidden within the Democrat Party, aim to undermine America while getting rich in the meantime. Collectively, as the “Uni-Party,” aka the “Deep State” or the Bureaucratic state, they are kept in line by the Intelligence agencies who occupy a position that controls all. Government politicians moving in lockstep to fundamentally change America has become a criminal enterprise that, to survive, has resorted to Gestapo, KGB-style tactics to suppress descent.

Today’s political turmoil exists because of Trump’s shocking 2016 election victory that revealed many career politicians as greedy creatures devoted to self-enrichment and personal aggrandizement while ignoring Constitutional restrictions and the actual needs, not the imagined Woke needs, of America. Rules of wealth transfer have been rigged in their favor. They have even removed themselves from standard government retirement and healthcare systems to survive the coming financial disaster that Bidenomics is conferring upon us. They survive by yielding to worldwide corporations that thrive on taxpayer-funded government contracts, especially weapons providers. The needs of the military-industrial complex have focused government needs into uniparty thinking, telling us they are working in the best interest of Americans. In fact, by their very processes of skirting the bounds of legality, they operate together toward one goal: a Socialist America. Rarely do any of them go to jail.

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By MG Paul E Vallely · Launched 2 years ago

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