By George Mcclellan

Let us face it, the government cannot keep a secret, all they can do is hide it long enough for the Statute of Limitations to run out. Of course, we cannot account for what damage our brave leaders have done to us like Bill Clinton giving or selling Hughes Aircraft Companies ICBM missile guidance systems to China when he was president, or what today’s Bozo today may have already sold to them. It might have been enough just to allow China to flood America with its spies, soldiers, scholars, spies, agricultural land buyers, spies and God only knows who else.

Right now, we cannot get away from the FBI’s collapsing efforts to protect Hunter Biden and his elderly father, entering the realms of senility, from their gross crimes that is ruining America.  We must ask, “How many years has the FBI been pursuing Hunter Biden’s criminality?” That the FBI, once the world’s greatest law enforcement agency should come up blank on their years of effort investigating Hunter, would seem to be a black mark on their legacy. How can an agency maintain their credibility with the failure on one simple case, protecting National Security? Well, of course, they cannot so they flood us with BS like Director Comey did when he exculpated Hillary Clintons crimes against National Security. We know that’s all nonsense. The Biden corrupted FBI is as good as their reputation suggests even if they must cheat to get it, but make no mistake, they have enough on the Biden’s to throw them so far back in prison they would have to shoot beans at them with a shotgun. It will not happen though!

What we are witnessing, with the FBI having been turned into a Stasi or KGB type police agency, is their dedication to supporting a political philosophy (Marxism) that American’s don’t want. It is a serious attempt to forcibly replace our Constitutional Representative government with a dictatorship of the elites, a New World Order, who stake their leadership claims on the singular fact that they know better than us simple peasants what will make us happy citizens in their Socialist utopia. Constitutional government is simply too difficult to maintain with all of its unproductive individualism, its dangerous self-determination and its deadly idea of armed self-defense. Government is easier if trained “experts” like Biden, Obama, Fauci, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Michelle Jujan Grisham, et al, were leading us. They can’t have a country filled with cooperative slaves until America is fully flooded with third world illegal immigrants as Biden has been doing. Will our social happiness never cease?

Back to Hunter Biden’s investigation. The truth has become a lost art. If it does not support their agenda, twist it until it does. Thomas Sobocinski, an FBI agent attempted to twist the truth by contradicting the testimony of two IRS whistleblowers, Gary Shapley, and Joseph Ziegler. They claimed that U.S. Attorney David Weiss said he did not have the authority to bring charges against Hunter Biden. Why was that? Another twist of the truth. Sobocinski, disputing their claims, was shown up to be a liar when IRS agent Gary Shapley revealed his handwritten investigative notes that confirmed his claim. Again, I say the government cannot keep secrets. Thomas Sobocinski, attempted to discredit the whistleblowers blew up in his and the FBI’s face. The lesson to learn here is: inside it or outside, you cannot trust the government to keep your secrets or theirs.

The Hunter Biden case can no longer be brushed away. All the tawdry facts are in the public domain, enough anyway for the public to demand inditement’s on Hunter Biden for tax fraud and his failure to register as an agent of a foreign government(s). Short of being able to defend Hunter Biden and his father with BS, the FBI has turned to the business of criminalizing witnesses against their case like Great American and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump himself and members of his White House staff. Another twist of the truth lies in the DOJ’s and FBI’s firm belief they are too important to the government that they can ignore Congressional demands to give evidence to Congressional investigating committees. The DOJ cited their policy does not include sharing nonpublic information, leaving Congressional interviews to supervisory personnel. There is that “elite’ thing again it    is a lie too, and clear enough that the DOJ does not want further details about Hunter Biden’s investigation revealed because it will irrevocably criminalize Joe Biden, the phony president. We are told “The America people deserve answers!” We are beyond that now, we demand answers, and we damned well better start getting ‘em. The elites do not realize the peril they are in. If America’s social collapse comes, as it is developing, the elites in government enforcing edicts, will have nowhere to hide. Their claims that “we were just following orders” will not wash, the Nuremberg trials saw to that. Constitutional sheriffs with citizens deputized as possess are quite capable of defending their own communities, Joe Biden’s F-16 threats notwithstanding.

Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, get prepared.


Distributed by: The Stand Up America US Foundation