Dear friends,

As I have been writing in books and articles for many years, Communist China is an existential threat to America and especially to Taiwan. America must increase its spending on the military. America must improve its nuclear arsenal, space force, and protect its electric grid and electronics from an Electric Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack that would kill 90% of its citizens in a few months.

The Pentagon should stop teaching the racist communist propaganda of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and start teaching love and unity for our beloved nation and preparing for a future war with China. The Pentagon needs to stop paying for the gender-changing operations and purging the military of conservative soldiers and officers. Instead the Pentagon should be purging Islamic radicals and communists. Major General Richard Coffman is correct in his assessment of the serious threat of Communist China to our survival and how this enemy nation is preparing to attack Taiwan and eventually go to war against America.

It is time for our multinationals to stop helping China by sharing our technology and bring all the factories and research and development centers home. America needs to investigate who are the Chinese students coming to study at our best universities since many of them become spies or return to China well-educated to work against America. All the politicians from both parties who are taking money from China need to expose and condemned. This is a matter of survival.



Frank de Varona

BIDEN’S WAR ON THE U.S. MILITARY BY WND / Whistleblower magazine

By WND Staff
Published April 19, 2021 at 11:52am

Of all the institutions of the federal government that left-wing elites have infiltrated and corrupted – from public education to the judiciary to, most recently, the Justice Department, FBI, and intelligence agencies – one all-important organization has remained relatively unscathed: The United States military. But that is in danger of radically changing under the Biden administration.

In just the brief period since Joe Biden’s January inauguration, his administration’s radical expansion of perverse Obama-era initiatives is resulting in what amounts to an assault on the American military’s readiness to fight wars and defeat enemies. All in the name of social justice, equity, anti-racism, radical diversity, inclusion, transgender rights, and of course, rooting out legions of “racists” and “white supremacists” that supposedly inhabit the armed forces of the United States.

Consider some of the bizarre and transformative policies the Biden administration has already set in motion:

* Transgendered people – whose condition was seen as a serious mental illness from the dawn of psychiatry until 2013, when the powerful LGBT lobby pressured the American Psychiatric Association to “de-pathologize” it – appear to constitute the one group Biden is most committed to recruiting into the armed forces.

In his Jan. 25 executive order, Biden mandates not only “permitting transgender individuals to serve openly in the military,” thereby overturning Trump’s 2017 ban, but also requiring the military to pay the entire cost of transgender soldiers’ “surgical transition,” which normally ranges from $100,000 to $200,000.

This has led some – including Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr, who commanded Army forces in Iraq – to voice concern that transgenders might now join the military for the express purpose of obtaining taxpayer-funded “gender reassignment surgery.”

In March 2021, Team Biden hired Richard Torres-Estrada to head the U.S. Special Operations Command’s “office of diversity and inclusion.” SOCOM oversees the Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and all other Special Operations components of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps that lead America’s counterterrorism and unconventional warfare operations. What exactly qualified Torres-Estrada – whose most recent job was as an equal employment opportunity officer for the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority – to occupy an important position over America’s most elite fighting forces?

It turns out that in June 2020 Torres-Estrada explicitly compared President Donald J. Trump to Adolf Hitler, posting on Facebook side-by-side photos of America’s 45th president and history’s most reviled genocidal monster, each holding a Bible.

In response to widespread outrage that someone with the views of Torres-Estrada was being put in charge of hiring Navy SEALs – indeed, that an “office of diversity and inclusion” was even created in the first place for America’s Special Ops forces – Torres-Estrada was “reassigned” to other duties while his background and qualifications are investigated.

* After Biden’s new Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin insisted during his confirmation hearing that the United States military must rid itself of “racists and extremists” in its ranks, the nation’s first black Defense secretary ordered an unprecedented “60-day service-wide stand down” – a pause in military activity in all services – to root out “white supremacist” and “extremism.” The Pentagon has released no data to support Austin’s contention that the military is overrun with racists and white supremacists.

* Instead of deploying troops to America’s southern border, as Trump did, to prevent an all-out invasion of the nation – albeit one encouraged and invited by the Biden administration – the Democrats who run the federal government have instead deployed thousands of armed National Guard troops to Washington, D.C., to protect members of Congress from imaginary threats from supposed legions of pro-Trump “violent extremists” and “insurrectionists.”

That just for starters. The whole inside story of the Biden administration’s attempted transformation of America’s armed forces is laid out in the April issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled “BIDEN’S WAR ON THE MILITARY: How America’s ‘woke’ rulers are subverting the world’s best and noblest fighting force.”

Biden’s war on the military (