Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan

Joe Biden has become our nation’s great embarrassment. If term limits had been in effect years ago, Joe would have been weeded out long before the “Peter Principle raised him to the dangerous position he now holds. Long have public service employees recognized the only way to get idiots out of your section was by promoting them up and out. In effect, it meant promoting the idiot to his/her highest level of incompetence, plus one. Joe’s longevity is because he’s conned his voters into believing he should be returned every six years. After all, every six years, he gets more intelligent and wiser than he was six years before. We understand that time dims voters’ vision, but the Democrat machine sees to it that a Democrat, even slow Joe, will fill that Senate seat even if he’s near dead. It’s a fallacy that cream always rises to the top. Clearly, it doesn’t, and Joe proves it. But Joe can’t help it because he’s never been fit for the job, and his voters let him think he was. Joe could bring home the bacon.

In his fifty-plus years as a Democrat politician, Joe operated like a vulture circling slowly in the sky, seeking prey below. Joe was and is a carrion hunter but wanted desperately to soar with the eagles as a renowned politician of merit, an expert in foreign policy, and a true and faithful servant to the American people (Stop laughing). In his many years serving in Congress, especially the Senate, Joe padded his bonafide by plagiarizing the works of others and getting caught at it again and again, showing he was lazy. Lacking the experiences of the American working man, he fabricates tales of daring exploits and lies about them. Embarrassment and shame have no place in Joe’s determined desire to soar with the eagles, so he hung for term after term as a good fellow, well met, always smiling with one hand on your back while his other hand riffles your pockets. Joe couldn’t run a hot dog stand and yet, here he is, bugging the American people to feed his ego.

Joe’s history of public service, not a notable one that saves its longevity, has been marked by repeated failure and missteps, especially in foreign policy. His record reflects his dismal knowledge of other cultures, except the ability to identify the corrupt ones who could be exploited for his and his family’s use, not what’s best for America. Joe has tried a couple of times to become president, and because of his clumsiness, he foiled those attempts early. But like a bad penny, he turns up repeatedly until finally, the third time, proves a charm, and America suffers for it. But I see other forces at work here that may be unexplainable. As a little boy, I was told that “God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to behold.” That may be true because it can’t be denied. I was also told, “if I wanted to make God laugh, tell him my plans.” Joe’s plan does not include resigning early. His ego won’t abide it.

I’m afraid I also must disagree that Joe’s problem is due to his birth certificate; I’m a few years older than he. It’s his little grey cells gone amuck that’s the problem, and while growing older does affect one’s muscular abilities, contributing to a slow shuffling walk, it’s not necessarily so. But Joe hasn’t struck me as one who frequents a gym regularly, but we saw him ride a bicycle until he fell over. Joe looked healthy and fit as he swooshed up to the news reporter in his suave riding outfit, gloves, and funky protective helmet. Fortunately, he wasn’t injured in his tumble, except that it added to the growing perspective of his incompetence. We all watched his slips, tumbles, and falls as he ascended stairs and walked on graduation platforms. Those are Joe’s personal health issues. His violation of espionage laws is quite another thing, and it came out over finding Joe in unlawful possession of classified documents as far back as his senatorial and VP days; the issues on endangering national security Joe Biden is trying to hang around Donald Trump’s neck.

A special counsel was quietly assigned to investigate Joe’s unauthorized possession of classified documents, presumably to find some way out for Joe to escape the same criminal censure descending on Trump. Joe’s case is much worse. His possession of unauthorized documents extended to several nongovernment sites like his garage, beach house, and office at the University of Pennsylvania. That’s probably the hardest one for Americans to swallow. The UPenn office was funded by the Chinese Communist Party, a reading room, so to speak, for CCP and PLA officers to casually peruse the hoard of documented American secrets Joe thought essential to his family’s earnings. These Democrat people still believe we are stupid. The Special Counsel investigator assigned to Joe’s case concluded his inquiry by announcing that while Joe did “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency,” including items that were marked highly classified, he was asserting that Joe Biden, the phony sitting President of the United States, “is too mentally impaired to stand trial.” That, folks, is what’s called being thrown under the bus. The corrupt Democrat party has placed America between a rock and a hard spot. Joe can’t go on, but he can’t stay either, or we’ll be saddled with an equally odious option: Vice President, DEI and CRT oriented, Kamala Harris. Whatever, we can color Joe gone and trust that God is looking over us but not laughing.

 Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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