By Ray DiLorenzo

Misinformation is the inadvertent spread of false information without intent to harm, while disinformation is false information designed to mislead others and is deliberately spread with the intent to confuse fact and fiction.

As you doubtless have guessed, we live in strange times. In presidential elections, especially when there is a party change, it is commonplace to see major or minor adjustments in policies to reflect the president’s judgment or political party. It is not common to see the entire country in a state of disarray, witnessing drastic changes in a nefarious attempt to establish a new government and culture. Obama did it sub-rosa; Biden has done it flat out in our faces.

Misinformation, disinformation, or simply not reporting information is rampant in government and today’s mainstream media and much of cable. Why are none of them reporting on vaccine deaths? Why do we have to rely on underground media? Why do these same outlets assume their reporting of past results of the 2020 election is accurate? When they look back and compare Biden’s ‘wins’ in battleground states in 2020 with today’s polling, are they being factual? Have we forgotten that Trump was comfortably ahead in the counting until about 11pm Eastern? Once the ‘blackout’ concluded, Trump found himself significantly behind. We will not forget or forgive. Our nation has been seriously harmed.

It seems permanent Washington has successfully put the questions of the last presidential election behind us. No one in the mainstream media (MSM) talks about it, or refers to it. It seems we no longer have investigative journalists in the MSM.

The 2020 election shenanigans are indeed behind us, but we will be paying for the results for decades.

Biden was chosen for a reason. The globalist deep state needed someone they could control—a basically corrupt individual—someone who would begin dismantling the country and make it look like incompetence. Is there anyone who doesn’t believe the country is a shadow of its former self?

If there is anything besides free speech that stands out as the foundation of our country, it is right to know. Except for secrets obviously kept as such for security purposes, presidential candidates love to announce their intention of being the most transparent president in history. The reality is quite different.

For decades, many federal government agencies, also known as Permanent Washington (AKA Deep State), have been involved in extraordinary covert activities, not for the benefit of our nation but for their own benefit. What we have done in our new book, Beyond Treason, is to expose these rogue entities and answer some of the tough questions everyone has been asking themselves. What happened with the 2020 election? Who was behind it? Was COVID-19 just another pandemic, or was it a biological attack? Is the Biden administration simply incompetent, or did they open our borders to allow an actual invasion? Does this president consistently ask us to ignore what we see and only believe what he says?

We will give snippets of our new book so you can get a feel for the holding back of information we’ve all suspected these last few years.

The 2020 Election

Almost no one knows or is willing to talk about the Hammer and its accompanying software, SCORECARD. The Hammer is a surveillance supercomputer developed after 9/11 to help keep America safe. It was used by the CIA to conduct surveillance, wiretapping, and data harvesting. With its software, SCORECARD, it was used to alter foreign election results without detection. They know how to do it.

In February 2009, right after Obama won the presidency, he commandeered the computer for his own purposes, moved it to Fort Washington, Maryland, and with the aid of James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, and John Brennan, former director of the CIA, the three amigos set out to spy on high-profile Americans, legislators, judges, Supreme Court justices, you name it. None of those people were suspected of any crime except being political opponents. It’s called blackmail and leverage. Donald J. Trump stands out as the most notable example.

Dennis Montgomery, a CIA whistleblower, designed, built, and operated the computer. He has first-hand knowledge of their activities. What did he have to say in his affidavit to the federal court system?

A U.S. District judge released confidential audio recordings in 2015, revealing that the Obama team deployed HAMMER & SCORECARD against Florida election computers to win a crucial state, Florida.

If they had the Hammer, why did they lose in 2016? Did they use the HAMMER in 2020? Does our government have the power to impose its will on anyone it chooses? Is that what our founders had in mind?


Was the COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying vaccines caused by a legitimate medical emergency, or was it a massive, planned experimental biological attack designed to research future depopulation and control?

There is now talk of the Avian Bird Flu. Should we suddenly expect a new pandemic every four years to coincide with a presidential election?

Border Control

President Trump insisted we needed a border wall. The $5-10 billion cost was outrageous to Democrats, but the $150 billion yearly cost of illegal immigration plus the killing and raping of women and children is now acceptable. Has Biden/Obama conducted an actual invasion of America? Are there tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of proxy enemy troops in place within our borders? Are illegal immigrants being registered to vote? Yes, welfare offices and other agencies are providing voter registration forms to migrants without requiring proof of citizenship. Has the southern border reached a breaking point?

Do we wrest control back to the people as designed by our founders? Or do we just give the country away to a corrupt socialist politburo? I used the word wrest since nobody on the Left is going to freely give up power to anyone, especially to anyone on the Right..

There is much more to learn, but I am writing an article, not rewriting the book. The book was researched and written by two retired generals, an investigative reporter and yours truly. It is an important book. You will have to purchase Beyond Treason to get, as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.”

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