Editor’s Note – 13 hours in Benghazi… Battle truths that cannot be refuted! Lies told and laid bare now… two years later!

How can anyone ever consider Hillary Clinton as Presidential timber ever again? How does Obama and his administration still get away with a campaign expediency of such ill repute?IMG_2894

What difference – at this pointwhat difference does it make?” Well, Brett Baier and Fox News are to be applauded for leading with the story of the “13 Hours,” and we in the real world certainly do appreciate it!

benghazi-book-coverThis is must see TV if there ever was, and only Fox News and we here on the internet have kept it in the forefront.

Where is the MSM now?

We praise and hold dear men like Glen “Bub” Doherty, Tyrone “Rone” Woods, Ambassador Christopher Stephens, and Sean Smith, for they gave the ultimate sacrifice for political expediency and did not even know it.

Now we see that people like Scott Wickland, David Uben, Kris (Tanto) Paronto, Mark (Oz) Geist, John (Tig) Tiegen, and many others deserve our deepest thanks for being the Americans we all cherish and respect.

It is their sacrifice and steadfast loyalty to family, duty, and country that this administration has lacked, yet we hold in the highest regard, where is our leadership now, where was it then!?

What video? “Stand down” orders? Where was the help? Where was that air cover? Where was Obama’s and Clinton’s fidelity, fealty, and oaths to America and her heroes? This was why our founding father’s knew that a President must be a ‘Natural Born’ citizen! Get it now?

We at SUA have no respect for this administration and individually, to name but a few: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, the main stream media, among many others… and now, ‘after the fact,’ John Kerry, as he continues to help in the cover-up!

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Part 5: