Our Predicament – Irresponsible Action and Money

Our Predicament – Irresponsible Action and Money

by George Mcclellan “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is a force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never should it be left to irresponsible action for a moment.” …..George Washington.  Apart from our external enemies, China,...

Our Predicament – Irresponsible Action and Money

The Border Crisis Continues

by George Mcclellan Texas is the final frontier against organized crime by Mexican cartels earning millions of dollars smuggling drugs and people across our southern border. Biden’s gang is profiting, too, or they would do something about it. Some are even crossing...

The Second American Civil War

By Lt. Gen. Tom McInerny, USAF, (Ret.) MG Paul E. Vallely, USA (Ret.) Col. Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., USA (Ret.) We, the American people, have been blessed with many great orators in our illustrious History, but none as great as Abraham Lincoln. Indeed, his two terms in...

Blueprint for Restoring America

Blueprint for Restoring America

By MG Paul E. Vallely (Ret) We can expect that emergencies, panics (COVID, Global Warming), and Fake News (propaganda) will continue to be the UN’s (plus WHO, NWO, WEF, Democrats, American Marxists, China, etc.) tools to impose tyranny. We may suffer the imposition of...

Our Predicament – Irresponsible Action and Money

A Country Divided by Fear

by George Mcclellan Our Country is at a serious crossroads. We are losing our God-given Constitutional America, and it is being stolen from us by Marxist Democrats. It can no longer be denied that the Democrat party is deliberately involved in destroying America with...

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