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Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific



Czech Pres. Urges Citizens: “Arm Yourselves, Fight Terrorists”


Speaking in an interview in the wake of numerous attacks in Europe, the president of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, has said the only solution to terrorism is to remove the cause – deporting failed migrants.  He also said “In the meanwhile citizens need to be armed and ready to defend themselves and others…I admit I changed my mind because previously I was against too many weapons.  After these attacks, I don’t think so.”  Brietbart

Editor’s note:  Finally, a leader in Europe who is willing to put his people first. While our president aids terrorist states and destroys our military, the vehicle of our freedom, we are busy getting hung-up and side-tracked by people who might have been offended or not politically correct. We walk around with headphones on while the world burns. We look inward instead of outward. We have become frivolous and superficial. Our universities are filled with knowledgable fools. 

Our enemies WILL use our freedoms against us.  They will point to our Constitution while continually reminding us who we are as a people to keep calm the sleeping giant while planning their evil.

We MAY yet learn our lesson, but only after many of our citizens are pronounced dead.



President Zeman   Photo: Getty Images


Think about this:

If Muslims were allowed to immigrate to our country in unlimited numbers and became the predominant culture and religion, does anyone doubt they would force the adoption of sharia law and ban all other cultures and religions?







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News You Can Use

U.S. Navy to Name Ship After Gay Child Molester

Our president, in another slap in the face to everything good and decent, intends to name a U.S. Navy ship after Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician to be elected in the United States.  He won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977, but was assassinated in 1978.   Conservative Base, American Family Association (AFA)

Editor’s note:  Hollywood (via Sean Penn), as is often the case, bent the truth to near breaking point by portrayed Milk as a soft-spoken idealist.  In reality, he was a short-tempered demagogue who often invented stories portraying himself as a victim of discrimination to advance his political career.  Mr. Milk had an affinity and deviant sexual appetite for underage, drug addicted boys (Americans for Truth) and bragged about being a pedophile (AFA). Milk took in a 16 year old runaway boy (who was looking for a father figure) to live with him, but when the boy became ‘too old,’ Milk abandoned him.  The boy threatened suicide with Harvey’s reaction being “tell him not to make a mess.” Eventually the boy fell from a 8th story window in an apparent suicide.  The ship pictured below is similar to the planned Military Sealift Command fleet oiler…an oiler?  You can’t make this stuff up.


French Priest’s Last Words

The Archbishop of Rouen, leading Tuesday’s funeral for the elderly priest whose throat was cut in his own church by Islamists, said that the priest’s last words to his attackers were, “go away Satan.”  Father Jacques Hamel tried to push away his attackers with his feet and said repeatedly, “go away Satan.” Fox News

Editor’s note:  In his final moments, the good Father knew who he was dealing with.



The Rev. Jacques Hamel

‘Hillary’s America’ Top Grossing Documentary of 2016

Dinesh D’Souza’s film, ‘Hillary’s America, The Secret History of the Democratic Party,’ has quickly become the top grossing documentary of 2016 and among the top 10 films at the box office this past weekend.  It is quickly climbing the ladder of the all-time top political documentaries.  Fox News, USA Today, Hollywood Reporter

Editor’s note:  As John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things.” Congratulations to Dinesh D’Souza and Producer, Gerald Molen!





Say What?

$400 Million for Who?

Iran releases American hostages while we pay Iran $400 million in cash, delivered in the middle of the night in an unmarked aircraft. The Obama administration insists it was pure coincidence and that we don’t pay ransom money.

Editor’s note:  This administration is convinced the American people are stupid. And why shouldn’t they believe that…they were voted in twice.

Islamic Terror Update

There were 1402 Islamic terrorist attacks so far in 2016 in 50 countries.  12,594 people were killed with 15,410 people injured.

Among the newest attacks since the last newsletter of 7/31/16:

8/4/16  –  A Somali immigrant goes on a stabbing spree, killing an American woman – London, England – 1 killed, 5 injured.

8/4/16  –  Twelve foreign tourists on two minibuses are machine-gunned by the Taliban – Chishti Sharif, Afghanistan, 12 killed, 6 injured.

8/2/16  –  Twenty-three lives are lost to a Fedayeen suicide bomber in a residential area – Benghazi, Libya – 23 killed, 20 injured.

8/1/16  –   A guard is killed during a suicide assault on a foreign guesthouse – Kabul, Afghanistan – 1 killed, 4 injured.

8/1/16  –  Two Hazara (Shia) minorities are brutally gunned down on the street – Quetta, Pakistan – 2 killed.

7/31/16  –  At least ten are killed when religious hardliners launch a suicide attack on a police building –  Mogadishu, Somalia – 10 killed, 15 injured.

7/31/16  –  ISIS members enter the control room of a pumping station and shoot five employees to death – Kirkuk, Iraq – 5 dead, 2 injured.

7/28/16  –  Five women and a child are among fourteen civilians executed by firing squad for trying to flee the caliphate – Mosul, Iraq – 14 killed.

Editor’s note:  Not all attacks are reported.  We will update this column weekly.  



Hazara girl  –  bing images


Great Political Comebacks in History    




Editor’s note:  Thomas Reed (R) was a U.S. Representative from Maine and Speaker of the House from 1889 -1891.  He was a powerful influence in the Republican Party.  This was a comeback to a Democrat quoting Henry Clay, three-time Democrat candidate for president.  Henry Clay, of Kentucky, thought slavery was evil but came to terms with it owning some 50 at his death in 1852.  In his will, he ordered that his slaves be distributed among his family and that the children born of these slaves be freed and transported to Liberia.



Editor’s note:  Bessie Braddock was a member of the opposing Labour Party and an ardent socialist.  Some say this exchange took place between Churchill and Lady Astor, but that never was the case.

What Say You?

Letters From Our Readers

Who Are the RNC protesters – 7/23/16

“I agree with the General on Paul Ryan.  Great line…”Kirby Vacuum left a message.”  It just proves that money can’t buy class or elegance.  And for Bill …is No Doze still on the market?  Great newsletter.  Thanks!”  –  AH

Editor’s note:  Your comments are welcome.  We will print them with only your initials.


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