by Sam Faddis

Before the 2016 election, many of the nation’s most potent intelligence figures joined forces with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to push the infamous Russiagate narrative. They made up a story about non-existent collusion between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and peddled it to the American people. When they failed to stop Trump from winning the White House, they morphed the Russiagate narrative into an effort to depose Trump and stage the first coup in American history.

In 2020, many exact figures crawled out of the woodwork again to push a new lie. This time, they told the American people that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation and that any questions about Joe Biden’s obvious compromise by the Communist Chinese were conspiracy theories. They succeeded in burying the Biden crime family scandal until after Joe had been installed in the White House.

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We are now fast approaching the next Presidential election. Biden is in serious trouble. Donald Trump enjoys tremendous support, and new polling data shows unprecedented numbers of Blacks and Hispanics talking about voting for Trump over Biden. The smell of disaster is in the air amongst Democratic operatives.

So, time to double down on the tactics of the last two election cycles. It’s time to make sure the fix is in. Enter the Department of Homeland Security’s new Experts Group.

“The Homeland Intelligence Experts Group is being formed at a time of unprecedented challenge, with the U.S. intelligence enterprise facing threats from a range of malign actors, including foreign nation-state adversaries, domestic violent extremists, cybercriminals, drug-trafficking cartels, and other transnational criminal organizations,” said Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Ken Wainstein recently. “The Experts Group will be an invaluable asset as we navigate this evolving threat and operating environment and continue to strengthen our efforts to protect the Homeland.”

Who are these “experts”? Among them are some familiar names:

John Brennan – former head of the CIA. One of the people at the heart of the Crossfire Hurricane and most of the efforts to topple Trump from power.

James Clapper – maybe second only to Brennan in his commitment to crushing the MAGA movement and preserving the Deep State. Like Brennan, a signatory to the infamous “spy letter” falsely branded Hunter’s laptop as Russian disinformation.

Paul Kolbe – a former CIA officer and one of the guys who signed the letter branding Hunter’s laptop as a fake.

The remainder is a predictable collection of individuals who have spent their lives in permanent Washington and want, above all else, to make sure no real change ever occurs.

Understand also that when DHS talks about “unprecedented” challenges, it does not mean a resurgent Al-Qaida, a flood of fentanyl across our borders, Mexican drug cartels operating deep inside our territory, or the possibility of biological weapons attacks on the homeland. Any references to anything remotely resembling any of those issues are window dressing.

DHS means domestic violent extremists. It means “white supremacists”. It means MAGA supporters and Donald Trump.

“Domestic violent extremism poses the most lethal and persistent terrorism-related threat to our country today,” says Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas.  “As we work to safeguard our Nation, we must be vigilant in identifying and combating domestic violent extremism within the broader community and our organization.  Hateful acts and violent extremism will not be tolerated within our department.”

That may strike you as odd. You likely could not name a single domestic violent extremist attack carried out by white supremacists on our soil in recent memory. Neither could Mayorkas. It does not matter.  It is now the official position of the U.S. Government that we are facing a massive threat from angry white people. Therefore, presumably unprecedented action is required in the face of this “unprecedented” threat.

It once would have seemed like science fiction to contemplate the possibility of federal authorities intervening directly in an election. No longer. Brennan, for example, is on record as accusing Donald Trump of treason. Trump is already facing charges in multiple jurisdictions, claiming he is guilty of attempting to overturn the results of a lawful election. Clapper has also branded Trump as a threat to national security.

How far are we from a declaration by DHS that Trump is an enemy of the state? How far are we really from an announcement that the next election must be indefinitely delayed in the face of “unprecedented” threats?

Keep in mind the organization of this group follows the announcement that DHS will be launching online “Enhanced AI” to assist the government in combating information they deem dangerous to national security.   This is the latest version of a continuing effort by the federal government to spy on Americans, censor their free speech, and control what Americans are allowed to know. It is part of an overall effort to create a completely alternate reality that will justify whatever actions the government chooses.

Brennan, Clapper, and company should likely be in jail for their efforts to interfere in the electoral process. They are not. They are not simply free, however. They have once again been elevated to positions of power and influence. Given what we know about them and their prior actions, we must ask.

Are we preparing for a coup?