By George Mcclellan
Guest Editorial

Under Obama’s third term (Biden’s), America has become Tera Regio, a chaotic terrain. Not only has Joe Biden been shockingly successful in destroying America with Obama’s anti-American policies, but happily, his clumsy political skills is also destroying his own Democrat Party as well. A politician can only serve one master. In Joe’s case, it’s his greedy pursuit of personal wealth in sweeping up the filthy lucre that bribery and influence peddling have provided and his glorification to be listed as a “President” of the United States. If the Clintons could do it and get away with it, so can he! In his indomitable way, Joe has screwed them both up, and Americans are left dangling over the abyss of a totalitarian society so wicked we can’t possibly recognize the dangers for what they really are. The abyss over which we are suspended because of Joe Biden’s weakness and incompetency is the totalitarian terrors that await us if any one of our enemies like China, Islam, or the New World Order should succeed in overthrowing America. They’re trying!

The evidence of their potential success is evident as America’s streets are filling up with Pro Hamas protesters demanding respite for Islamic killers and the destruction of the Jewish state. Where do these protestors come from? The Nazi horrors of World War II are too far behind our current generations to be understandable, but we caught a glimpse of the unspeakable Nazi horrors on 07 October when the Hamas Islamic Jihadists attacked and brutally murdered 1400 citizens of Israel in an unprovoked military assault specifically designed to exterminate Jews.  Among the other things our college and University students haven’t been taught is history and how to recognize “evil.” They have been brainwashed instead to accept that Jews are evil, and the state of Israel is the cultural center of that evil and should cease to exist, by violent means if necessary. Today, history is what college professors want to teach. Their twisted, socialist view of history wants to create a country that never existed called Palestine, in a land long occupied by the Semites that became Jews.

That awkward discourse is swirling up around us and has moved to our streets, the same streets where Trump MAGA supporters face the prospect of being imprisoned as domestic terrorists for doing even less than what the pro-Hamas demonstrators are doing. Justice is not fair; it’s what the Socialists in charge say it is. The incompetent Joe Biden stirred the pot of discontent when he announced, in typical political fashion, that America would stand firmly behind Israel. It’s too late, Joe. The cat’s out of the bag! He and Obama invited too many Jihadists into America, and now they’re here demanding the death of Israel and total support for Palestine to replace Israel in situ. Soon, I expect, we’ll be hearing demands for Shira Law to be recognized right here in the USA.

Sometimes, we need a quiet moment to help us recharge, reorient, and reevaluate our roles in our daily lives toward our communities, neighbors, and nation. Joe Biden lacks those qualities. We need to recognize our country has gone off the rails. It’s all for Joe. He is an incompetent fool, a criminal one operating far above his abilities but determined to do as much damage as he can before he’s turned into pasture. Joe Claims he’s a Catholic but eschews Catholic moral lessons. Well, so does Pope Francis, so “birds of a feather,” I guess, but if Joe feels no shame or guilt and continues his weak, feckless, embarrassing path to destroy America. If Constitutional believing citizens do nothing about it, our history will soon be over. We can never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

We must wonder how we have arrived at this impasse. It’s because we weren’t paying attention, just like the citizens of pre-Nazi Germany in the 1930s. We’ve allowed our schools to be infiltrated by philosophical socialists and fascist thinkers from the post-Vietnam era to become the leading voices in our Colleges and Universities. We’ve watched, unbelieving, as Marxism consumed the Democrat Party, and uncomprehending Republicans decided to go along to get along. Our Constitution has been dismissed or misconstrued, and the Supreme Court decisions enforcing it are ignored if they disagree with the dogma of the Democrat’s socialist narrative, the New World Order.

We’re in a face-to-face struggle with evil, and it’s just dawning on some of us where the dangers lie. We are not organized; they are. Presently, Democrats control the reins of authority and have militarized the Dept of Justice and Federal Law Enforcement to stamp out all opposition to their policies ruthlessly. It hasn’t helped when, in our pursuit of righteousness, we’ve turned to unconstitutional policies like affirmative action to right the wrongs of slavery of 150 years ago to make us feel better about ourselves without first preparing those affirmative action people to assume roles of responsibility or leadership. Saving America is paramount, but it can’t be done with less than the best. Many Blacks have demonstrated outstanding abilities of commercialism, invention, and political acumen. Still, the Orwellian course of the Democrats doesn’t care about advancing the cause of the Americans of African descent. Still, it intends to use them as fodder in the Marxist war against America. America has become Tara Regio

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!