BG Charles Jones, USAF (Ret) and MG Paul E Vallely, US Army (Ret)

October 31, 2018

Released and Distributed by Stand Up America US Foundation

The real answer is, “we are about to find out at the completion of the 2018 mid-term election”. But first let us look at the dictionary definition of a fool, then of a patriot. A fool is defined as a person without good sense or judgment; a person who acts unwisely; a person who has been deceived or tricked; a dupe.  A patriot is a person who loves their country and gives it loyal support, defends it and its interests.

It has often been said that if a person has no country that person factually has nothing. Absolutely nothing of worth nor of worldly goods. Prime examples that come to mind in this hemisphere are the middle class and poor people of Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras and others. Yet the elites and political class in those countries prosper and do well. Why the wide disparity between the several classes in those countries and others of like political disarray, deceit, deception and economic destruction. Very simply because the fools banded together and followed a political party who promised what ever the fools wanted to hear and were constantly told what they wanted to hear generation after generation that became a family way of life unfortunately at great harm to the fools, after it became too late. They did not avail themselves of the freedoms and safety of supporting their own country and their children’s future and even their own well being. They followed a partisan political party of self-serving greedy politicians who never cared about their well being, their futures nor the national security of what was once a free country given to them by their forefathers. Sound familiar American citizens? Particularly of the tax and spend, open borders, free higher education, college debt forgiven, guaranteed incomes, sanctuary cities and politically decreasing “constitutional republic concentric circles” ending up as a socialist country? That’s what happens when citizens forsake their own free, safe, secure country to follow a political party of deception, deceit, open borders and economic destruction, ongoing for decades, because the fools never took the personal time and effort to become patriots! Patriots politically needed to protect The Constitution of the United States, to preserve the Constitutional Republic of The United States of America, to insure The Rule of Law prevails, to guarantee a future for the children and secure a well being for themselves and all generations to come within the greatest country that has ever existed on planet earth, The United States of America.



American voting public, you must know that your country stands on the verge of being destroyed by a citizenry of voting socialists and ignorant fools who will vote for a political party of deception RATHER than voting for the good, well-being, prosperous, safe country. It is for congressional leadership and an administration to stop all illegal border crossings and an organized, politically motivated invasion into the heartland of America. We know these caravans are organized and supported by nefarious organizations and individuals composed of drug cartels, gangs , Iranian terrorist cells, ISIS, Al Qaeda as well as  many innocent people and families who are being used as pawns!  Your votes next Tuesday, November 6, 2018, are critical! Make sure you and your neighbors go to the polls and vote for a safe and secure America!  That can yet be accomplished by voting as an American patriot and not a fool for your country.


By MG Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret) & BG Charles Jones, USAF (Ret)