By Ray DiLorenzo

“Never mistake law for justice.  Justice is an ideal.  Law is a tool.”
L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

Democrats have been involved in many crimes…hiding evidence, stealing secret documents, pay to play, missing persons, mysterious deaths, election fraud.

When a Republican breaks the law or is just accused, the media and the political machine goes into high gear until the person is either destroyed or is rendered inert.

The Clintons, starting in the 1970s, have a long history of cronyism, cover-up, and scandal, even to the excess of the financial, political, and sexual varieties.

If there is anything the Clintons do not tolerate, it is losing.  Whitewater was a study in attempted bribery and manipulation.  Around the same time as Whitewater, Hillary invested $1,000 in cattle futures and turned it into almost $100,000 in just ten months. Understand, Bill Clinton was only the governor of Arkansas at the time and Hillary was concerned about creating a nest egg for their ‘growing family’ (one child).  No indictments.

Democrats are well accomplished in accusing their opposition of what they are doing.  With the help of distraction and the mainstream media speaking for them, their skill in skating is remarkable.  While the Left was relentlessly accusing Trump of Russia collusion, the Clinton Foundation was engaged in real collusion, selling favors and influence to the highest bidder.  No indictments.

Uranium One
Ok, try to follow this.  Once upon a time, there was a Canadian uranium mining company, Uranium One, that acquired another Canadian mining company, UrAsia.  UrAsia’s owner, Frank Giustra, donated about $145 million to the Clinton Foundation two years before selling his company to Uranium One for $3.7 billion.  Then we find that Uranium One’s chairman, Ian Telfer, also made a donation to the Clinton Foundation for over $2 million before the company’s acquisition by Rosatom, a Russian state corporation.

Shortly before the acquisition of Uranium One, during Hillary’s stint as Secretary of State, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 by the Russian bank, Renaissance Capital, to give a speech in Moscow.  This all happened a few months after Obama signed the ‘New Start’ Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, a Hillary Clinton endeavor.  The treaty turned out to be a disaster, and probably will not be extended, but it did put millions in the Clinton’s bank accounts.

This massive international deal organized by the Clintons must have required patience, influence, and careful planning.  It did cause a significant amount of uranium, vital to our national security, and American hegemony being signed away to Russia.  Now that’s Russia collusion!  No indictments.

As Secretary of State, Hillary used a private email server for government use, a crime all by itself.  In genuine Hillary form, but very Nixonian, she took it many steps further by a massive cover-up.  She initially refused to hand over the server to the FBI, using an eventual breach by hackers as ‘proof’ of Russian interference.  Hillary then relented, but only after erasing (or destroying) 30,000 emails.  She claimed they were personal, but showed no evidence.

When questioned about deliberately wiping the server, she responded with her usual sarcasm…”What, you mean with a cloth or something?”

Hillary’s deliberate obstruction of justice was no different than Nixon’s, except in Clinton’s case, the vast destruction of evidence, in a crime involving national security, was on a much larger scale.  Nixon’s crime was petty in comparison.  The FBI shocked the world by Comey stating after their investigation that no justice department would indict Clinton for such a case, like it was his decision to make.  No impeachment.

The most egregious of her crimes.  As a lesson in appointing unqualified people to high office, Hillary made a series of decisions that led to the deaths of four brave Americans and then lied, and attempted to cover up her involvement in a gun running operation.

Numerous requests were made for increased security at the U.S. mission in Benghazi.  The requests were denied by Hillary’s State Department, leaving them unprepared for any terror attack in a dangerous area of the world.  When the inevitable attack finally came, Ambassador Stevens and three others, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were killed attempting to protect the other Americans.

To Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration, the buck never stops.  Rather than accept responsibility for the well-planned attack, Clinton and Obama made a feeble attempt to blame the whole incident on an obscure YouTube video using Susan Rice, the resident toady.  No impeachment.

The Biden Crime Family
The mainstream media will always defend the Democrat, no matter the crime (they have the same amoral inclination).  In Biden’s case the news will always sound the same…CNN: “This is an absolutely outrageous attack on Joe Biden.” CNN: “There is no evidence whatsoever of wrong-doing by Joe Biden.”  MSNBC: “There are no scandals from the Biden White House about anything.” MSNBC:  No evidence of wrong doing tied to his son, Hunter Biden.” MSNBC: “It’s called the big lie. There’s no evidence.” (Bob Woodward, the once celebrated investigative journalist as he’s laughing).

Witnesses come forward with details of criminal activity of Biden and his family…crickets…bank records produced showing money transfers from countries all over the world… no indictments.

It’s always the same…”Break it up, nothing to see here.”  They did the same after numerous 2020 election videos and election worker witnesses showed irregularities. Counting halted mid way, Democrat states not requiring any ID to vote, trucks delivering mysterious ballots in the middle of the night, boxes hidden behind curtains opened only after almost everyone leaves the ballot counting site, thousands of mules paid to deposit ballots in drop boxes, and evidence of voting machines tampered with seemed totally normal to anyone that mattered.

When Democrat opposition rears its head, good government takes a far back seat. Unless a Republican is involved, courts don’t want to be presented with proof, state legislators don’t want to hear the evidence, Congressional Democrats deny, deny, deny, and the media just hides behind their refusal to report it.

In any case involving Trump, he’s treated as an alien from outer space.  And maybe he is somewhat.  After all, who in politics doesn’t owe someone something?  Who doesn’t get the majority of their funding from big donors who need favors? Who wants to dismantle the Deep State? No one but Trump.  That alone makes him dangerous. Permanent Washington can’t control him, so he must be done away with. The false narrative that Trump was involved in Russia collusion for some Democrats like Adam Schiff has become a psychological imperative.  In other words, he’s  nuts.

Justice, like freedom, is not a natural occurrence.  It must be fought for and won. While we were sleeping, much of our justice and freedom has slipped away and not by accident.  To reclaim it, we must do what every other generation in our past has done…fight…fight in the courts, in the Congress, in the state legislatures, in the classroom, at the ballot box, in front of cameras and microphones.  The alternative is unthinkable, but that belongs to the 2nd Amendment.

If justice applies only to some, then we have no justice.  If justice is to exist, even as an ideal, it must be even-handed.  In an imperfect world, dealing with imperfect people, the best we can hope for is the dispensing of justice by the best of us, certainly not at the level of the politician.

In reality, we all dream of truth, but who can live with it?  It remains a stubborn thing, as John Adams would say.  In today’s political climate it has become apparent that almost no one of any administrative consequence is interested in truth, only agenda. If there is any climate change that needs to be dealt with, that’s it.

After all that is said and done, there is justice for all, but it’s God’s justice as He waits patiently to dispense it.